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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 320 T E N N E S S E E & K E N T U C K Y was close to normal, except that much of Ken- tucky received about one and a half to more than two times normal rainfall during July. For example, Bowling Green received a record amount of rainfall (more than 11 in) during July. The heavy rains across southern Kentucky resulted in the appearance of transient lakes like Morgan Pond (Christian County) and Chaney and McElroy Lakes (Warren County), which created exceptional waterbird habitat that extended into the fall season. Rarity highlights in Kentucky included Black-bellied Whistling-Ducks, Anhinga, and Swallow-tailed Kite. In Tennessee, rarity high - lights included Ruff, Pomarine Jaeger, and Wood Stork. Least Terns appeared to have a dismal nesting season on the Mississippi River due to severe thunderstorms during July. Abbreviations: Duck River (Duck River Unit, Tennessee N.W.R., Humphreys, TN); Ensley (Ensley Bottoms, including the EARTH Com - plex and TVA Lake, in sw. Shelby, TN); Morgan Pond (s. Christian, KY). WATERFOWL THROUGH PELICANS Eight Black-bellied Whistling-Ducks seen from Beacon Light Road, Warren, TN 3 Jun (SJS) were vagrants away from the local breeding popula - tion in the extreme sw. part of the state. Up to 9 Black-bellied Whistling-Ducks were present at West Paducah, McCracken, KY 31 May into Jun with at least 2 continuing through the sea - son (ph. PC et al.). A male Gadwall lingered at Morgan Pond to at least 24 Jul (JH, ph. SA, BPa). Two American Wigeons lingered in Wash - ington, TN from Mar to 13 Jun, with one linger- ing through Jul (RLK). The latter is thought to have been the same individual present the pre - vious summer; it was joined by a Green-winged Teal 24-29 Jul (RLK). Blue-winged Teal are rare summer residents, so 2 along the Cumberland River, Montgomery, TN 30 Jul (JH, AT, RS, VS) were noteworthy. A few Blue-winged Teal lin - gered at and near Morgan Pond through the first week of Jun but without evidence of nest - ing detected (JH, TGr, SG, BPa, MMo). A male Redhead was present on Freeman Lake, Hardin, KY 19 Jun–8 Jul (JM, ph. JSn). Ten female-type Common Mergansers at Winged Deer Park on the Watauga River, Washington, TN 9 Jul (RLK, m. ob.) added to the mounting evidence that this species is now breeding in the state. There were two reports of Red-breasted Merganser: one on Morgan Pond 1-6 Jun (ph. SG, TGr, JH, ph. SA, et al.) and one at the Falls of the Ohio 10-16 Jul (JW, ph. TB, RM, DSt). Single Common Loons, presumably sum- mering, were found at Edgar Evins S.P., DeKalb, TN 13 Jun (MTa) and on South Holston Lake, Sullivan, TN 26 Jul (RKn et al.). A Common Olwen Claiborne, Lisa Combs (LCo), Marge Constan (MCo), Tim Cornish, Linda Craiger (LCr), Charlie Crawford, Rodney Crice, Glenn Criswell, Brian Davis (BDa), Marcia Davis, Brenda Dean (BDe), Roseanna Denton, Brian DeVore (BDv), Tom Durbin, Melissa Easley, Dean Edwards, Glen Eller, Nancy Ettinger, Rand Falls, Harry Lee Farthing (HLF), Melinda Fawver, Frank Fekel, Scott Freidhof, Jonathan Frodge, Laurel Fuson, Elizabeth Garris, Loran Gibson, Steve Graham, Jon Graham, Teresa Graham, Mark Greene, Wallace Gullett, Pam Haas (PHa), Peter Haik (PHk), Joe Hall (JHa), Erin Harper (EHa), Justin Hiltner (JHi), Susan Hoyle (SHo), Eddie Huber (EHu), Susan Hub - ley (SHu), William Hull, Aaron Hulsey, Daniel Jacobson, Jim Johnson, Kentucky Ornithologi - cal Society (KOS), Daniel Kinsinger, Steve Kis- tler, Richard L. Knight (RLK) (ne. Tennessee), Roy Knispel (RKn), Ellis Laudermilk (ELa), Richard Lee, Edmund K. LeGrand (EKL), Ben Limle (BLm), Bill Lisowsky (BLi), Morton