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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 298 I L L I N O I S & I N D I A N A there 15 May (EM), documenting Indi- ana's third breeding record. Indiana had a record high seasonal total of Green- winged Teal, headed by 1,600 at Patoka R. 7 Apr (AK). Peak scoter tallies included 12 Surf at Montrose 15 Apr (LGM), 78 White-winged at Steelworkers Park, Chi - cago 10 Mar (AG), and 5 Black at Lake Springfield 9-19 Mar (HDB, JMq). The 55 Long-tailed Ducks noted off Chicago 18 Mar (JIE) represented an above-average spring tally. Fueling Illinois's second and third highest spring counts of Buffleheads were 605 at the Thomson Causeway R.A., Carroll 9 Apr (KJM) and 495 at the Upper Mississippi River N.W.R., Carroll 20 Mar (DTW). Five Red-necked Grebes were reported from the Region. Eared Grebes had an exceptional presence in the Region with 27 individuals re - ported, among them 4 on the Mississippi River through Carroll and Whiteside, IL 9 Apr (KJM). The occurrence of White-winged Doves is becoming more regular. Singles visited a feeder in Grant, IN 5-7 May (SCM et al.), flew past DSP Tower 12 May (BJG, JJM), appeared in Chicago 17 May (ph. DM), near Lewisburg, Menard, IL 27 May (ph. CD, ph. MM), and in Harrisburg, Saline, IL 28 May (ph. RK). Provid - ing Illinois's earliest arrival date in 10 years was a Common Nighthawk at Sahara Woods State F.W.A., Saline 19 Apr (K&KR). Illinois's highest tallies of Chimney Swifts in 12 years occurred 15 May with 770 in Evanston, Cook (RJD) and 700 at McGinnis Slough, Cook (WSS). Yellow Rails are always scarce in the Region; the season's three reports involved singles at Killdeer Wetlands, Cook, IL 28 Apr (WSS), at Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie, Will, IL 1 May (SZ), and a late bird at Kingsbury 21 May (RR, BC). On 15 May, a Black Rail was heard in Endicott Marsh at Muscatatuck N.W.R. (JSt, m.ob.) providing a second record for Jackson, IN. It remained through at least 23 May (ES). A Purple Gallinule in Chicago 2 Apr (WL, ph. YL, ph. AP) was taken to a wildlife rehabilita - tor; it represented the third Illinois record over the last five years. The flight of 7,110 Sandhill Cranes through DuPage 11 Mar (JAS) provided a record spring high count for Illinois. SHOREBIRDS THROUGH TERNS For the second consecutive year, there was an excellent flight of shorebirds that included good diversity and record numbers for several species. A new early arrival date in Indiana for Black-necked Stilts was established 15 Mar when 3 were found at Goose Pond (EMH). Notable were 15 observations involving 27 birds made across the Region's northern third. An excellent passage of American Avocets in - cluded tallies of 14 at Lake Monroe, Monroe, IN 22 Apr (C&ER, SR) and 15 in Union, IN 6 May (WPT). A fine flight of Black-bellied Plo - vers included Indiana's second highest spring count—42 at Wheeling Bottoms, Gibson 16 May (JR). Illinois's eleventh record of Snowy Plover involved a bird at Lake Springfield 30 May (ph. JMq, HDB, ph. CD, CL). Piping Plo - ver sightings included 2 at Winthrop Harbor, Lake, IL 23 Apr (AM, WM), 2 at Illinois Beach 5 May (AOS), 2 at Montrose 12-14 May (ASA, m.ob.), plus 3 in Waukegan, Lake, IL 26 Apr+ (NC, m.ob.) that, encouragingly, stayed into the summer period. Whimbrels had a strong spring flight in Illi - nois. Sightings included 3 at Montrose 14 May (EWW, TWf), 10 at Santa Fe Bottoms, Clinton 26 May (KAM, MSS), 6 at Illinois Beach 27 May (AM et al.), 2 at Sand Lake, Mason 29-30 May (KBR, m.ob.), and another at Montrose 19 May (RDH). A notable count of 6 Hudsonian Godwits was made at Goose Pond 9 May (AK). An Illinois record-high 42 Marbled Godwits were at Rollins Savanna, Lake, IL 17 Apr (SM). It was an unprecedented spring for Ruffs with 6 in the Region. Indiana's earliest ever and first March bird appeared at Pine Cr. Gamebird Habitat Area, Benton 26-27 Mar (JJM et al.), a fem.-plumaged bird bounced between Monty's Station 3 Apr (JR) and 13-15 Apr and a flooded field in Pike, IN 5-7 Apr (JR, m.ob.); another fem.-plumaged bird was in Hancock, IN 8 May (DG et al.), a male was at Carlyle 8-9 May (ph. DMK, ph. RSH), another male was at Kings - Here is one of three Black-bellied Whistling-Ducks seen at Sauget Marsh, St. Clair County, Illinois 29 May. The season total of 20 of these ducks shows how their occurrence is increasing in the Region. Photo by © Frank Holmes A very early migrant, this female-plumaged Ruff found in west-central Indiana 26 Mar (here 27 Mar) was bigger and bulkier than nearby Lesser Yellowlegs and thus might have been a male. Photo by © John Kendall Another of the six Ruffs documented in the Region, this alternate-plumaged male was present in LaPorte County, Indiana 14-18 May (here 15 May). Photo by © Michael Topp Unfortunately, this Purple Gallinule needed care after it was found in Chicago 2 April. It is seen here 3 April at a wildlife rehabilitation facility. Photo by © Annette Prince Two of the four Marbled Godwits seen in Vigo County, Indiana on 11 Apr had bands on their legs. Both of the birds were females that were banded on 3 Dec, 2008 near St. Simons, Glynn County, Georgia. Photo by © Michael Brown

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