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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 310 I O WA & M I S S O U R I (Eagle Bluffs C.A., Boone, MO), Green Island (Green Island W.A., Jackson, IA), Hawkeye (Hawkeye W.A., Johnson, IA), Mingo (Mingo N.W.R., Wayne, MO), Riverlands (Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary, St. Charles, MO), Saylorville (Saylorville Reservoir, Polk, IA), Smithville (Smithville Lake, Clay, MO), Squaw Creek (Squaw Creek N.W.R., Holt, MO), Swan Lake (Swan Lake N.W.R., Chariton, MO). WATERFOWL THROUGH GREBES Now an annual rarity in se. Missouri, 2 Black- bellied Whistling-Ducks were in Scott 7 May (Aaron Horrell fide BR). Peak Greater White- fronted Goose counts included 1,800-4,000 at three Regional hotspots 2-11 Mar. Squaw Creek held an astounding 1,350,000 Snow and 1,500 Ross's geese 5 Mar (Joseph Mos - ley). The Region's high count of 300 Cackling Geese came from Sedan Bottoms, Appanoose, IA 2 Mar (T.J. Phillips). Missouri held 185 Trumpeter Swans at Squaw Creek 9 Mar (Tim Tayson) and the last of the season were 3 in Lafayette 4 May (EW, Bill Mees, Bill Clark). Cinnamon Teal had a great showing, with single drakes at four w. Missouri and eight Iowa sites 31 Mar-15 May, three of those coming from e. Iowa. An ad. male Eurasian Wigeon, Missouri's tenth, continued at Clar - ence Cannon 1 Mar. (Tom Peters, Judy Berg- mann). Early to mid-March produced 2,000- 5,000 Mallards at four Iowa locales, 3,000 Northern Pintail in Woodbury, IA (GLV), and 1,150-2,200 Green-winged Teal at two e. Iowa and two e. Missouri sites. Six hundred Canvasbacks remained at Clear Lake, Cerro Gordo 14 Mar (PH). Redheads peaked in Iowa in mid-Mar, with 550 at Green Island (, Jeff Chapman, Tom Koz) and another 288 in Em - met (DAk). Cerro Gordo, IA held the Region's last Greater Scaup 26 May (RGo) and 2,100 Lesser Scaup 14 Mar (PH). A Harlequin Duck in Black Hawk, IA was enjoyed by many 11- 18 May (DGE, ph., †POR, ph., †Paul Skrade). A male Black and 8 Surf Scoters were unex - pected in Missouri's n. cen. Ozarks, Phelps 24 Apr (ph. Brian Nelson, ph. Barbara Nelson). The latter species set an all-time Missouri high count, while the only other scoter was a Black at Riverlands 5 Mar (CMc, ph. AR, JM, m.ob.). Single Long-tailed Ducks stopped in Sioux 10 Mar (POR, JDJ) and Dickinson 13 Mar (LAS), both Iowa. In Missouri, 200 Buffleheads were at Clarence Cannon 4 Mar (BJ, PM), while a month later 278-350 were at three Iowa sites 13-19 Apr (DAk). Common Mergansers in Iowa were found to be more numerous this spring than last, with highs of 970 at Say - lorville 4 Mar (AB) and 1,610 at Red Rock Reservoir, Marion 6 Mar (AB). A respect - able count of 242 Red-breasted Mergansers came from Saylorville 10 Mar (AB). Northern Bobwhite populations are said to be increasing in Iowa, with reports this spring coming from 9 counties. Gray Partridge counts of 1-2 came from 12 Iowa counties n. of Audubon. A high of 49 Ring-necked Pheas - ants was obtained in Buena Vista, IA 11 Apr (JDJ). A lone Ruffed Grouse in Clayton 13 May and 2 in Fayette 22 May were phenomenal finds in a region where this species was once well established (Kris Rash, Craig Rash). In Iowa, counts of 31-38 Greater Prairie-Chick - ens came from the Kellerton lek, Ringgold 2-5 Apr (EEO, DCH, FLR) and in Missouri, up to 13 were at two St. Clair sites and another 11 were at Dunn Ranch, Harrison 14 Apr-14 May. A pulse of 101 Pied-billed Grebes arrived at Ada Hayden