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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 318 T E N N E S S E E & K E N T U C K Y reported from Tennessee was at Snow Bunting Peninsula, Old Hickory Lake, Davidson, TN 30 Apr (ph. CS et al.). A first-cycle Lesser Black- backed Gull at Kentucky Dam Village S.P., Marshall, KY 12 May (ph. BY, MY) was tardy. A first-cycle Glaucous Gull at Kentucky Dam 28 Mar/1 Apr (ph. JJ/HC, ME) may have been one continuing from the winter season. A Least Tern at Morgan Pond 23 May (ph. BLi, JHa, ph. SA) was the only one reported away from known nesting areas. Eight Com - mon Terns at the Pfeiffer Fish Hatchery, Frank- lin, KY 18 May (ph. BDe) and at least one at Jacobson Park, Fayette, KY 18 May (ph. LCo, DSv) were the only ones away from the w. part of the Region. Two White-winged Doves appeared in Ken - tucky: one at Erlanger, Kenton 15-16 Apr (ph. HW) and one at Benton, Marshall 29 Apr (ph. JP). Three were reported in Tennessee: singles in Rutherford 28 Apr (ph. KB et al.), Wilson 14 May (GT), and Gibson 24 May (ph. MG). An Inca Dove at Ensley 27 May (DJS) furnished Tennessee's sixth record. It was an excellent season for Black-billed Cuckoos with individu - als reported at about 20 locations in Kentucky and nine locations in Tennessee 21 Apr+. Two Short-eared Owls were last seen at the Sinclair Unit Peabody W.M.A., Muhlenberg, KY 16 Mar (TG, SG). A Common Nighthawk in Wilson, TN 26 Mar (GT) was the third earliest state record. A Chimney Swift in Nashville, TN 7 Mar (MZ) was unusually early. The wintering female Rufous Hummingbird at Murray, Cal - loway, KY was last seen 13 Apr (ME). A female Northern Flicker with aberrant pigmentation (mixed red and yellow flight and tail feathers) was present in Jefferson, KY mid-January into early Mar (ph. BP). Merlins were reported in Kentucky on at least eight occasions 1 Mar–2 May; most of the four March reports may have been individuals con - see noted above, Willets were reported from seven Kentucky and three Tennessee locales 13 Apr–10 May with a total of 185 resting on the n. ends of Kentucky Lake, Marshall [123], and Lake Barkley, Lyon [62], 30 Apr (BP, ph. MY, KOS) representing a new state high count. Clearly there was a significant movement of Willets through the Region on that date. There were only fours report of single Upland Sand - pipers 1 Apr–12 May. Two Hudsonian Godwits joined 2 Marbled Godwits at the Phillipy Pits, Lake, TN 26 May (MG). Four Ruddy Turn - stones at Melco 20 May (BP, MA) were the only ones reported in Kentucky; in Tennessee, one was at Ensley 14 May (VS) and one was at Tip - tonville Bar, Lake, TN 26 May (MG). Two dif- ferent Ruffs were found sw. of Sassafras Ridge in the Lower Hickman Bottoms of w. Fulton, KY: 17-18 Mar (ph. MG) and 1 Apr (ph. BP, ph. EHu, ph. SG, TG). There were two reports of Sanderling, both in Kentucky, both 17 May and both probably representing county firsts during spring: 2 at Murl Pond, Wayne (RB) and 1 at Melco (†BP). Quite unexpected were 2 Baird's Sandpipers at Melco 9 May (ph. BP) that represent a first confirmed spring report for the Louisville area. In Tennessee, single in - dividuals were reported from Mud Lake, Lake 15 Mar (MG); Rankin Bottoms, Cocke 7 May (MSl); and Ensley 14 May (VS). One to 25 White-rumped Sandpipers were reported from eight Kentucky locales 29 Apr–27 May; one at the Minor Clark Fish Hatchery, Rowan, KY 14 May (RCr) was uncommon for the e. portion of the state. A Buff-breasted