Massey, Lee McNeely, Georges McNeil, John Meredig, Keith Michalski, Nell Moore, Ronan O'Carra, Linda Osterhage, Brainard Palmer- Ball, Jr., Nancy Parker, Sydney Penner, Rick Phillips, Charlie Plush, Josh Powell, William Pulliam, Tommy Quarles, Reuben Raber, Peter Range, Frank Renfrow, Cyndi & Steve Rout - ledge (C&SRo), Tim Salzman, Joel Schlabach (JSc), Kurt Schwarz, Damien J. Simbeck (DJS), Michael Sledjeski (MSl), Chris Sloan, Michael Smith (MSm), Jeff Sole (JSo), Stephen J. Sted - man (SJS), Ruben Stoll, Victor Stoll, David Svetich (DSv), Joy Tarter, Mark Taylor (MTa), Michael C. Todd (MCT) (west Tennessee), Greg Tomerlin, Melanie Torres, Alan Troyer, Debby Tyson, Steve Tyson, Kelly Vowels, Chloe Walker, Keith Watson (KWa), Joy Wemmer, Kirk Westendorf (KWe), Helen Wright-North, Brian Wulker, Ben Yandell, Mary Yandell, Stan - ley York, Jr., Stephen Zipperer (middle Ten- nessee), Mary Zimmerman. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– SUMMER 2016 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– W eather conditions during June and July 2016 were relatively normal, other than a period of wet weather across a portion of Kentucky during July. The average monthly temperature at most stations was close to normal to slightly above-normal during both June and July, although the west - ern portion of the region was well above aver- age in June, and the mountain regions of east Tennessee experienced well above average temperatures in July. The amount of rainfall (BP, CBs), a few w. of Sassafras Ridge, Fulton 1 Apr (BP, EHu, TG, SG), and 5 at Schochoh, Logan 3 Apr (ph. ST); 50 Brewer's Blackbirds at Horns Bluff Refuge, Crockett, TN 3 Mar (MG) represented a noteworthy high count. Two Great-tailed Grackles along the Missis - sippi River in Boothspoint, Dyer, TN 27 Apr (ph. MG) furnished Tennessee's third record. A flock 46 Western Meadowlarks in the Savan - nah Bottoms, Hardin, TN 5 Mar (ph. RS, sound recording VS) was astounding not only be - cause it established a record high count for the state, but also because the species is unknown in the Region away from the far w. areas. Three were still present 12 Mar (†DJS). A few Purple Finches lingered at a few scat - tered locales to 14 May (eBird data). Common Redpolls were reported at two Kentucky lo - cales: the female at Highland Cemetery, Kenton lingered to 6 Mar (LO, EBu, AB) with 2 there 4 Mar (HW), and a female was at Schochoh, Logan 6-13 Mar (ph. ST, DT, et al.). Winter - ing Pine Siskins remained widely distributed, primarily in small numbers in Kentucky; a wave of migrants passed through primarily from mid-Apr through early May. Singles at Lexington, KY 27 May (DC) and Cross Creeks N.W.R., Stewart, TN 27 May (VS) were the lat - est to be reported. Addendum to the Spring 2015 Report: A Yellow-throated Warbler at Lexington, KY 14 Mar 2015 (†WH) represented a new early ar - rival date for the state by four days. Cited contributors (subregional editors in boldface): David Aborn, Chris Agee, Jim Ar- nett, Sharon Arnold, Michael Autin, Ellen Bahm (EBa), Jamie Baker, Nathan Beachy, Beckham Bird Club (BBC), Colleen Becker (CBe), Tom Becker, Pat Bell, Sarah Bell (SBe), Andy Bess, Carol Besse (CBs), Gretchen Bolton (GBo), Ray Bontrager, Scooter Bowman (SBn), Barbara Brand, Kevin Brooks, Eric Burkholder (EBu), Gerald Burnett (GBu), Kevin Calhoon (se. Tennessee), Ron Carrico (RCa), Molly Canter (MCa), Hap Chambers, Don Chesnut, Two Great-tailed Grackles found along the Mississippi River in Dyer County 27 Apr established Tennessee's third record. Remarkably, another was well-described at the Ensley Pits in Memphis 28 May. Photograph by © Mark Greene

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