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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 312 I O WA & M I S S O U R I in Dallas, IA 7 May (JG). Peak Wood Thrush counts included 25 at Mines of Spain S.P., Dubuque, IA 7 May (RSp) and 26 at Babler S.P., St. Louis 27 Apr, the later tying Missouri's second highest count (CM). American Pipits were widespread in Iowa, with a striking 250 in Ringgold 7 May (BAB). FINCHES THROUGH BLACKBIRDS Common Redpolls numbering 1-2 came from five sites in the Region 3 Mar-3 Apr, and a high of 20 was made at Saylorville 12-13 Mar (Ulrike Grimaldi, RLC, DTh). Iowa hosted the only crossbills, with 2-4 Reds at three nw. lo - cales, a White-winged in O'Brien 4 Mar (DH) and 10 White-wingeds in Harrison 12 Apr (Cindy Wilson, POR). A flight year for Pine Siskins; the highest counts included 80 in St. Louis 4 Mar (CA) and 50 in Ozark 7 Mar (Ruth Mayer), both Missouri. Lapland Longspurs reached 2,500 in Cerro Gordo 16 Mar (PH) and 550 in Emmet 19 Mar (DCH). Smith's Longspurs, numbering 200- 225, were at two different Greene, IA sites 26- 30 Mar (SJD, EEO, POR, MTW), while one in Woodbury, IA 8 May was late (JDJ). Single Spotted Towhees were at three w. Iowa and two cen. Missouri locales 31 Mar-25 May, while 2 were in Sioux, IA 17 May (JDJ). A single Vesper Sparrow was early for its e.-cen. Missouri location at Riverlands 5 Mar (CMc, AR). A Lark Bunting made it to Hallett Pits, Sac, IA 14 May at (†Ruth Fogler). Twenty-one Grasshopper Sparrows in Clay, MO 30 May (Marky Mutchler), 20 more at Neal Smith N.W.R., Jasper, IA 7 May (KVS), and 44 Henslow's Sparrows at Hi Lonesome Prairie C.A., Benton 24 Apr (Marge Lumpe) were im - pressive single location high counts. Three re- ports of single Le Conte's Sparrows were made in Iowa 23 Mar-8 May, and two in e. Missouri 15-16 Apr. Missouri's second highest spring count of 121 Song Sparrows came from Eagle Bluffs 9 Mar (Steve Garr, CBa). Wrapping up the sparrows, a remarkable 142 Harris's Spar - rows were at Raccoon River Valley Trail, Dal- las, IA 8 May (JG). Yellow-bellied at Sweet Marsh, Bremer tying Iowa's third earliest 7 May (TSS, Tom Moon, Kris Rash, Craig Rash), an Acadian at Weldon Spring C.A., St. Charles 23 Apr tying Mis - souri's second earliest (Joe Eades, Sharon Lu, Mark Duchesne), and an Alder in Black Hawk tying Iowa's third earliest 11 May (DGE). A Say's Phoebe stopped at Swan Lake S.P., Carroll, IA 8-14 Apr (†MTW, †POR). Twenty Great Crested Flycatchers at Huron Island, Des Moines, IA 10 May was the high for the Region (KMc), with 17 in St. Louis, MO a close second 8 May (JM, CM). A count of 19 West - ern Kingbird was the Region's highest in Jack- son, MO 4 May (DC). Counts of 3 Loggerhead Shrikes came from w. cen. Missouri's managed prairies 4 Mar-30 Apr, with a high of 4 unpaired in - dividuals near Four Rivers C.A., Vernon 13 Apr (MR). In Iowa, Loggerheads were found in nine counties s. of a line from Monona to Boone and a Northern lingered in Woodbury, IA 31 Mar (Rex Rundquist). A Bell's Vireo in Dunklin tied Missouri's second earliest 23 Apr (TJ). All-time Missouri record high counts of 23 Yellow-throated Vireos 16 Apr (CBu, Lisa Berger) and 91 Red-eyed Vireos 13 May (Chris Hobbs, John Bollin, MR) came from Barry. A Fish Crow in Des Moines, IA 9 Apr was the most n. sighting (†Fawn Bowden). Four swallow species broke record early ar - rival dates in Iowa this spring. A pair of Purple Martins in Jackson 22 Mar established Iowa's third earliest (Ethan Brown). A Tree Swallow at Hawkeye was Iowa's second earliest 9 Mar (MHB), while 2 more there became Iowa's third earliest 10 Mar (JF). A Bank Swallow in Fremont was Iowa's earliest ever 9 