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VOLUME 70 NO3-NO4 2019

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 304 I L L I N O I S & I N D I A N A Suzanne Coleman, Matthew M. Cvetas, Lynn Daugherty, Brad Dawson, Bob Decker (BDr), Clayton Delancey (CDy), Eric Delbecq, Henry Detwiler, Colin Dobson, Kimberly Ehn, Joshua I. Engel, Dave Enstrom, Anthony Escobedo, Ricardo Escobedo, Carolyn S. Fields, Chuck Fields, Ross Gallardy, W. Sullivan Gibson, An - drew Gilbert (AGt), Carl Giometti, Jaime Golba (JGo), Tommy Goodwin, Jr., Don Gorney, Jon Grainger, Lindsey Grossman, Brendan J. Grube, Jess & Maureen Gwinn, Aaron Gyllenhaal, Eric D. Gyllenhaal, R. Given Harper, Don Hartz - ler, Ted Hartzler, Sarah Hendrickson, Amy Hodson, Frank R. Holmes, Dustin Holschuh (DHh), Doug Hommert (DHo), Edward M. Hopkins, Jennifer Hovey, Steve Hrenchir (SHr), Robert D. Hughes, Bob Huguenard, Rita Jackson, David B. Johnson, Ben Julian, Davida Kalina, Matt S. Kalwasinski, Pamela Karlson, Dan M. Kassebaum, Gordon Karre, Amy Kearns, John C. Kendall, Sarah Kurtis, Corey Lange, Gary Langell, Scott Latimer, Jim Lucancic, Barb Lucas, Garrett MacDonald, Tra - vis A. Mahan, Walter J. Marcisz, Carolyn A. Marsh, Titus Mast, Annette McClellan, William McClellan, Jeffrey J. McCoy, Rusty McIntyre, Keith A. McMullen, John Meredig (JMg), Chris Michalek, Andrew Miller (AMi), Jerry Miller, Leroy Miller, Marion Miller, Nelson Miller, Susan Miller, Charles E. Mills, Stephen Mitten (SMn), D. James Mountjoy, Don D. Mullison, Luis G. Muñoz, Benjamin Murphy, Randy J. Pals, Linda S. Padera, Kelsey Pangman, Sam Panock (SPa), Shawn Pfautsch (SPf), Anthony Plank, Sam Plew, Linda B. Radtke, Lisa Rest, Kevin B. Richmond, Aidan Rominger, Jessica Runner, Wesley Sadler, Jeffrey R. Sanders, Ryan J. Sanderson, Beau J. Schaefer, Peter E. Scott, Eric E. Secker, Brad Y. Semel, Robert E. Shelby, Randy L. Shonkwiler, Vicky Sroczynski, Alan F. Stokie, Douglas F. Stotz, Del Striegel (DSt), Jay Sturner, Drew Sweet, Anna Szal, Michael A. Topp, Jim Tudor, Susan Ulrich, Lynn Ver - non, Jude Vickery, Karl Werner, Dave Weth, Jane Wiewora, Daniel T. Williams, Geoffrey A. Williamson, Matthew J. Winks, Ted Wolff, Richard & Jill Wood, Kenneth R. Wysocki, Nick Yarde, Owen Yoder Jerry Zamirowski, Steve Zehner (SZr), Susan Zelek. Many others submitted observations but could not be per - sonally acknowledged; all have our thanks for their contributions. Much of the information in this report was accessed via eBird. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– James D. Hengeveld, 6354 Southshore Drive, Unionville, Indiana 47468 • Keith A. McMullen, 1405 DeSoto, O'Fallon, Illinois 62269 • Geoffrey A. Williamson, 4046 North Clark Street, Unit K, Chicago, Illinois 60613 • by Blackburnian Warblers in Indiana, a female carrying nesting material was photographed 7 Jun at Dunes S.P., Porter (RJ). The Black- throated Blue Warbler at LaBagh Woods F.P., Cook, IL 12 Jul (LGM) was an unusual find. In Waukegan, Lake, IL, a Yellow-rumped Warbler 15 Jun (AM, WM) was very late. A non-sing - ing ad. male Canada Warbler in Yellowwood S.F., Brown 16 Jun (GM) represented only the second June record for Indiana's s. tier, while a Canada Warbler at Montrose 22 Jun (RDH, LGM) might have been a late migrant. Wil - son's Warblers at Montrose 11 Jun (LGM) and at Chicago's Douglas Park 13 Jun (EDG) were close to record-late migrants for Illinois. A good season for Summer Tanagers and Blue Grosbeaks in Indiana was highlighted by counts of the former of 13 at Lincoln S.P., Spen - cer 29 Jun (JMg) and in Warrick 1 Jul (JHC) and of the latter of 15 in Warrick 10 Jul (JHC). The northward surge of Blue Grosbeaks continued in Indiana with 2 singing males in Steuben 3 Jun (DG) providing a first county record, nest - ing pairs in both Marshall (KB) and LaGrange (JM), a singing bird at Winamac F.W.A. 25 Jun (KJB, JKC, RJP) that provided a first record for Pulaski, and 2 fledglings at the U.S. Steel plant in Gary 7 Jul (MAT). Their expansion also con - tinued in