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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 308 W E S T E R N G R E AT L A K E S the location and date, it's also noteworthy that this ad. male was not found at a feeder. Yellow Rails were apparently scarce through - out the Region. None was found at Seney N.W.R. as Michigan's only report was of one in Roscommon through 11 Jun. Small numbers were ticking at 2 Minnesota and 3 Wisconsin locations. King Rail was not reported anywhere in the Region. The Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership estimated 90 cranes in Wisconsin this season, comparable to the last 2 years. Twenty-three wild chicks hatched, two to three of which fledged, but none survived to migrate. SHOREBIRDS THROUGH FALCONS In Wisconsin, a Black-necked Stilt visited Jef- ferson 18 Jun (ASt), while numbers at Horicon peaked at 22 on 23 Jul (DDT). Belying its casual status in Minnesota, Black-necked Stilts were found in 4 locations, including 2 family groups at Christiania W.P.A., Jackson 21 Jul+ (TT, ph. †KEm, RBW). Wisconsin reported southbound American Avocets in Douglas 13 Jul (FJN) and Manitowoc 22 Jul (CSo). A pair of Piping Plo - vers raised 3 young in Brown, WI (TP)—the first for lower Green Bay in 75 years! A total of 54 Upland Sandpipers in 2 Jackson locations 31 Jul (RAE) was noteworthy for Minnesota. Mich - igan reported a northbound Baird's Sandpiper at Marquette 7 Jun (BO, AO) and a southbound ad. Western Sandpiper at Pte. Mouillee 16-18 Jul (†Michael Harvey, m.ob.). Unprecedented in the Region, a tattler sp. (reported initially as Wandering) was photographed at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Leelanau, MI 10 Jul (p.a., Lee Bragg). Willets in 6 Wisconsin counties included a high count of 24 in Manito - woc 26 Jun (CSo). Normally classified as north- bound by date, an alternate-plumaged female Red-necked Phalarope in Brown, WI 26 Jun (TP) was enigmatic. One in Roseau, MN 11 Jul (RAE) was exceptionally early for a fall migrant. Many reports of 1-4 Little Gulls at Pte. Mouillee culminated in the unusually high peak of 13 on 26 Jul (AMB, BMu). Wisconsin reported singles in Manitowoc (MHu, CSo) and Brown (TP), and a high count of 6 in Sheboygan 7-21 Jul (DDT). Laughing Gulls were sporadi - cally reported in Manitowoc and Sheboygan, WI and one visited Muskegon, MI 22 Jun (MC). Un - usual for Wisconsin was the presence of Frank- lin's Gulls all summer in Manitowoc (max. 12 on 3-6 Jul, CSo) and most of June in Sheboygan (max. 8 on the 21st, DDT). A 2nd-cycle Lesser Black-backed Gull in Pope 15-25 Jul (ph. GHo) furnished Minnesota's third summer record; surely more will follow. Ayyash documented 23 Lesser Black-backeds in Sheboygan, WI 24 Jun (no adults) and Tessen counted 35 there 3 days later (DDT). An ad. Great-Black-backed Gull in Itasca 15 Jun (ph. SC) provided Minnesota's 2nd summer record. An ad. Least Tern in Big Stone 20 Jul (ph. JPR) furnished one of few re - cent records for Minnesota. Adult Arctic Terns at Park Pt. 2 Jun (MLH, †PHS) and Big Stone 17 Jun (RLE, †DBz, ph. JWn, ph. BU) were simi - larly noteworthy. Wisconsin's 11th Arctic Tern visited Manitowoc Impoundment 27-28 Jun (TW) and returned for an encore 6 Jul (CSo). Northbound Red-throated Loons are nor- mally seen well into Jun on L. Superior; peak counts of 19 at Park Pt. 2 Jun (MLH) and 4-6 in Douglas, WI 2-7 Jun (EG, JLK) were followed by a late straggler at Park Pt. 30 Jun (PHS). The 8th summer record of Pacific Loon in Minnesota was established at Park Pt. 2 Jun (BMn). A Snowy Egret at Horicon 28 Jun-14 Jul (NP, JS) and 3 in Lac qui Parle 7 Jun (DPG) were the only reports for Wisconsin and Minnesota, respectively. In Michigan, Snowy Egret numbers increased dur - ing Jul to an unusually high peak of 16 on 31 Jul at Pte. Mouillee (AMB, Brad Murphy). Also here was a Tricolored Heron from spring that was joined by a 2nd bird 29 Jun+ (m.ob.). The Region's only Yellow-crowned Night-Heron was at Juneau Park Lagoon, Milwaukee, WI 25 Jul+ (ph. †BG, ph. †JM, †TW). The only Plegadis ibis identified to species was a White-faced at Salt L., Lac qui Parle, MN 4 Jun (JWH, BWF, RZi). Wisconsin's 4th summer record of Swallow- tailed Kite was furnished by one near Jud - dville, Door ~16-28 Jul (AG, ph. †DBe, ph. †DBr, ph. †BG, †DDT, †TW). The discovery of a Mississippi Kite near Janesville, Rock 29 Jul (†ScW) led to Wisconsin and the Region's first confirmed nesting record in early Aug! This was especially rewarding since it occurred dur - ing field work for the Badger State's 2nd Breed- ing Bird Atlas. Extraordinary for its urban loca- tion was the successful nesting of a Northern Goshawk pair in Hennepin, MN (ph. AXH). Wisconsin and Michigan both hosted Snowy Owls, at Madeline Is. 1-19 Jun (AW, ph. SB) and Otsego 19 Jun+ (m.ob.), respectively. Michigan's first Crested Caracara was found at Munising, Alger 1 Jul (Ashely Adams) and stayed well into fall; all 3 states in the Region now have a record. FLYCATCHERS THROUGH ORIOLES At Maplewood S.P. in west-central Minnesota, a territorial Acadian Flycatcher was found for the 5th consecutive year in Otter Tail 10 Jun (MO). Wisconsin recorded Western Kingbirds in Douglas 3 Jun (FJN) and Vilas 9 Jun (ph. †MW). Michigan's only Loggerhead Shrike visited Alger 14 Jun (ph. †SHi). Bell's Vireos sang in 7 Min - nesota and 13 Wisconsin counties, while one in Delta 6-12 Jun was only the 2nd for the U.P. Representing the first confirmed breeding for Green Bay, Wisconsin in 75 years, this female Piping Plover (left image) stands guard over her eggs at the Cat Island Wave Barrier restoration project, 24 May 2016. One month later, the male (right image) is seen attending one of three chicks fledged. Photos by © Tom Prestby SA Minnesota recorded its first Gull-billed Tern at Salt Lake, Lac qui Parle 2-6 Jun after the bird was seren - dipitously photographed by Kathy Java on the South Dakota side of Salt Lake 1 Jun. It returned to Salt Lake sporadically and usually for just a few minutes in the morning and late afternoon (†AXH, ph. †MJB, †JoS, ph. †PHS, †KRE, ph. BAb). Except for one sighting at a farm pond se. of Salt Lake on the 4th (†RSF), its whereabouts away from Salt Lake were not discovered. The only previous regional record was from se. Michigan, 17-20 September 2005. Minnesota's first Gull-billed Tern wandered to Lac qui Parle County, 2-6 June (here, 4 June) 2016. It was serendipitously photographed on the South Dakota side of Salt Lake on the 1st and furnished that state's first record also. Photo by © Peder H. Svingen

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