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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 9 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 311 This first-cycle Laughing Gull was a first in southwestern Missouri at Table Rock Lake, Barry 26-29 May. Photo by © Joshua P. Uffman One of two Burrowing Owls that visited rural Monona, IA 4-8 May 2016. Photographed here 4 May 2016. Photo by © Paul O. Roisen I O WA & M I S S O U R I a Red-throated was at Pleasant Creek Recre- ation Area, Linn 8 May (m.ob.) and a Pacific was at Big Creek S.P., Polk 11-12 May (ph. AB, SJD, RLC). Common Loons arrived un - usually early in Iowa, with singles in Marion (JF) and Hamilton (DAk) tying the second earliest record 9 Mar, another at Saylorville establishing the third earliest 10 Mar (AB), and singles in Polk 16 Mar (RIA, PHA) and Johnson 17 Mar (James McCoy) tying the pre - vious second and third earliest records. An ad. Neotropic Cormorant was Missouri's earliest ever at Schell-Osage CA, Vernon, St. Clair 31 Mar-16 Apr (ph. Marky Mutchler, Linda Wil - liams), while separate immatures in Mississippi 28 Apr-19 May (ph., †CBa, MH) and Bollinger 29 Apr-1 May (ph., †CBa, †Allen Gathman) were only the second and third spring records for e. Missouri. An Anhinga made in appear - ance in Dunklin, MO 25 Apr (ph. TJ). Ameri- can White Pelican migration crested with at 3,500 Cooley Lake C.A. Clay, MO 20 Mar (Kyle Driggers) and 3,000 in Woodbury, IA 3 Apr (GLV). Missouri's thirteenth Brown Peli - can was at Riverlands 22 Apr-19 May (Mick Richardson, ph., †JM, †CBa, m.ob.). An American Bittern at Riverlands 12-16 Mar was unexpectedly early for e.-cen. Mis - souri (†CMc, ph. AR). Twelve Least Bitterns were tallied from canoe at Mingo 22 May (CBa, Stephen Dilks). Great Egrets arrived early and in impressive numbers this spring, with 81 al - ers in Appanoose 7 May (TNJ) and 450 Semipalmated Sandpipers at Hendrickson Marsh, Story 20 May (EEO), both the Region's highest this spring. The first 9 Semipalmated Sandpipers in Woodbury 10 Apr tied Iowa's second earliest (POR) and a well-described Western Sandpiper at Saylorville was the only in the Re - gion 1 May (AB). Long-billed Dow- itchers peaked early with 1,250 in Dunklin, MO 2 Mar (TJ). Outside se. Missouri, the next highest counts in - cluded 105-183 at Dunbar Slough, Greene 24-26 Apr (DTH, MTW) and 230 at Squaw Creek 1 May (PK). Ten well- described Short-billed Dowitchers 26 Apr tied Iowa's second earliest (MP). In Iowa, a Lesser Yellowlegs tied the second earliest in Story 8 Mar (SJD) and a striking peak count of 412 came from Palo Alto 1 May (JDJ). Willet migration included counts of 10-22 at three widespread Missouri sites 30 Apr-8 May and at Cone Marsh, Louisa, IA 26 Apr (JF). Wil - son's Phalaropes were scarce in the Region this spring, with meager highs of 42-55 at three sites 9-24 May (TNJ). However, Red-necked Phalaropes put on a spectacle, with 1-3 at one Missouri and eight Iowa sites 10-29 May and 9 at Cardinal Marsh, Winneshiek, IA 26 May (Dennis Carter). GULLS THROUGH IBIS A first-cycle Laughing Gull at Table Rock Lake, Barry was Missouri's eighth spring record away from the Mississippi River 26-29 May (ph. †JU). A count of 600 Franklin's Gulls at Say - lorville was the highest in the Region 26 Apr (RLC). Single Thayer's Gulls lingered at four Iowa sites 2-6 Mar, 2 were in Jackson, IA 19 Mar (m.ob.), and single Glaucous Gulls were at one Missouri and two Iowa sites 