Sandpiper at Melco 25 Apr (MA, ph. RF, BDv) represented a first spring record for the Louisville area and only Kentucky's second ever documented spring re - cord. An early Western Sandpiper in the Lower Hickman Bottoms, Fulton 29 Mar (†HC, JP) was the only one reported in Kentucky. One to 20 Short-billed Dowitchers were re - ported at about ten Kentucky locales 29 Apr– 23 May. One to ca. 45 Long-billed Dowitch - ers were reported at eight Kentucky locales 10 Mar–9 May; one nw. of Alton, Anderson 21 Apr (JSo) was relatively far e. in the state. A very tardy Wilson's Snipe lingered se. of Lexington, Fayette, KY to 27 May (DSv). A female Red- necked Phalarope was at Morgan Pond 23-25 May (BLi, JHa, ph. SA, et al.). GULLS THROUGH FALCONS An ad. Laughing Gull on the Ohio River at Cov- ington, Kenton, KY 12 Mar (KWe, ph. EBu) was the only one reported. There were only three reports of Franklin's Gull in Kentucky, all on Kentucky Lake, Marshall, 25 Mar (ME), 30 Apr (BP, ph. TQ, KOS), and 12 May (ph. BY, MY). Forty to 50 Herring Gulls were still at Kentucky Dam 30 Apr (BP, KOS). The only Franklin's Gull ren, KY 7 Mar (TD), a Semipalmated Plover at Leffle Webb Rd., Cumberland, TN 7 Apr (EKL), a Stilt Sandpiper at Sauerheber 28 Mar (ph. BP), single Dunlin at McElroy Lake, Warren, KY 14- 15 Mar (AH) and at Sauerheber 21 Mar (ph. CC), 23 Pectoral Sandpipers at McElroy Lake, Warren, KY 5 Mar (TD) with 24 at Kentucky Lake, Marshall, KY 6 Mar (ME) and 7 at Morgan Pond 7 Mar (JHa), and 2 Long-billed Dowitchers at McElroy Lake 10-12 Mar (AH, TG, SG, †BP, CBs) with another in the Lower Hickman Bot - toms. Fulton, KY 22 Mar (ph. BY, MY). One to 7 Black-necked Stilts were reported from seven mostly traditional locales in w. Kentucky 15 Apr+, although 3 at the J.C. Jones Road sinkhole ponds, Hart 27 Apr (ph. JSo) were a local first. In Tennessee, away from their breeding range along the Mississippi River, 2 were at Duck River 27 Mar (RS, VS, AT, DK) and one was at Lowe's Ferry Road, Blount 8 May (MD). A remarkable flock of 30 American Avocets and 330 Willets were at Snow Bun - ting Peninsula, Old Hickory Lake, Davidson, TN Apr (CA, ph. CS, m. ob.); the latter nearly doubled the previous record high count for the state! Elsewhere, only 2-5 American Avocets were reported from three Tennessee locations 12 Apr–14 May. One to 5 Black-bellied Plovers were reported from two Tennessee locales and at least five Kentucky locales 15 Apr–29 May. A Snowy Plover, Tennessee's fifth, was along Ben Parker Rd., Lake, TN 31 Mar (ph. MG, MCT). In addition to the record flock in Tennes - Baird's Sandpiper is a particularly good find in the Region during spring, and most reports come from about the western one-third of the region. This was one of two individuals present 9 May 2016 that represented a local first for the Louisville, Kentucky area during spring. Photograph by © Brainard Palmer-Ball, Jr. Always a good find in Tennessee & Kentucky, particularly during spring migration, this Red-necked Phalarope was present at Morgan Pond, Christian County, Kentucky, 23-25 May (here 23 May) 2016. Photograph by © Steve Graham This female Northern Flicker was present at a feeding station in Jefferson County, Kentucky, mid-January through early March (here 9 February) 2016. The mosaic of yellow and red flight feath- ers is apparently an indication of varying diet during the previous flight feather molt. Photograph by © Brainard Palmer-Ball, Jr.

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