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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 9 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 317 T E N N E S S E E & K E N T U C K Y This White-winged Dove in Gibson County, Tennessee 24 May was one of three reported during the season. All of Tennes- see's approximately 25 records have occurred since 2000. Photograph by © Mark Greene This Snowy Plover, a one-day wonder in Lake County 31 Mar, es- tablished Tennessee's fifth record. Photograph by © Mark Greene Two different Ruffs were detected two weeks apart (dif- ferentiated by plumage) within a mile of one another in the Lower Hickman Bottoms, Fulton County, Kentucky. This individual (with a Greater Yellowlegs) was present 1 April 2016. Photograph by © Brainard Palmer-Ball, Jr. White-faced Ibis has become nearly annual in Kentucky, but in - dividuals seldom linger for very long at any particular location. This individual was present for only a few hours in southern Christian County on 9 May 2016. Photo by © Sharon Arnold Mar (RS), with 2 at Pace Point, Big Sandy Unit, Tennessee N.W.R., Henry, TN 6 Apr (RS). A Horned Grebe at Minor Clark Fish Hatch - ery, Rowan, KY14 May (ph. RCr) was tardy; one in alternate plumage at Edgar Evins S.P., DeKalb, TN 27 May (ph. MTa) established a new late date for Tennessee. One to 2 of the regular wintering Eared Grebes remained on S. Holston Lake, Sullivan, TN through 25 Mar (RLK, m. ob.). One was at Robco Lake, Shelby, TN 3 Mar (RS) and 2 were at Pickwick Dam, Hardin, TN 24 Mar (RS). Remarkable away from the Mississippi River, 5 Anhingas were reported from Sugar Tree Bottoms, Perry, TN 17 May (RS); single individuals were at Eagle Lake W.M.A., Shelby, TN 12 Apr (RS, VS) and at Macedonia Bot - toms, Gibson, TN 13-16 Apr (MG). American White Pelicans showed up at a few locales in central Kentucky as follows: one on Beam Lake adjacent to Bernheim Forest, Bullitt 1 Mar (ph. KV), 27 over the Walnut Creek embayment of Barren River Lake, Allen 8 Mar (LCr, BB), ca. 60 on an island in Nolin Lake ne. of Linwood, Hart 11 Mar (ph. TC); and 12 at the Kingfisher Lakes, Daviess 29 May (ph. NP). In Tennessee, flocks ranging in size from 14-200 were report - ed from seven locations 1-17 Mar. An imm. Brown Pelican was seen along the Tennessee River, Hamilton, TN 15-17 May (JW, DA). There were impressive totals of 13 reports of American Bittern in Kentucky and 11 reports in Tennessee 15 Mar–22 May; the latest at Mor - gan Pond (BP, SBe, SG, TG) was relatively tardy for a migrant but no evidence of nesting was detected. Four at Standifer Gap Marsh, Ham - ilton, TN 26 Apr (KC, DJ) was a noteworthy high count. One to 7 Least Bitterns were found at three traditional Kentucky locales in Hopkins and Muhlenberg 18 Apr–19 May (EHa). Only three individuals were reported from Tennes - see 17 Apr–21 May. Two Snowy Egrets were found relatively far e. in Kentucky: one in the Flat Creek Bottoms, White City W.M.A., Hop - kins 3 May (EHa) and one along Fern Valley Road, Jefferson 5-8 May (ph. BP et al.). East Tennessee also reported a greater than nor - mal number of Snowy Egrets. Three Kentucky reports of Cattle Egret were far e. of known breeding locations on Lake Barkley: one at Bur - lington, Boone 16 Apr (LM), 2 at