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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 9 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 299 I L L I N O I S & I N D I A N A Osprey found at Lyman Woods F.P., DuPage 8 Mar (LP) was record-early by two days for Illinois. An exceptional 97 Mississippi Kites in Thebes, Alexander 15 May (RSR) provided Illinois's second highest total. Ten Missis - sippi Kites were reported from the central and northern tiers of the Region. Four Northern Goshawks were reported from the Region, 3 of which were from Cook, IL. Swainson's Hawk reports were limited to the nesting location in Burlington, Kane, IL and a photographed bird from I-65 in Indiana 29 May (AH) that pro - vided a second record for Jasper. A Burrowing Owl located northeast of Chauncey, Lawrence 26 Mar (†JSJ, ph. MC) provided Illinois's seventh record in the last 14 years. The last sighting of a Prairie Falcon from the Coles, IL wintering location came on 13 Mar (fide TDF). Another was at Duffy's Land - ing on the Ohio River 15 Mar (BL), a first for Clark, IN. FLYCATCHERS THROUGH LONGSPURS An Indiana record-early report of a singing Aca- dian Flycatcher was found in Crawfordsville, Montgomery 16 Apr (BC). A Least Flycatcher in Springfield 20-21 Apr (ph. HDB), and an imm. at Winthrop Harbor, Lake 23 Apr (ph. PWS, ph. AOS). An alternate ad. Laughing Gull at Limberlost Swamp 9 Apr (DG) constituted a first record for Adams, IN. At Lake Springfield 16 May, an ad. California Gull (ph. HDB) was a good find. Iceland Gulls, both kumlieni and thayeri, were rather scarce this season in the Region, though 2 rare kumlieni away from the Lake Michigan lakefront were photographed in Indiana: one on the St. Joseph River in St. Joseph 7 Mar (EM) and the other in Marshall 20 Mar (EM). Great Black-backed Gulls are also quite rare away from the Lake Michigan lakefront so notable were 3 ads. at Simonton Lake, Elkhart, IN 12 Apr (ph. EM). There were relatively few Glaucous Gulls lingering in the Region. The 86+ Least Terns at the AMAX Coal Company Wabash Mine in Keensburg, Wabash (CLH) provided an all-time high count for Il - linois. An early Forster's Tern was at Lake Lem- on, Brown, IN 30 Mar (J&SH). LOONS THROUGH FALCONS The count of 11 Red-throated Loons at Steel- workers Park, Chicago 9 Apr (CG, SJH) tied for second highest in spring for Illinois. A late Pacific Loon was at DSP Tower 22 May (BJG). Neotropic Cormorants are increasing in the Region as a single 5 Apr and then 2 on 13 Apr were photographed at Turtle Cr. Res., Sullivan, IN (MRB), one was at Eagle Cr. Park, Indianap - olis 21 Apr (RJS) and again 5 May (DG), and another was at Lake Springfield 30 Apr (ph. HDB). Also increasing in occurrence is Anhin - ga; the sole report was at Oakwood Bottoms, Jackson, IL 28 Apr (ph. HD, KAM). A Brown Pelican at Mel Price Lock & Dam, Madison, IL 28 Apr – 19 May (TP, ph. †FRH, †WCR) was first found on the Missouri side of the Missis - sippi River 22 Apr by Mick Richardson; this bird provided Illinois's seventh record since 1990. Numbers of many heron species, including American Bittern, Snowy Egret, and Little Blue Heron, were down from normal levels in Illi - nois. At Falls of the Ohio, Clark, IN an early Snowy Egret was seen 5 Apr (EP). The Black-crowned Night-Heron colony in Chicago's Lincoln Park seems to be far - ing well with 346 individuals counted 14 May (EWW). Among 12 Glossy Ibis reported were 6 in Leland, DeKalb, IL 18-21 Apr that were accompanied by one White-faced Ibis (HP, m.ob.) and 2 at Goose Pond 11 May (AS). Four other reports of single White-faced Ibis came from Illinois. On 23 Mar, a Black Vulture was pho - tographed near Universal, IN (MRB) fur- nishing a first record for Vermillion. The bury 14-18 May (JJM et al.), and a fem.-plum - aged individual was at Glacial Park, McHenry, IL 15-17 May (ph. MH, †DTW, m.ob.). A fine flight of Stilt Sandpipers in Indiana included 2 birds at Monty's Station 3 Apr (JR) that estab - lished a new early arrival date, and the 32 in Wheeling Bottoms, Gibson 18 May (ES) more than doubling the previous spring maximum. The 2 Dunlin at East Cape Girardeau, Alexan - der 8 Mar (ph. LB) set a new early arrival date for Illinois. Despite a Baird's Sandpiper at the Frank Bellrose Waterfowl Reserve, Pulaski 4 Apr (KAM) being very early, it was only the six - teenth earliest record for Illinois. Interestingly, though the average Baird's Sandpiper arrival date for Illinois over the preceding five years (including this one) was 30 Mar, during the 20 years just prior the average arrival was 20 Apr. A significant tally (highest in Indiana in eight years) of 4,077 Pectoral Sandpipers was made in Pike 4 Apr (LWS). An unprecedented spring total of Semipalmated Sandpipers in Indiana was buoyed by record counts at Goose Pond of 588 19 May (AK) and 404 23 May (GL). A Long-billed Dowitcher at Goose Pond 11 Mar (C&ER) and 2 at Carlyle 15 Mar (KAM) were the third earliest for Indiana and Illinois, re - spectively. An early Solitary Sandpiper was found in Cass, IN 29 Mar (BD). Early for the northern tier in Indiana, a Greater Yellowlegs showed up at Kingsbury 9 Mar (BH). The 600 at Monty's Station 17 Apr (AR) marked a new maximum for Indiana. A new Indiana high count for Lesser Yellowlegs was also estab - lished as 2,000 were tallied at Monty's Station 14 Apr (RJS). A Wilson's Phalarope in the Pike flooded field with the Ruff 5 Apr (JR, CGN) provided Indiana's second earliest arrival. On 15 May, 3 alternate Red-necked Phalaropes were at Wakarusa WTP, Elkhart, IN (J&EH et al.). Little Gulls were unusually numerous in Il - linois, with four records: an ad. at Horseshoe Lake, S.P., Madison 6 Mar (ph. FRH), an imm. at the Jake Wolf Memorial Fish Hatchery, Ma - son 13-30 Mar (ph. THr, m.ob.), an ad. at Lake Silver Springs State Park, Kendall County, Illinois hosted this Townsend's Solitaire 9-16 Apr (here 9 Apr), marking the third consecutive spring that the species has visited Illinois. Photo by © Ryan Jones Of the unprecedented three Kirtland's Warblers seen in the Re - gion, this male, which was found at Cowles Bog, Porter County on 10 May, represented the first record for the Indiana Lake Michigan lakefront in 13 years. Photo by © Maricela Aviles This Burrowing Owl near Chauncey, Lawrence County, Illinois 26 Mar was a nice find, with the species turning up in the state only once every other year on average. Photo by © Mark Crowley

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