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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 302 I L L I N O I S & I N D I A N A JH, BYS). A banded ad. Piping Plover at Mich. City 8 Jul (MB) provided Indiana's second earli - est fall record. Seven Whimbrels were reported in Indiana – the highest total since 2003, and a single was noted in Illinois. Two Hudsonian Godwits in Grayslake, Lake, IL 1 Jun (m.ob.) finished a three day stay that started in Spring. A single - ton at Mich. City 24 Jul (ph. MB, AE et al.) rep- resented Indiana's second earliest fall migrant. The best summer flight of Marbled Godwits in Indiana in five years (18) was highlighted by 7 tallied at Mich. City 30 Jun (BJG), Indi - ana's highest ever June count. Four reported in Illinois included one at Emiquon 8 Jul (DK, m.ob.), 2 there 16 July (VS), and one at Chau. 27-30 Jul (CD, AGt, KAM). The lone report of Red Knot consisted of a single bird at Montrose 6 Jun (LGM et al.). A Ruff at Emiquon 2 Jun (ph. †CD) was a one-day wonder, but another moving between there and Chau. 5 and 9-10 Jul (KBR, ph. †MMC, m.ob.) was more coop - erative. A third individual was found at the El Paso W.T.P., Woodford, IL 16 Jul (ph. TH, ph. †BM, et. al.). An ad. Stilt Sandpiper at the 129 th St. wetland, Lake 3 Jul (MSK) was Indiana's ear - liest ever fall migrant. Two Baird's Sandpipers in Vermillion 15 Jul (AWB, JB, PES) tied Indiana's fourth earliest fall record. At Goose Pond, 5 ad. Western Sandpipers were photographed 12 Jul (AK, AR, ph. RJS) providing Indiana's largest daily count since 1997. Four Wilson's Snipe at Air Station Prairie, Glenview, Cook, IL 8-21 Jun (vid., ph. †SC) were suggestive of breed - ing at the location, though this could not be confirmed. Two late Solitary Sandpipers were found in Indiana: at Kingsbury F.W.A., LaPorte 6 Jun (BH) and at Pierce Rd. Wetland, St. Joseph 7 Jun (BH), the latter supplying Indiana's third latest spring record. A record summer flight of Willets was punctuated by a massive flight on 13 Jul: 304 were tallied at Mich. City with 164 on the beach (BJG) and 140 on the breakwall (JJM); 158 were also logged at Miller Beach (MAT). These two counts represented Indiana's third and fourth largest. An unprecedented summer flight of 133 Bonaparte's Gulls (Indiana's largest ever) flew past Mich. City 30 Jul (JKC, BJG et al.). Among the 13 Laughing Gulls reported, all but one from Illinois, were 2 at Lake Springfield 1 Jun (HDB) and 2 at Emiquon 11 Jun (CD). Of the 15 Franklin's Gulls reported, 4 each were at Emiquon 7 Jun (CD) and at Lake Springfield 12 Jun (SZr). Lesser Black-backed Gull reports consisted of a second-cycle at Mich. City 7 Jul (KJB, JKC, LV) and again 24 Jul (EMH), at Montrose 11 Jul (LGM, GAW) and 16 Jul (RG), and at Lake Springfield 17 Jul (HDB). Single Least Terns were noted at Emiquon 12 Jun (MJW, TH, JIE), 20 Jun (SZ), 5 & 12 Jul (KBR), Common Merganser was observed at Midewin 4-9 Jul (JL, WS). On the Ohio River in Clark, a Red-breasted Merganser 16 Jul (DSt) provided a rare summer record for Indiana's s. tier. Ruffed Grouse populations have all but dis - appeared in s.-cent. Indiana so notable were sightings of singles in Morgan-Monroe S.F., Monroe 8 Jun-30 Jul (GM, CDy, KP, m.ob.) and in e. Brown 15 Jun (NY), and of 2 in Hoo - sier N.F., Jackson 30 Jul (SHr). White-winged Doves were noted in Momence, Kankakee, IL 2 Jul (†SZ, SH) and at Lake Springfield 25 Jul (ph. HDB). An excellent summer for Yellow- billed Cuckoos was highlighted by a count of 15 at Harmonie S.P., Posey, IN 1 Jun (JMg). In Indiana's n. tier, a Chuck-will's-widow was re - ported through 1 Jul at Pigeon R. (SP), where they have previously summered. On 7 Jun but not subsequently, a calling Black Rail was heard on Seven Mile Lane, Floyd, IN (J&DC, TB). King Rails were noted at five Illinois and