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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 300 I L L I N O I S & I N D I A N A 18 Apr (RBr) furnished Indiana's second earliest arrival. The 7 Golden-wingeds seen at Dunes S.P., Porter 8 May (AK) constituted the Indiana lakefront's second largest count. A new early ar - rival date and first March record for Prothono- tary Warbler in Indiana was set 28 Mar on Tow Path Rd., Warrick (JM); tying Illinois's second earliest arrival date was a bird at Heron Pond in the Cache River State N.A., Johnson 4 Apr (KAM). Quite the find was a Swainson's War - bler at LaBagh Woods F.P., Cook 1 May (GG, ph. †MMC, m.ob.) that represented Illinois's fifth record in the last 10 years. At Wesselman Woods Nature Preserve, Vanderburgh, the 168 Tennessee Warblers tallied 11 May (ES) pro - vided a new daily high count for Indiana. An Orange-crowned Warbler at Carlyle 19 Mar (DMK) was exceptionally early. A Nashville Warbler at Howell Wetland, Vanderburgh 7 Apr (BM) was Indiana's third earliest. On 2 May, the 52 Kentucky Warblers tallied in northern Warrick (JHC) established a new maximum for Indiana. Three Kirtland's Warblers included Indiana's first since 2003—a male at Cowles dale, Jackson 17 Mar (JT), 3 at West Branch F.P., Du - Page 18 Mar (LY), one in Jackson 18 Mar (HD), and one at Sangchris State N.A., Sangamon/Christian 19 Mar that was that site's earliest ever (HDB). Illinois's second earli- est ever House Wren was at the Knight Hawk Strip Mine, Jackson 18 Mar (HD). Most likely a spring migrant, and record early if so, was a Marsh Wren at Mermet Lake, Massac, IL 3 Mar (DDM). A record- early arrival for Blue-gray Gnatcatcher was set for Indiana with one at Pato - ka R. 12 Mar (RL). For the third straight spring, a Townsend's Solitaire was present in Illinois. This year's bird visited Silver Springs S.P., Kendall 9-16 Apr (ph. †RJ, m.ob.). At McCormick's Cr. S.P., Owen, a Gray-cheeked Thrush found 9 Apr (SB) tied Indiana's earliest arrival date. The 207 Eurasian Tree Sparrows in Mercer, IL 2 May (KJM) represented a significantly large daily count. Single crossbills included a Red at Long Branch Sand Prairie Nature Pre - serve, Mason, IL 9 Apr (CL) and a White-winged in Whiteside, IL 9 Apr (KJM). Good numbers of Common Redpolls lingered with 60 at Oakhurst F.P., Kane, IL 9 Mar (JJD), one photo - graphed at Hidden Valley, IN 26 Mar (LO) that furnished a first for Dearborn, and the season's latest a single from Champaign, Champaign, IL 11 Apr (ph. JSn). An impressive late season count of 1,750 Lap- land Longspurs was made at Kankakee F.W.A., Starke, IN 30 Apr (JCK) and a very late bird at Illinois Beach 26 May (JIE) was only one day shy of Illinois's latest departure date. An above average flight of Smith's Longspurs included In - diana's earliest spring record in 27 years with 8 seen 13 Mar in Greene (AW). High counts in - cluded 400 in Montgomery, IN 9 Apr (AC), 350 in Mason, IL 18 Apr (AGt), and the latest were 2 at Emiquon N.W.R., Fulton, IL 24 Apr (CD). WARBLERS THROUGH BLACKBIRDS As a group, warblers arrived almost univer- sally early. Along Crooked Cr. Rd., Brown, the 18 Worm-eating Warblers logged 29 May (AR, NK) provided Indiana's second highest count. A 17 Mar arrival of Louisiana Waterthrush in Monroe (MN) was Indiana's second earliest. Likewise, a Golden-winged Warbler in Jefferson Carroll, IL 15 Apr (KJM) was Illinois's second earliest ever. Two Say's Phoebes graced the Re - gion: one in Savanna, Carroll, IL 7 May (†CB, ph. EB, ph. JB) and one at Montrose 16 May (†RDH, ph. RB, AFS). Western Kingbirds were reported from 10 different locations through - out Illinois; in Indiana, where they are more uncommon, a nesting pair returned to Evans - ville Regional Airport 8 May (ES) and one was photographed at Cowles Bog, Porter 24 May (MK-K). Single Scissor-tailed Flycatchers were noted in Havana, Mason, IL 8 May (KBR), in Monroe, IL 14 May (C&PD), and at Pigeon Riv - er F.W.A., LaGrange, IN 28 May (KM, SP et al.). Loggerhead Shrikes were noted in three n., two cen., and 11 s. tier counties (mostly in IL); they were noted as "getting tough" to find in se. IL (CLH). A Northern Shrike discovered at Wolf Lake, Chicago 9 Apr (CG, SJH) provided Illinois's latest spring record aside from a 16 Apr sighting from 1932. Early vireo sightings included a White-eyed at Angel Mounds His - toric Site, Vanderburgh, IN 1 Apr (JM), a Yellow- throated in Kramer Woods, Spencer, IN 2 Apr (JM), 2 Blue-headed at Ft. Massac S.P., Massac, IL 11 Apr (KAM), a Philadelphia 23 Apr in Per - ry, IN (JHC), and a Warbling at Eagle Slough, Vanderburgh 3 Apr (BM, CGN) that tied the In - diana early date. A Fish Crow in Boone, IN 26 Apr (PP) was a first for that county. Notably early were 2 Northern Rough- winged Swallows at Oakwood Bottoms, Jackson 18 Mar (KAM), with just two earlier records for Illinois. Other early Rough-winged were sin - gles at Crab Orchard N.W.R., Williamson, IL 19 Mar (KAM, DDM) and on Bottom Rd., Monroe 21 Mar (GL), Indiana's second earliest. A Bank Swallow in Williamson 25 Mar (WDR) tied Il - linois's earliest arrival date. Early Cliff Swallows included one at Montrose 17 Mar (FRM) and 8 at Metropolis, Massac 18 Mar (KAM), Illinois's second and third earliest, respectively and at Lake Gibson, Gibson 19 Mar (HH), Indiana's earliest ever. Four sightings of Barn Swallows in Illinois were notably early: one in Carbon - The final of three Kirtland's Warblers found in the Region was this female that was at Whiting Park, Lake County, Indiana 17-18 May (here 18 May) and provided the second record for the site. Photo by © Michael Topp This Townsend's Warbler graced Chicago's Millennium Park 28-29 Apr (here 29 Apr). Photo by © Rob Sall Obligingly faithful to an extensive backyard feeding station in Elmwood Park, Cook County, Illinois 27 Apr–2 May, this Western Tanager (here 30 Apr) was one of two in the Region. Photo by © Geoffrey A. Williamson

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