ne. Illinois, with five separate loca- tions hosting sightings, including the Morton Arboretum, DuPage, where a pair exhibited nesting activity 23 Jun (JZ). An astronomical 616 Indigo Buntings, Indiana's maximum, were tallied in Parke 29 Jul (AWB, PES, RM). The male Painted Bunting found in late spring in East St. Louis, St. Clair, IL (AG, TW) contin - ued throughout the period. A female feeding 2 fledglings was seen in the company of a male 9 Jul (ph. TAM, DMK). On 18 Jun, 55 Dickcissels were logged at Reynolds Cr. Gamebird Habitat Area, Porter (JKC, RJP, LV, KJB), a record tally for the Indiana Lake Michigan lakefront. EXOTICS Counts of European Goldfinches in Waukegan, Lake, IL peaked at 9 on 30 Jul (JC). The species was also reported from four other locations in ne. Lake, IL. Contributors cited (subregional editors in boldface): Andrew S. Aldrich, Bob Andrini, Jeff Armstrong, Kevin Arvin, Mark Arvin (MAr), Maricela Aviles, John M. Bates, Matt Beatty, Erica Becker (EBr), Tommy Becker, Stepha - nie Beilke, Eric Benner, H. David Bohlen, Kevin Borkholder, Matthew Bowman (MBo), Kenneth J. Brock , Michael R. Brown, Alan W. Bruner, Jackie Bruner, Brad Bumgardner, James H. Campbell, Joan Campbell, Joseph & Debbie Caruso, Ashley Casey, John K. Cas - sady, Andrew Chupp (ACh), Daryl Coldren, (KW). Unusual were single Dark-eyed Juncos in Champaign, IL 8-10 Jun (DE), in Newark, Greene, IN 16-17 Jun (J&MG), and at the Morton Arboretum, DuPage, IL 26 Jun (LBR). The first summer record of White-crowned Sparrow for Indiana's s. tier was a singing bird in Orange 21 Jun (AK, GL); another White- crowned was at Chicago's Northerly Island 5 Jul (ASA). White-throated Sparrows are very uncommon in summer, so the 7 reported in Il - linois were quite notable. Those in downtown Chicago 6 Jun (LR), at Ryerson C.A., Lake, IL 7 Jun (GK), and at Buffalo Woods West F.P., Cook, IL 10 Jun (SB) might have been late mi - grants. Single White-throated Sparrows at a different downtown Chicago location 13 Jun (KRW), at Jubilee S.P., Peoria 16 Jun, at Egg - ers Woods F.P., Cook 29 Jun (JMB), and in nw. Chicago 9 Jul (PK) were more likely summer - ing birds or summer wanderers. A Lincoln's Sparrow at Midewin 6 Jun (JG) was quite late. A 24 Jun count of 48 Yellow-breasted Chats at Warrick's Lynnville Mine (JHC) provided In - diana's second largest daily total. Once again, Goose Lake N.A., McHenry, IL hosted many Yellow-headed Blackbirds, with 26 counted there 4 Jun (EES). An ad. male Yellow-headed Blackbird that showed up at Grant St. Wetland, Lake, IN 20 Apr, remained until 24 Jun (MSK) but a fem. was never reported. In a good sum - mer for Orchard Orioles, the high count of 16 at Prophetstown S.P., Tippecanoe 23 Jul (MAr) tied Indiana's fifth highest summer total. Balti - more Orioles were also reported in good num- bers, with a peak of 12 in the Coffee Cr. Water- shed Preserve, Porter, IN 20 Jul (KE). WARBLERS THROUGH DICKCISSEL A notable 23 Ovenbirds were tallied at Lowden- Miller S.F., Ogle, IL 6 Jun (DFS). Worm-eating Warblers were reported in good numbers with 12 tallied in Brown, IN 13 Jun and again 20 Jun in Monroe, IN (GM). A straggler Northern Waterthrush was at Chicago's Millennium Park 23 Jun (JA) while likely a returning fall bird was at Montrose 19 Jul (FRM, GAW). A Black- and-white Warbler present throughout the sea - son in Chicago's Douglas Park (EDG) was quite surprising; those at Rock Cut S.P., Winnebago, IL 5 Jun (DTW et al.) and at Siloam Springs S.P., Adams, IL 12 Jun (JIE, MMC, et al.) might have represented breeding birds. Prothonotary Warblers fared well, the maximum tally con - sisting of 33 in Harrison-Crawford S.F., Har- rison, IN 6 Jun (DSt). At TNC Kankakee Sands, Newton, a Nashville Warbler found 2 Jun (MBo) furnished Indiana's fourth latest spring record. Encouraging was a large total of Ceru - lean Warblers reported in Indiana, highlighted by 16 found in Brown 20 Jun (GM). Represent - ing only the second confirmed nesting attempt

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