two Indiana locations. Com - mon Gallinules were reported from twelve n., one cen., and three s. tier counties throughout the Region. The first breeding record of Sandhill Crane for the Indiana Lake Michigan lakefront was confirmed 10 Jun when a pair with a half- grown colt was photographed in Gary, Lake (MSK). Observations of Sandhill Cranes in the cen. tier of Illinois are unusual; 2 at Heron C.P., Vermilion 17 Jun – 17 Jul (JR) and one at River Bend F.P., Champaign 25 Jun (DS) were noteworthy. Four Whooping Cranes from the eastern migratory flock were observed several times on Kaskaskia Island, Randolph, IL. SHOREBIRDS THROUGH PELICANS Black-necked Stilts found in the n. tier in Illi- nois included one in Rochelle, Ogle 6 Jun (DFS); 2 adults and 3 young at Sugar Grove, Kane 19 Jul+ (JV, DC, m.ob.); and one at Nygren Wet - lands, Winnebago 31 Jul (DTW et al.). At the 129 th St. wetland in w. Lake, IN, 2 Black-necked Stilts returned 3 Jun, a nest was found 14 Jun, and 2 downy chicks with 2 ads. were seen 1 Jul (CAM), representing the first successful breed - ing attempt for the Indiana Lake Michigan lake- front. It was an astonishing summer in Indiana for American Avocets as successive record-high counts were established three times, all at Mich. City: 35 were tallied 8 Jul (JCK, BJG), 65 on 13 Jul (BJG, JJM), and a phenomenal 95 on 24 Jul (MB, MA, AE, RE, JGo et al.), nearly tripling the pre-2016 record. At least 33 American Avocets were reported from Illinois, led by a group of 18 at Steelworkers Park, Chicago 18 Jul (AG, EDG). Following last year's unsuccessful single nest and a breeding attempt in 2009, two pairs of Piping Plovers were successful nesters along the n. Lake, IL shores of Lake Michigan (fide WATERFOWL THROUGH CRANES A Black-bellied Whistling-Duck in Sauget, St. Clair, IL 5 Jun (MSK) continued from the spring. Others included 6 found in late spring in Spring - field, Sangamon, IL 10-14 Jun (m.ob.) with one remaining 17 Jun–27 Jul (HDB, m.ob.), 3 at Goose Pond 2 Jun (AK, GL) with 2 there 25 Jun (MRB), and 4 in the Big Muddy wetlands, Jack - son, IL 2 Jul (ph. HD). Though small numbers of Snow Geese can be found in summer in the Region, a Ross's Goose in Wilmington, Will, IL 3 Jul+ (SK, m.ob.) was a surprise. Breeding by Trumpeter Swans in the Region is still infrequent making two sets of 2 adults with 2 cygnets no - table: free swimming young were observed at the John Duffy Preserve, Cook, IL 23 Jun (ph. RLS) and young on the nest were at Rollins Savanna F.P., Lake, IL 25 Jun (BJS). Quite unusual for summer were 2 imm. Tundra Swans in Warren, IN 8 June (SU) and a single in Lemont, Cook, IL 18 Jun+ (ph. LSP, m.ob.). An American Wigeon at Emiquon 3 Jun (CD, CL) was still present 5 Jul (CL) and an - other lingered to 8 Jun in Rochelle, Ogle, IL (AFS, DTW). At least 14 American Black Ducks were reported in eight different counties: 2 in Illinois and 6 in Indiana. On 18 Jun (KJB, JKC, RJP, LV) and again 4 Jul (SPf), an ad. male Can - vasback was seen in the Gary sewage lagoon, Lake, IN. Observations of Redhead, scarce in summer, included one in McHenry, IL 11 Jun (SL), one at Limberlost Swamp, Jay, IN 13 Jun (MBo), 2 in Chicago's Lake Calumet area 16 Jun (CG), and 2 at Dixon Waterfowl Refuge at Hennepin-Hopper Lakes, Putnam, IL 27 Jun and 11 Jul (DFS). A pair and a single Lesser Scaup were reported from two different coun - ties in both Illinois and Indiana. A drake Buf- flehead was at Chicago Botanic Garden, Cook, IL 12-23 Jun (BJ, ph. SK, AFS), and single Common Goldeneye were found n. of Evans - ville, Vanderburgh, IN from early June to early July (JMg) and in Chicago 15 Jul (AG, EDG). A This White-winged Dove, photographed 25 July, was a one-day wonder in Springfield, Sangamon County, IL. Photo by © H. David Bohlen

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