Apr (ph., SJD). In Missouri, a Barn Swallow in Dade was the second earliest 12 Mar (DBl). Missouri's ninth Rock Wren continued from the previous fall season near Stockton Lake, Polk 25 Mar (ph., †SM, ph., †DM). A single Marsh Wren at Pickerel Lake, Buena Vista 11 Apr was Iowa's second earliest (POR, JDJ). In Iowa, a single Bewick's Wrens re - turned to the Argyle Junkyard, Lee 16 Apr- 11 May (m.ob.), another was in Des Moines 24, 28 Apr (Bill Ohde, ph. POR), and one in Polk 3-4 May (RIA, PHA, AB, JG, SJD). In Mis - souri, they were predominantly observed at residences, with a high of 3 in Cole 28 May (CMc, AR). A Townsend's Solitaire was at Green Island 19 Mar (ph. Laura Larson, ph. Tom Koz, ph. Jeff Chapman). A Gray-cheeked Thrush at Otter Slough C.A., Stoddard 18 Apr tied the earliest Missouri record (Judy Bergmann). Iowa's second earliest record of Swainson's Thrush was at Eagle Point Park, Clinton 13 Apr (KMc), and migration plateaued with 200 ready at Riverlands 20 Apr (CM, JM). Snowy Egrets were reported in an unprecedented 10 Iowa counties 7 Apr-25 May and a single Little Blue Heron made at Cerro Gordo, IA was the most n. report in the Region and Iowa's only report 27 Apr-1 May in (m.ob.). Missouri's second earliest Yellow-crowned Night-Heron was in Greene 13 Mar (ph. CBu). A Glossy Ibis was at Bob Brown C.A., Holt 14 May (ph., †JU, ph. LOw), 3 were in Page, IA 3 May (ph., †POR) and another at Hawkeye 13 May (†LGR, †MHB, m.ob.). The first White-faced Ibis in Greene was Iowa's second earliest 9 Apr (JDJ), while the next in Woodbury tied Iowa's third earliest 10 Apr (POR). RAPTORS Two Mississippi Kites at Ashworth Park, Polk, IA 23 May were the most n. report (JBi). High counts came from the se., with an incredible 59 at Mingo 22 May (CBa, Stephen Dilks). There were four reports of single Golden Ea - gles, two from Missouri and two from Iowa 12 Mar-3 Apr. A Northern Goshawk in Kos - suth, IA was the Region's only sighting 3 Mar (Jacob Newton, JDJ, ph. POR). A total of 45 Bald Eagles at Hawkeye 3 Mar was the high for Iowa (AC), while 37 at Columbia Bot - tom C.A., St. Louis, MO was unexpected on the late date 1 Apr (BR). Broad-winged Hawk migration kettles of 19-50 were observed at two Iowa and two Missouri sites 18-23 Apr. A single Swainson's Hawk in Ringgold tied Iowa's third earliest 23 Mar (RIA, PHA, Joe Stojak). A significant occurrence in Iowa was the unusually high number of Barn Owl reports, with thirteen sightings coming from eleven counties, including five nests with eggs. This increase was also noted in Missouri, with 1-5 at four s. locations. A pair of Burrowing Owls visited Monona, IA 4-8 May (ph., †Diana Pesek, m.ob.). The only Northern Saw-whet Owls consisted of a single at Grammar Grove W.A., Marshall 3-9 Mar (MP, DTH) and 2 at Moorehead Park, Ida 4-5 Mar (JDJ, Ken Oes - er), both expected locations for the species. For the first time in 108 years, Merlin were documented nesting in Iowa; a pair at Oak - land Cemetery, Johnson 12 Apr-22 May (Dan McRoberts fide BCC, m.ob.) and a second pair in Black Hawk 15-26 May (TSS, Kris Rash, Craig Rash). Single Prairie Falcons were at four sites on the w. side of the Region, while one at Clarence Cannon was unexpected in e. Missouri 5 Mar (Clayton Stapleton, ph. Chris - topher Stapleton, ph. Rob Francis). FLYCATCHERS THROUGH PIPITS Eight Olive-sided Flycatchers in Dunklin es- tablished an all-time Missouri high on 19 May (TJ). Record early empids consisted of a This adult male Hooded Oriole photographed at a nectar feeder in Columbia, Boone established a first-state record for Missouri 20 May 2016. Photo by © George Flenner

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