2-5 Mar. A report of 4 Least Tern along the Missouri River, Harrison, was Iowa's only report 24 May (POR). At their Missouri breeding sites, 30 were at Ten Mile Pond C.A., Mississippi 25 May (Will Britton) and 13 were at Riverlands 27 May (PK). Black Tern peak counts included 210-356 from one Missouri and two Iowa sites 15-24 May, while a group of 54 were still at Cheever Lake, Emmet , IA 31 May (DAk). The Region's high of 40 came from Jackson, IA 20 May (KMc). Two Forster's Tern at Riverlands 15 Mar were Missouri's earliest ever (†CM), another at Saylorville 6 Apr was Iowa's third earliest (DTH), and the highest count included 87 in Greene, MO 16 May (DBl). Missouri's eighth spring record of Red- throated Loon consisted of 2 at Stockton Lake, Dade 25 Mar, where one remained 30 Mar (ph. †SM, †JH, †AK, DBl, m.ob). In Iowa, 13 May (SK, Terry McNeely). Four Whooping Cranes at Eagle Bluffs and Plowboy C.A., both Boone, MO, 19-20 May were determined to be descendants from the 2001 reintroduced Wis - consin population (†PM, m.ob.). SHOREBIRDS Five shorebird species set record early-arrival dates in Iowa. Starting with Black-necked Stilts, the first at Otter Creek Marsh, Tama was Iowa's second earliest on 4 Apr (Andy Spell - man). In Missouri, a high of 67 were at Otter Slough C.A., Stoddard 28 Apr (CBa). American Avocets arrived early and in large numbers in Iowa, with a high of 40 at Port Louisa N.W.R., Louisa 26 Apr (JBo). Peak Black-bellied Plover counts included 17 at Swan Lake 23 May (SK) and 16 at Hawkeye 24 May (JF). The highest American Golden-Plover counts came from Missouri, with 2,000 in Dunklin 26 Mar (TJ) and 3,000 at Swan Lake 16 Apr (SK, m.ob.). A Snowy Plover visited Saylorville 26 Apr (†SJD, m.ob.) and another stopped in Ben - ton 30 May (†JF, †MHB, m.ob.), both Iowa. Five Semipalmated Plovers in Mills tied Iowa's third earliest 7 Apr (Kadynn Hatfield) and the Region's highest counts included 113 at Ot - ter Slough C.A., Stoddard 29 Apr, MO (CBa), 40 at Riverlands 15 May (SM, DM, m.ob.), and 90 in Appanoose, IA 19 May (TNJ). Iowa hosted the only Piping Plovers, with singles in Greene (Victor Webber) and Saylorville (RIA, PHA), both 26 Apr, and another in Clay 28 May (POR, LAS, JDJ). A Whimbrel stopped in Hardin, IA 15 May (TSS), while 22 at Pershing S.P., Linn 25 May set an all-time record high for Missouri (SK). Two Long-billed Curlews at Riverlands es - tablished a second e. Missouri record 9 May (ph., †CMc, AR). Hudsonian Godwits were more numerous this spring than last in Iowa, with a high of 40 in Page 10 May (JLF). Mar - bled Godwit reports came from 9 Iowa coun- ties, 21 Apr-18 May (LAS), including a high of 21 in Dubuque 15 May (David Shealer). A female Ruff was in Louisa, IA 27 Apr (ph., †POR). Sanderlings stopped in seven scat - tered Iowa counties 3-29 May, including a peak of 73 in Buena Vista 24 May (ph. SJD). Dunklin, MO has proven to be the outlier of the Region in recent years, with many shore - bird species already present at the start of the season. This spring was no different, with 20 Dunlin, 25 Least and 60 Pectoral Sandpip - ers, 8 Long-billed Dowitchers, and 1 Lesser Yellowlegs 1-2 Mar (TJ). The highest Dunlin counts came early, with 200 at Eagle Bluffs 22 Mar (BJ) and 500 in Dunklin, MO 26 Mar (TJ). Least Sandpiper high counts included 110- 308 from two Missouri and two Iowa sites 1-28 May. Iowa held 500 Pectoral Sandpip -

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