Park, Story, IA 7 Apr (WO) and 71 more at Green Island 13 Apr (KMc). Missouri's second-highest Horned Grebe count of 362 came from Stockton Lake, Ce - dar, 12 Mar (DBl). In Iowa, 10 Red-necked Grebe reports came from mostly the n. 8 Apr-30 May and the Region's only 3 West - ern Grebes were in Clay 8-28 May (LAS, JDJ, DAk, POR). The latter location also held up to 35 courting Eared Grebes 2-28 May (LAS, JDJ, DAk, POR) and 3 pairs in Dickinson, IA 30 May were the last (LAS). DOVES THROUGH CRANES A White-winged Dove was in Sioux, IA 21-22 Apr (JDJ), while in Missouri singles visited three private residences 16 Apr-3 May and at least 2 continued at their expected Missis - sippi, MO site 28 Apr-19 May (MH, CBa). Iowa's earliest ever Yellow- billed Cuckoo arrived in Johnson 24 Apr (BRM), while the season's high of 29 came from Boone, MO 14 May (PM, BJ). Black-billed Cuckoos were found in ten Iowa counties and a high of 3 came from Watkins Mill S.P., Clay, MO 8 May (Kristi Mayo). Sin - gle Greater Roadrunners were at seven sites in sw. Missouri. Two Common Nighthawks in Ste. Genevieve 22 Apr (Nicholas March) and 3 in Cape Girardeau 24 Apr (Allen Gathman) es - tablished the second and third earliest records for Missouri and the highest counts included 50 at Eagle Bluffs 14 May (TE, PM, BJ) and 100+ at Riverlands (JH, SM, DM). A Chuck- will's-widow in Page 10 May (JLF) and up to 3 at Stephens S.F., Lucas 20-21 May (m.ob.), were at the n. edge of their range in Iowa. Eastern Whip-poor-wills were reported in five Iowa counties s. of Scott, and a high of 22 came from each state: Sugar Camp, Barry, MO 14 Apr (DB, BB) and Shimek S.F., Lee, IA 6 May (BCC). Iowa's earliest ever Ruby-throated Hummingbird was in Jefferson 16 Apr (DCP). Single Yellow Rails were exciting finds at Riverlands 29 Apr (Lane Richter), Johnson Shut-Ins S.P., Reynolds, MO 9 May (Melissa Roach), and Neal Smith N.W.R, Jasper, IA 5 May (KVS). A Black Rail made it to Dunbar Slough, Greene, IA 29 Apr (†Nick Osness). De - clining in the Region, King Rails were repre- sented by a meager two reports; Frazier Bend, Fremont, IA 29-30 May (POR, RIA, PHA) and Mingo 22 May (Stephen Dilks, CBa). An early season high of 15 Sora in Dunklin, MO 15 Apr (TJ) came a full month before those numbers were replicated at three sites further n. in the Region. A Common Gallinule at Green Island 16 Apr tied Iowa's second earliest (TM), while Missouri set an all-time record high of 37 at Mingo 22 May (Stephen Dilks, CBa). Ameri - can Coots in Iowa were more abundant than last spring, with a high of 15,060 at Green Island 13 Apr (KMc). Iowa Sandhill Cranes arrived 4 Mar, with 8 at Cone Marsh, Louisa (GNH) and then showed up in 17 additional counties, mostly e. of Boone with a high of 24 at Sweet Marsh, Bremer 9 Apr (Kris Rash, Craig Rash). In Missouri, 2 continued at Clar - ence Cannon (Clayton Stapleton, ph. Christo- pher Stapleton, ph. Rob Francis) and Squaw Creek (Jennifer Hammett, Veronica Kelly), both 5 Mar and 2-3 at Swan Lake starting 10 Apr nested successfully, with a colt observed This White-winged Dove, now a rare but regular visitor to the Region, stopped at a private residence in Hospers, Sioux, IA 21- 22 April 2016. Photo by © Joe Jungers This Long-billed Curlew pair established a second record for eastern Missouri, and first for spring, at Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary, St. Charles. Photo by © Chrissy McClarren

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