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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 306 W E S T E R N G R E AT L A K E S per Peninsula counties, with a peak of 8 on 31 Mar in Chippewa (TK, SH) and a late lingerer to 4 May in Marquette (TSk). Chestnut-collared Longspurs were reported from Clay, MN after 30 Apr. Smith's Long - spurs were found in southwestern Minnesota between 9-23 Apr, including a first county re - cord in Redwood 9 Apr (MJB, m.ob.). Wisconsin had a single Smith's Longspur in Dane 24 Apr (DBo). Noteworthy in Minnesota was a high count of 82 Ovenbirds in Carlton 28 May (JE, DT) and a Worm-eating Warbler in Rice 14-18 May (CJE, DAB, TFB). Notably early migrants in Minnesota included a Golden-winged War - bler in Rice 30 Apr (TFB), Cape May Warblers in Hennepin 24 Apr (ASu), and a Chestnut-sided Warbler in Hennepin 25 Apr (TDa). Record early in Wisconsin was a Nashville Warbler in Dane 12 Apr (MMD). Minnesota had single Kentucky Warblers in Fillmore 14-15 May (JWH, HHD), Hennepin 19 May (CMB), and Le Sueur 31 May (BW) and a first county record for Hooded War - bler in Steele 26 May (PS). Michigan reported average numbers of southern warblers, with Worm-eating and Kentucky warblers in six and three counties, respectively. Unusual away from the breeding areas was a Kirtland's Warbler in Macomb, MI 14-16 May (m.ob.). Cerulean Warblers were found in 13 Minnesota counties south and east of Stearns, plus one in Lyon 15 May (GW, DAB). Counts of 20 Northern Parula in Itasca 22 May (JEc) and 70 Yellow Warbler in Marshall 24 May (KaM) were high for Minneso - ta. Also in Minnesota, Black-throated Blue War- bler in Hennepin 1 May (JA) was early for the south, a Palm Warbler in Wadena 17 Apr (PJB) was an early north record, and Yellow-throated Warblers were in Winona 1-10 May (DBe, DS, KMa) and Hennepin 12 May+ (NM, BAF, m.ob.). The only Spotted Towhee was in Lac qui Parle, MN 28 Apr (DLP). Michigan had Lark Sparrows in four counties and three different Lark Buntings, the latter consisting of singles in Keweenaw 16 May (ZG) and 21 May (DW) and in Alger 20 May (GV). Minnesota had a male Lark Bunting in St. Louis 25-26 Apr (SF, JG, DK) and Wisconsin had one in Burnett 16 May (KJ). Remarkably early was a Grasshopper Sparrow in Macomb, MI 10-18 Mar (PP, m.ob.). Har - ris's Sparrows were reported from six Michigan counties, including one that overwintered at the same feeder in Wayne that hosted a Golden- crowned Sparrow to 16 Apr (JJ, m.ob.). Min - nesota's wintering Golden-crowned Sparrow in St. Louis was also seen into the spring. Summer Tanagers were found in four Minne- sota counties, including a first record for Murray 14-15 May (JTi, m.ob.), all within the narrow window of 8-15 May. Minnesota also had single Western Tanagers in Lac qui Parle 26 Apr (KO, CM) and Kandiyohi 29 Apr (JoS, JoW). Western Wisconsin had a Western Kingbird in Douglas 27 May (FJN), while Michigan had singles on 30 May in Chippewa (SH) and Iosco (AWe). The only Scissor-tailed Flycatcher was in Portage, WI 24 Apr (RP). Loggerhead Shrikes are still uncommon in Michigan, so singles in Arenac 18-19 May (RD), Keweenaw 18 May (TB), and Washtenaw 29 May+ (SB, m.ob.) were noteworthy. Record early for Minnesota were Blue-headed Vireos in Dakota 15 Apr (ADS) and Washington 16 Apr (KI). Michigan continues to host Fish Crows in Berrien and a Black-billed Magpie was in Oceana/Muskegon 7 Apr (DS). A Rock Wren was in Benzie, MI 15 Apr (CaF). Record early in Wisconsin was a Marsh Wren in Winnebago 13 Mar (LB). Minnesota's only Carolina Wren was in Houston 27 Mar (KD). The only Mountain Bluebirds were in Sherburne 5-28 Mar (MJB, m.ob.) and Dakota 12-16 Mar (CW, NAW, m.ob.), both Minnesota. Minnesota hosted 5 Townsend Solitaires statewide, with the last report in St. Louis 8 May (MN). Michigan had a single solitaire in Keweenaw 18-19 Apr (ZG). Single Varied Thrushes were in Minnesota at Red Lake 2 Mar (PC) and Beltrami to 15 Apr (fide DPJ) and in Michigan in Barry to 6 Mar (m.ob.) and Kent 14 May (MA). Northern Mockingbirds were found