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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 9 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 321 T E N N E S S E E & K E N T U C K Y shorebirds included a Semipalmated Plover in w. Henderson, KY 3 Jun (CC), a Stilt Sand - piper at Morgan Pond 2 Jun (BPa, MMo, JH, ph. SA), a Least Sandpiper at Morgan Pond 1 Jun (JH), and 2 Semipalmated Sandpipers in w. Henderson, KY 9 Jun (ph. CC). Unusually early fall migrant shorebirds included an American Golden-Plover at Duck River 25 Jul (RS), a Stilt Sandpiper, 6 Short-billed Dowitchers, and 6 Willets at Duck River 7 Jul (RS, VS), a Long- billed Dowitcher e. of Morganfield, Union, KY 24 Jul (BPa, BW), and a Wilson's Phalarope at Ensley 13 Jul (DP, RHa). A Willet was also at South Holston Lake, Sullivan, TN 13 Jul (MS). A Marbled Godwit was at Duck River 7 Jul (RS, VS). A Ruff was at Ensley 9 Jul (ph. RS, VS). A sub-adult Pomarine Jaeger at Paris Land- ing S.P., Henry, TN 30 Jul–2 Aug (RS, ph. VS, et al.) furnished Tennessee's eighth record. One to 2 Laughing Gulls lingered at Paris Landing S.P., Henry, TN 4 Jul+ (JH, m. ob.). A Herring Gull at Duck River 22 Jul (AT, RS) might have summered in the area. The Least Tern nesting season on the Mississippi River began well with more than 200 pairs present adjacent to Middle Bar, Hickman, KY and 350-400 pairs present adjacent to the western side of Kentucky Bend, Fulton, KY during Jun (CP); however, severe thunderstorms during Jul appeared to cause complete loss of chicks and resulted in most or all nests failing (CP). Single Least Terns nw. of Bennettstown, Christian, KY 27 Jun (ph. SB) and at Britton Ford, Tennessee N.W.R., Henry, TN 23 Jul (JH) were unusual for the season away from the Mississippi and lower Ohio Riv - ers. Reports of Caspian Tern between normal spring and fall migratory periods included 8 on Lake Barkley, Trigg, KY 10 Jun (HC, ME, AN), 3 on Kentucky Lake, Calloway, KY 24 Jun (TQ), and 3 at Radnor L. State Natural Area, Nash - BITTERNS THROUGH FALCONS Only 2 Least Bitterns were reported from Ten- nessee: one at Springfield Branch, Blount, TN 28 Jun (TH) and one at Kyker Bottoms Ref - uge, Blount, TN 21 Jul (RW). The species was reported in Kentucky only at Sinclair W.M.A., where up to 11 were present during Jul, with an active nest and several juvs. present 23- 24 Jul (ph. SG, TGr, et al.). A Black-crowned Night-Heron nesting colony at Winchester, Clark, KY was active through the season with at least 10 active nests observed 9 Jul (RO). An active Yellow-crowned Night-Heron nest was present at St. Regis Park, Louisville, KY during Jul (SM); a juv. s. of Middleton, Simpson, KY 23 Jul (ph. RDe) likely indicated nesting some - where in the vicinity. There were two reports of White Ibis in Tennessee: an ad. and an imm. at Gupton Wetlands, Roane 13 Jul (MMa, m. ob.), with the imm. lingering through 21 Jul (TKi et al.), and an imm. in McMinn 16-19 Jul (RHo et al.). The former is especially significant be - cause ads. rarely occur in the Region. Single Swallow-tailed Kites were at New - found Gap, Great Smoky Mountains N.P., Se- vier, TN 6 Jul (MMa), at Ft. Campbell, Chris- tian, KY 8 Jul (†DM), and at Oliver Springs airport, Anderson, TN late Jul into Aug (RKr fide DE). There were numerous reports of Mis - sissippi Kites in the vicinity of Kentucky Lake, TN; this species appears now to be established as a local resident there, a noteworthy range expansion away from the Mississippi Alluvial Valley. Nesting Mississippi Kites were present but not as conspicuous at Louisville, KY this year with