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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 9 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 303 I L L I N O I S & I N D I A N A counties. A lone Eurasian Tree Sparrow near Pontiac, Livingston, IL 5 Jul (JW) was well to the ne. of this species' normal range, and even farther from its normal range was Indiana's second ever Eurasian Tree Sparrow, which was found at feeders in Tippecanoe 19 Jul (KA). A late American Pipit was at Goose Lake N.A., McHenry, IL 2 Jun (EBr, SMn, SPa). Very scarce in summer, a single Purple Finch was noted in Island Lake, Lake, IL 14 Jun (JH). Two Pine Siskins remained in St. Joseph, IN 1 Jun (TM) and one in Marshall, IN 9 Jun (TM). SPARROWS THROUGH ORIOLES It was an unprecedented summer for Clay- colored Sparrows in Indiana as five territo - rial birds/pairs were recorded: one at TNC Kankakee Sands, Newton 3 Jun (EMH), one at Reynolds Cr. Gamebird Habitat Area, Porter 4 Jun (JJM et al.) and again 30 Jul (AH) pro - viding a first summer record for the Indiana Lake Michigan lakefront, one at TNC Holden Tract, Steuben 4 Jun (DG), one near Nappanee, Elkhart 18 Jun (AP) and 21 Jun (ACh), and one at Pigeon R. 20 Jun (LM) with 2 there 25 Jun (AMi). Clay-colored Sparrows were reported from 11 locations in ne. Illinois. An excep - tional tally of 37 singing male Henslow's Spar- rows was made at Bartel Grassland, s. Cook, IL 30 Jun (WJM); 28 were logged at TNC Kanka - kee Sands, Newton, IN 2 Jul (BL) and 26 were at Atterbury F.W.A., Bartholomew, IN 11 Jun high-count record. A single Alder Flycatcher was heard at Lyons Woods F.P., Lake, IL 19 Jun (CSF, CF, DBJ) and 27 Jun (BJS) and 3 were heard in Beverly Shores, Porter 30 Jul (JKC, KJB, RJP, LV), the highest July count for the Indiana Lake Michigan lakefront in 16 years. At least 25 Western Kingbirds were present, all but 2 in Illinois. Highlights included 3 adults and 3 young at a nest in Havana, Mason, IL 2 Jul (MM), 5 on 9 Jul associated with two nests at the Front St. site in East St. Louis, St. Clair, IL (TAM, DMK), another 5 in Sauget, St. Clair, IL 29 Jun (TG), and 4 in Cahokia, St. Clair, IL 19 Jun (DDM). Four Scissor-tailed Flycatch - ers were reported, all in Illinois, including 2 present all season near Havana, Mason (KBR, m.ob.), one along the Mississippi River bot - tomlands near the Monroe/Randolph line 3-19 Jun (JT, m.ob.), and one in Bennington, Ed - wards 11 Jul (RES). Fewer than 30 Loggerhead Shrikes, includ - ing fledglings, were reported throughout the Region. It is clear that the species continues to show a precipitous decline. A Blue-headed Vireo was found 23 Jun (SP) at Pigeon R., where they have been found five of the past six years. At the Hammond Sanctuary, Lake, a Philadelphia Vireo reported 4 Jun (R&JW) tied Indiana's second latest spring record. NUTHATCHES THROUGH FINCHES A Red-breasted Nuthatch was reported from the Morton Arboretum, DuPage, IL as late as 13 Jun (ED, JZ), one was in Skokie, Cook, IL 17 Jun (MMC), one was found at Pigeon R. 21 Jun and 2 Jul (SP), and another was at Big River S.F., Henderson, IL 10 Jul (DH, TH). Lingering or breeding Brown Creepers in - cluded a singing bird in Noble, IN 3 Jun (JJM), at Skokie Lagoons, Cook, IL 7 Jun (WSG), at Bemis Woods F.P., Cook, IL 16 Jun (SB), at Pi - geon R. 2 Jul (NM), and at Bonneyville Mill C.P., Elkhart, IN 16 Jul (OY). A Winter Wren singing in Highland Park, Lake, IL 18-19 Jun (SM) was noteworthy. Good numbers of Sedge Wrens were reported in