in 14 Minnesota counties, starting in mid-Apr, the most since 2006. Ten different Eurasian Tree Sparrows were in Michigan, a noticeable de - parture from the recent 1-3 birds seen in the past four springs. This year's reports were one in Iosco 8-11 May (MMN, PB, KO, m.ob.) and on 9 May (SHa, LD) and up to 5 after 23 May at Whitefish Point, Chippewa, one in Keweenaw 5 May (NB, DMe, DN, LNe), and 2 in Delta 17- 19 May (SK). Minnesota had a single Eurasian Tree Sparrow in Polk 8-13 Apr (SA, m.ob.) and 2 in Dakota 18-19 Apr (KMa, m.ob.), while Wisconsin had one in Bayfield 9 Mar (RBr). An impressive flight of 2,030 American Pip - its was reported at Whitefish Point, Chippewa, MI 17 May (TK). Single Pine Grosbeaks, also at Whitefish Point, on 18 Apr and 5 May (TK) were the latest records for the Region; Minne - sota's last report was on 11 Mar, 25 days ear- lier than normal. Away from the Upper Penin- sula, Michigan had a Red Crossbill in Monroe 2 Mar (GL) and 2 White-winged Crossbills in Emmet 3 May (NC). In Minnesota, Red Cross - bills were found in Hubbard and Polk in Mar, while southern reports in Apr and May came from Chisago, Olmsted, and Washington. White- winged Crossbills were scarcer, with early Mar reports from Sherburne and Stearns, then 2 in Otter Tail 11 Apr (KP). Hoary Redpolls were found in 12 northern Minnesota counties and there was a southern report in Sherburne 1 Mar (AB). Michigan had Hoary Redpolls in five Up - LOONS THROUGH FALCONS Minnesota birders found Red-throated Loons in five counties and Pacific Loons in Rock 15-17 May (RAE, DAB, m.ob.) and St. Louis 30 May (PHS). Michigan's only Pacific Loon was in Chippewa 15 May (LD). Snowy Egrets showed up in above average numbers in Mich - igan, with reports from six counties; Minne- sota had seven Snowy Egret reports, including a first for Freeborn 1 May (PEJ). The only Little Blue Heron was in St. Louis, MN 15-16 May (LME, JLK, m.ob.), while Michigan had the only Tricolored Heron in Monroe 7 May+ (PW, m.ob.). Plegadis ibis were scarce in Michigan this season, with only a White-faced Ibis in Ot - tawa 15 May (CF, CJM, LN) and a Plegadis spe- cies in Gratiot 21 May (MP). Minnesota had a Glossy Ibis in Yellow Medicine 21 Apr (GW, DB) and White-faced Ibis in 12 counties after 12 Apr, with a peak of 32 in Lincoln 12 Apr (TAT). The Mackinac Straits Hawk Watch, Emmet, MI recorded Black Vultures on several dates between 21 Mar-25 May (KG); it remains unclear how - ever, how many of these observations involve repeat sightings of the same individuals. Other Michigan sightings came from Chippewa 1 Apr (TK), Monroe 8 Apr (SH), Lenawee 9 Apr (SS), and Washtenaw 12 Apr (MMF); meanwhile, Min - nesota had a single Black Vulture in Blue Earth 4 May (CH). Michigan's only Swainson's Hawks were in Emmet 19 Apr (JN), Chippewa 6 May (TK, LD), and Keweenaw 19 May & 29 May (ZG). Snowy Owls lingered to mid-May in Michi- gan, and impressive numbers were reported from Chippewa in Mar, with a peak of 53 on 14 Mar (SHa). A Burrowing Owl was in Wilkin, MN 23 Apr-23 May (MJM, PHS). Minnesota had Great Gray Owls in seven counties and a Boreal Owl in Lake 17 Apr (SGW). The only northern owl in Michigan was a single Great Gray in Chippewa 9 May (TK). Owl banding efforts at Whitefish Point, Chippewa, MI re - sulted in a record 300 Long-eared Owls and a more modest 245 Northern Saw-whet Owls. Two Gyrfalcons that wintered in Douglas, WI lingered to 24 Mar and were occasionally seen in St. Louis, MN. Michigan had Gyrfalcons in Chipewa 21 Mar (TK), Emmet 23 Mar (KG), and Alger 4 May (JoF). PASSERINES Michigan had Say's Phoebes in Manistee 3-9 Apr (BAl, DC), Emmet 29-30 Apr (JN, m.ob.), and Leelanau 15 May (DM). Minnesota had a pair in Clay 8-20 May (JW, AW), while Wiscon - sin had one in Dane 28 Mar (JSc). Record early in Minnesota was a Great Crested Flycatcher in St. Louis 12-14 Apr (JLK, JPR). A Tropical Kingbird was found in Bayfield, WI 19 May (KM, NA, RBr, m.ob.; p.a.). An early Western Kingbird was in Pipestone, MN 30 Apr (BM).

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