Surrey Hills Farm, ne. Jefferson 2 May (WG, ph. BP), and one along KY 90, 5 mi. w. of Monticello, Wayne during late May (ph. JSc, fide RB). A Tricolored Heron was at Cornelia Fort Airpark, Nashville, TN 4 Apr (JHi, CA, m. ob.). A Green Heron at Centennial Park, Nashville, TN 5 Mar (JA) es - tablished a new early arrival date for the state. A White-faced Ibis was at Swallow Spring Pond, Christian, KY 9 May (ph. SA, JHa). A Glossy Ibis was found at Black Bayou W.M.A., Lake, TN 13 Apr (MG) with one to 2 at Duck River 26-29 Apr & 14 May (RS, VS, et al.). There were three additional reports of unidenti - fied Plegadis ibis: 2 at Black Bayou W.M.A., Lake, TN 2 Apr (GC), one at Sauerheber 19-20 May (ph. JM, TG, ph. SG, CC), and 2 along Union - town-Mt. Vernon Road, Union, KY 26 May (CP). RAPTORS THROUGH SHOREBIRDS A Mississippi Kite reported at Sauerheber 18 Apr (†CC) would represent a new early arrival date for Kentucky by a week; one at St. Mat - thews, Jefferson 27 Apr (MCo) was the next ear- liest to be reported in Kentucky. Rare in e. Ten- nessee, 2 Mississippi Kites were in Knox 13 May (DE) and one was in Alcoa, Blount 14 May (MF). A Broad-winged Hawk wsw. of Kessinger, Hart, KY 1 Apr (SK) was early. A Swainson's Hawk was seen from the White-Oak Ridge Lookout, Perry, TN 13 Apr (†RS). A Golden Eagle was last reported at Bernheim Forest, Bullitt/Nelson, KY 3 Mar (KV); surprisingly, only one was reported from Tennessee, in Lake 19 Mar (MG). Virginia Rails were found at two Kentucky locales: singles at Hardy Slough, Sauerheber 9 Apr/1 May (BP, BBC/KM), and one in a yard at Berea, Madison 20-22 May (PHk, ph. GBo, et al.). In Tennessee, 1 to 4 were reported from four locations 6 Mar–10 Apr. A Common Gal - linule was at John Sevier Lake, Hawkins, TN 8-17 May (SHu). Twenty Sandhill Cranes over Fairdale, Jefferson, KY 24 Apr (†EBa) and one, perhaps injured, at the Beaver Creek Unit of Barren River Lake W.M.A., Barren, KY 24 Apr (LCr) were the latest to be reported. Peak counts of shorebirds of interest in - cluded 1,500 American Golden-Plovers along Hwy 78 s. of Ridgely, Lake, TN 14 Apr (MCT); a new Kentucky record high count of at least 2,040 American Golden-Plovers in the Lower Hickman Bottoms, Fulton, KY 15 Apr (BP, JB) was also established. Fairly high counts of 700- 750 Semipalmated Sandpipers at Morgan Pond 22 May (BP, TG, SG, SBe) with 450 there 25 May (JHa et al.), 550 Semipalmated Sandpip - ers at Ensley 16 May (VS), 245 Semipalmated Sandpipers at Sugar Tree Bottoms, Perry, TN 18 May(VS, RS), at least 800 Lesser Yellowlegs in the Lower Hickman Bottoms, Fulton, KY 15 Apr (BP, JB), ca. 150 Dunlin at Morgan Pond 16 May (JHa, SA), 44 White-rumped Sandpipers at Ensley 16 May (VS), and at least 1450 Pecto - ral Sandpipers in the Lower Hickman Bottoms, Fulton, KY 1 Apr (BP, EHu, TG, SG). A Wilson's Phalarope at Sauerheber 19 Mar (ph. RL) established a new early spring date for Kentucky by two weeks; 2 at Ensley 28 Mar (GM) represented Tennessee's second earliest spring date. Two Semipalmated Sandpipers at Duck River 31 Mar (AT) established the second earliest record for the state; one was still present 3 Apr (VS). Other early shorebirds included 2 American Golden-Plovers at McElroy Lake, War -

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