intermittent observations at St. Mat - thews (MC) and Cherokee Park (m. ob.). The number of active Bald Eagle nesting territories in Kentucky was up 14% from 2015 with 151 (20 more than in 2015) documented by the survey conducted by the Kentucky Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Resources (KS). A trio of rap - tor species made rare summer appearances in Tennessee. A Northern Harrier was at Lincoln Memorial University, Harrogate, Claiborne, TN 23 Jun (DSn). Two Sharp-shinned Hawks were reported: one at Hidden Lake, Harpeth River S.P., Nashville, TN 19 Jun (JSt) and in Mun - ford, Tipton, TN 18 Jul (DP). A Golden Eagle was in Morrison, Warren, TN 3 Jun (SJS). The only reports of Common Gallinule originated at Sinclair WMA, Muhlenberg, KY, where an ad. with 6 yg. was found 11 Jun (†TGr, ph. SG); at least 5 were still present 11 Jul (RDe). Reports of interest of Black-necked Stilt away from their breeding range along the Mis - sissippi R. included one continuing from May at and near Morgan Pond to 24 Jul (JH) with 2 there 7 Jul (JH), 2 in w. Henderson, KY 13-22 Jun (ph. CC), and 3 at Doug Travis W.M.A., Carlisle, KY 14-16 Jun (TKr, JBr).Tardy spring Loon lingered on Morgan Pond to 6 Jun (JH, ph. SA); other out-of-season reports included one on Lake Carnico, Nicholas, KY 10 Jun (ph. BW); one at the Falls of the Ohio 24-25 Jun (TR, ph. TB, et al.), 4 on Kentucky Lake above the dam 2 Jun (BPa, MMo) with one still there 1 Jul (HC, ME), and one on the Ohio River off Chilo, OH, Bracken, KY 19 Jul (ph. SC). Similarly, presumably summering Pied-billed Crebes were found at Old Hickory Dam, David - son, TN 8 Jul (SZ) and Cross Creeks N.W.R., Stewart, TN 15 & 30 Jul (JH / JH, AT, RS, VS). Small numbers of Pied-billed Grebe lingered on Morgan Pond into early Jun (JH, ph. SA, MTs, et al.); one on a transient pond along C. Cauley Road, Logan, KY 29 Jun (ph. FL) may have been nesting. The commencement of fall migration is poorly known, but the following mid-Jul re - ports may have represented early migrants or summering birds: 3 on Lake Herrington, Gar - rard, KY 15 Jul (ph. RDe), 1 at Henson Park, Boyle, KY 15 Jul (ML), and one on Parsons Pond, Logan, KY 16 Jul (RDe). An imm. Wood Stork at Amnicola Marsh, Hamilton, TN 2-17 Jul (BD et al.) established a second county record; this species is rarely re - corded in the Region away from the Mississippi River in sw. Tennessee. Single Anhingas were reported adjacent to Kentucky Dam Village, S.P., Marshall, KY 2 Jun (MMo, ph. BPa), from Dun - bar Road, Decatur, TN 22 Jun (RS), and along Little Richland Road, Humphreys, TN 14 Jul (fide SZ); all are noteworthy away from the Mississip - pi River. As has become the norm, small flocks of American White Pelicans were seen at Duck River through the season (m. ob.); a few Ameri - can White Pelicans (some injured) also continue to summer on Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake, KY. Also reported was one at the Falls of the Ohio 9-10 Jul (ph. TB, CB, et al.). Least Bittern continues to be a rare but locally distributed nesting bird across the Tennessee & Kentucky region. This incubating female was a member of one of a few pairs docu- mented in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky during July 2016 (here 23 July). Photo by © Steve Graham This Wood Stork was at Amnicola Marsh, Hamilton County, Tennessee 2-17 July. Wood Storks are very are in Tennessee away from the extreme sw. part of the state, and this individual repre- sents only the second county record. Photo by © Kevin Calhoon

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