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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 9 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 319 A few Common Redpolls showed up in Kentucky late in the winter of 2015-2016; this individual appeared at a feeding station in Logan County 6 March and lingered to 13 March (here 9 March) 2016. Photograph by © Steve Tyson This nicely documented Clay-colored Sparrow was present in Shelby County, Kentucky 3 May 2016. Photo by © Tanner Shepard T E N N E S S E E & K E N T U C K Y Harlan, KY 20 Apr (ELa, LG), 2 heard at Cum- mins Nature Preserve, Mason, KY 29 Apr (KS), one in s. Cumberland, TN 30 Apr (SJS), and 3 at the Lexington Cemetery 11-12 May (SP/BP et al). A weather-related fallout at Pace Point, Big Sandy Unit, Tennessee N.W.R., Henry, TN 21 Apr (RS) produced 1,262 Yellow-rumped War - blers and 182 Palm Warblers, among other spe- cies. A Black-throated Green Warbler in Jacks- boro, Campbell, TN 10 Mar (NM) established a new record early date for the state. SPARROWS THROUGH FINCHES A Bachman's Sparrow was found near Ho- henwald, Lewis, TN 15 Mar (WP). One to 4 Lark Sparrows were seen in w. Henderson, KY 28 Apr+ (ph. CC, et al.) with 3 separate pairs observed there (2 nest building and one cop - ulating) 22 May (BP); the only other reports from Kentucky were one n. of Sunnybrook, Wayne 30 Apr (RB) and a pair at Steele Bottom, Gallatin 30 May (ph. BW). Reports from Ten - nessee all came from regular breeding areas. A Le Conte's Sparrow at Hardy Slough, Sauerhe - ber 9 Apr (BP, BBC) was the only one reported. Two Nelson's Sparrows were reported: one at Ensley 15 May (JG, RS) and another at Sugar Tree Bottoms, Perry, TN 17-18 May (RS, VS). Single White-throated Sparrows at Lexington, KY 17 May (JSo) and ne. of Lyndon, Jefferson, KY 17-19 May (PB) were tardy. The wintering Oregon Junco at Douglass Hills, Jefferson, KY was last seen 11 Mar (ph. MY, BY). An Indigo Bunting at a feeder in Elizabeth - ton, Carter, TN 26 Mar (HLF) was either an early migrant or holdover from the winter. A male Western Tanager was reported at Hes - tand, Monroe, KY 5 May (†NB). Quite extraor- dinary was a Rose-breasted Grosbeak at a feed- ing station ne. of Defoe, Henry, KY 26 Feb–2 Mar (†RR). A female Yellow-headed Blackbird was photographed nw. of Ault, Elliott, KY 8 May (ph. EG). There were three Kentucky reports of Brewer's Blackbird: 2 at Morgan Pond 12 Mar noteworthy away from the mountains. There were a few reports of presumed mi - grant or tardy wintering Red-breasted Nut- hatches during the season (eBird data); also reported was one from the local breeding pop - ulation in Wolfe, KY 20-23 May (FR). Brown- headed Nuthatches continued at the Marshall, KY nesting area through the season (m. ob.) with an active nest located there for the fourth year in a row 22 Apr (FR). A House Wren at Murray, Calloway, KY 30 Mar (HC) was the earliest to be reported but may have been lingering from winter. A Winter Wren heard singing at Lexington, KY 12 May (BP) was exceptionally late. Only four Sedge Wrens were reported in Kentucky and only three in Tennessee 15 Apr–9 May. Four Marsh Wrens were at Standifer Gap Marsh, Hamilton, TN 26 Apr (KC, DJ); singles were reported there 10 Apr (VS) and 10 May (KC et al.). Four other single individuals were reported in Ten - nessee 25 Mar–18 May. The Catharus thrush migration was rela - tively unremarkable in Kentucky with no ex- tremely high counts or extreme dates. Cedar Waxwings were essentially absent in Kentucky until the last week of Apr (there were no eBird records in the state during Mar and only one during the first two weeks of Apr!). It was a little better season for Golden-winged Warblers in Kentucky than last spring, with re - ports of one to 2 at about a dozen locales (eBird data). Five Swainson's Warblers had already re - turned to the Clifty Wilderness, Daniel Boone N.F., Wolfe, KY by 23 Apr (JF). Orange-crowned Warbler reports from Kentucky included three of individuals possibly or probably lingering from winter: one at Sinclair W.M.A., Muhlen - berg 6 Mar (†TG, SG) and singles at Lake No. 9, Fulton (†BP, EHu, TG, SG) and n. of Gos - hen, Oldham (ph. BDa), both 1 Apr. A Nashville Warbler at Bryant Ridge Rd., Putnam, TN 22 May (SJS) and one heard singing at Audubon S.P., Henderson, KY 25 May (†JM) were tardy. One to 2 Connecticut Warblers were reported from six Kentucky and five Tennes - see locales 7-23 May. Single Mourning Warblers were reported at more than a dozen Kentucky locales 8-26 May (eBird data); only three were reported from Tennessee, a much lower number than normal. A Cape May Warbler at Lexington 18 Apr (RO) represented a new early arrival date for Kentucky by one day. It was a good season for Black- throated Blue Warblers in Kentucky with one to 2 reported at more than a dozen locations (eBird data). Reports of interest included one in Clarksville, Montgomery, TN 19 Apr (C&SRo), a few at the summit of Black Mountain, tinuing from the winter season. Only three were reported in Tennessee. More than a dozen Per - egrine Falcons were reported in Kentucky and eight in Tennessee away from the general vicin - ity of known nesting territories 6 Mar–8 May. FLYCATCHERS THROUGH WARBLERS Five Olive-sided Flycatchers were reported in Kentucky and four in Tennessee 1-29 May. Yel - low-bellied Flycatchers were reported five times in Kentucky 8-23 May; only one was reported in Tennessee, on 20 May in Perry (AT). It was a good season for Alder Flycatchers in Kentucky with more than ten reports of one to 5 individu - als 14-24 May. In Tennessee, only three were reported away from their limited breeding area 17-23 May. Eleven Western Kingbirds were in Shelby, TN 7 May (RS); this is the only known breeding population in the Region. Scissor- tailed Flycatchers remain a rare vagrant to Ken - tucky, where there were three reports: one along Luttrell Creek w. of Dunnville observed on dif - ferent days in Adair, Casey, and Russell, 15-25 May (ph. JT, JSo, RD, GBo, JB, TB, CBe), one s. of Coldwater, Calloway, 24 May (ph. MCa), and one at Ballard W.M.A., Ballard 27 May (†GBu, SBn). In Tennessee, away from known local breeding populations, single individuals were found in Hamblen 8 May–1 Jun (fide DK, m. ob.) and in Lawrence 26 May (DJS). A White-eyed Vireo heard singing at Shal- low Flats, Cave Run Lake, Rowan, KY 8 Mar (†BLm) may have been lingering from winter. Four Fish Crows over Murray, Calloway, KY 4 Mar (ME) represented a local first. In Tennes - see, Fish Crows continue their range expan- sion, with reports from Johnson, Sullivan, Perry, Hardin, and Franklin. Of interest away from far se. Kentucky was the report of a Common Raven at Paintsville Lake, W.M.A., Johnson, KY 5 Mar (SF). In Tennessee, 2 at Seven Islands S.P., Knox 16 Mar and a pair with three yg. at Phipps Bend, Hawkins 19 Mar (SHu) were

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