Indiana topped by 15 at Prophetstown S.P., Tippecanoe 16 Jul (MAr). Marsh Wrens were reported in unprec - edented numbers in Indiana, capped by 12 at the Grant St. Wetland, Lake, IN 10 Jun (LG). A Bewick's Wren observed at Sanganois State F.W.A., Schuyler, IL 28 Jun (†TH) was unusual since few are seen away from Brown, Illinois. At Pigeon R., where Golden-crowned Kinglets nested in 2015, one was found 21 Jun and 3 were there 2 Jul (SP). An early arriving Swainson's Thrush was at Salt Creek Woods F.P., Cook, IL 31 Jul (DFS). The presence of Northern Mockingbirds in the n. tier seems to be on the increase, with reports from nine n. Illinois and 10 n. Indiana and 27 Jul (CD), with 2 present 14 Jun (KBR). At least 18 Common Loons lingered throughout the Region. Sightings of Neotropic Cormorant are increasing in the Region. This season's crop included one at Horseshoe 1-11 Jul (KAM, ph. †FRH, ph. DHo, m.ob.) and one at Emiquon 10 Jul (ph. †MMC, m.ob.). The peak count of American White Pelicans was 300 at Chau. 28 Jul (KAM) while the 81 at Lake Gibson, Gibson 6 Jun (CEM) constituted a record summer count for Indiana. HERONS THROUGH FALCONS Indiana's highest summer count of Yellow- crowned Night-Herons in nine years (19) in - cluded a juv. at Bass Lake 20 Jul (LD) provid- ing a second record for Starke. Two Glossy Ibis were logged at Cane Ridge, Gibson, IN 1 Jun (BDr) and another accompanied 2 White-faced Ibis at Goose Pond 16 Jun (AK, ph. RJS). Two White-faced Ibis were also at Sand Lake, Ma - son, IL 1-5 Jun (TH, m.ob.). A Swallow-tailed Kite observed flying over SR-231 five miles n. of Spencer 26 Jul (ph. RJS) furnished a first record for Owen, IN, while in IL another was at Evergreen Lake, McLean 31 Jul (ph. DW). Several Mississippi Kites were noted in the cen. and n. tiers of Illinois: singles were in Galesburg, Knox 9 Jun (DJM), in nw. Cook 10 Jun (AS), and in Normal, McLean 10 Jun (RGH), and 2 were at Siloam Springs S.P., Adams 19 Jun (ph. BD). Near Quincy, Adams, IL, singles were noted 11 Jun (JIE, MMC, et al.) and 23 Jun (AC), and 5 were seen together 18 Jul (EB). Further south in Adams at the Old Sny Public Use Area, 3 were noted 11 Jun (JIE, MMC, et al.) with sightings of one or 2 birds continuing to 17 Jul. One was in East Hannibal, Pike, IL 2 Jul (TW) with 2 there 17 Jul (TH). Mississippi Kites appeared to be absent from the Rockford, IL location where they had nest - ed the past several years. Sightings of a single Swainson's Hawk at the usual Burlington, Kane, IL location were made throughout the season, with 2 noted there 24 Jul (BA) and 31 Jul (JS). A Snowy Owl that was present in Miami, IN in mid-Feb, moved to Winamac, Pulaski, IN in Apr and was still present there 6 Jun (confirmed by photos, fide BB). Also quite surprising was the report of a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker at Pi - geon R. 21 Jun (SP). At Port Louisa N.W.R., Mercer, IL, an imm. Yellow-bellied Sapsucker was noted 10 Jul (DH, TH), and an adult and two immatures were there 13 Jul (DHh). FLYCATCHERS THROUGH VIREOS Tardy Olive-sided Flycatchers included one at Chicago's Lincoln Park 19 Jun (CM) and a singleton at Prairie Wolf Slough F.P., Lake, IL 30 Jun (JRS). At Harmonie S.P. 1 Jun, the 89 Acadian Flycatchers tallied (JMg) tied Indiana's Recorded in Indiana in four of the last five years, this Swallow- tailed Kite, seen on only one day, 26 July, represented a first record for Owen County. Photo by © Ryan J. Sanderson

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