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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 296 counties. Pine Siskins also put in a good spring showing, with records from at least 34 counties. This spring was remarkable for Summer Tan- agers in eastern PA, with records from 7 coun- ties (Berks, Bucks, Lehigh, Lackawanna, Franklin, Lycoming, Philadelphia) between 7-24 May. Per - haps even more startling were the four very rare Western Tanagers seen in the state this spring; one continued from the winter season in Cen - tre to 17 Apr (Wayne Laubscher), a drab bird attended a feeder in Cheltenham, Montgomery 27 Mar (Robin Irizarry), an adult male was at Forty Fort, Luzerne 26 Apr (Stan Galenty, Rick Koval), and an adult male visited feeders in Pittsburgh, Allegheny on 4 May (Frank Wells). A Black-headed Grosbeak continued from the winter season to 22 Apr at feeders in Northamp - ton (Elaine Mease, Donald Mease). n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– SUMMER 2016 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– T his summer was fairly typical, with a warm and fairly dry stretch through much of July. This report focuses pri - marily on rare species. Detailed analysis of the breeding season is archived in "Pennsylvania Birds" magazine. WATERFOWL THROUGH RAPTORS A notable diversity of waterfowl lingered well into summer in Pennsylvania, including a rare suite of diving ducks. A female Redhead con - tinued at the Duck Pond, Centre from 1-16 Jun (Lindera Carter, John Carter, Julia Plummer). The Black Scoter on 5 Jun at Rose Valley Lake, Lycoming represents the first summer record for PA (Bobby Brown, David Brown, Eric Hart - shaw). A Long-tailed Duck remained at Bimini Lake, Clearfield to 3 Jun (Dan Richards). A male Common Goldeneye continued from 9 Jul to end of July at Morrisville, Bucks (Barbara Bennett, Jim Parris, Bill Keim). A Chuck-will's-widow was at Ridge Road, Cumberland from 7-9 Jun (Vern Gauthier, Bill Oyler, Dave Kerr, Richard Nugent). This spe - cies likely breeds in PA, at least on occasion, though evidence has been elusive. Sandhill Cranes continue to nest in PA, with expansion to include Wyoming this season. A male Piping Plover that continued at Pr- esque Isle, Erie to 15 Jul built a scrape and per- formed display flights, but never attracted a fe- male (Mary Birdsong). A Marbled Godwit was at Presque Isle, Erie 13 Jul (Dave Amamoto). Com - mon Terns attempted to nest at Presque Isle, Erie, but did not successfully raise any chicks. Nesting of Yellow-crowned Night-Herons ent at Presque Isle SP, Erie this spring, where increasingly regular, but a migrant at Shaner Road Marsh, Lawrence on 1 May was excep - tional (Randy Stringer). The Lawrence bird was banded and appears to be from the Upper Great Plains breeding population. Keen observers have long focused their spring birding efforts to search for overflying long-distance migrant shorebirds, including Red Knots, Ruddy Turnstones, and Whim - brels. This spring, a remarkable flock of 280 Whimbrel was seen flying over Unionville, Chester 23 May (Kelley Nunn)—this sight - ing probably represents an interception of the Delmarva-Lake Ontario flight line that Whimbrels regularly take north each spring. A basic-plumaged Long-billed Dowitcher at Miller Ponds, Crawford 20-21 Mar (Matthew Juskowich) is a rare spring record for PA and the earliest for the state. A Parasitic Jaeger was a shocking find at Rose Valley Lake, Lycoming on 1 May during a storm fallout—this record was well-support - ed with diagnostic photos (David Brown). A Laughing Gull was on the Susquehanna River in Lycoming on 8 May (David Brown), a rare sighting away from the southeast and a first for the county. An adult Franklin's Gull was at Bald Eagle SP, Centre on 14 May (Carl Engstrom), the second in recent years at this site. A Least Tern was at Mud Island, Bucks on 7 May (Dev - ich Farbotnik). American White Pelicans were found at two locations this period. Two flew over Duck Hol - low, Allegheny on 2 Apr (Tom Moeller, Nancy Moeller, Todd Ladner), and five were at Pr - esque Isle SP, Erie 16 May (John Nilsson, Johan Sodercrantz). Cattle Egrets appeared in 3 counties this spring. One was at Pine Road, Lebanon on 2 Apr, another was at Holicong, Bucks on 31 May (Devich Farbotnik), and finally, one vis - ited multiple sites in Northampton on 29 May (Bill Etter, Michael Schall, Corinne Campbell Schall). Away from the zone of annual sight - ings in the eastern part of the state, Glossy Ibis were also found in west-central Pennsylvania this spring. One was near Indiana, Indiana 15- 16 Apr (Dennis Lauffer) and one was at Som - erset Lake, Somerset on 12 May (Leslie Rose). A Swallow-tailed Kite was at Dauphin Boro, Dauphin on 6 Apr (Robert Weaver), while Mis - sissippi Kites were found in 3 counties in their standard eastern stronghold: Bucks, Chester, and Lancaster. The only Snowy Owl of the spring season was at a private residence in Erie 9-10 Mar (fide Jerry McWilliams). PASSERINES Common Redpolls lingered from the winter sea- son through 10 Apr with sightings from 7 PA Tom Johnson –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– SPRING 2016 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– T he spring was mild across Pennsylvania, and the lack of ice and strong storms led to a paucity of waterbird fallout condi - tions. Indeed, many observers noted lower- than-normal counts of waterbirds across the state this spring. County-level documentation of the migration season is available through "Pennsylvania Birds" magazine and eBird. WATERFOWL THROUGH OWLS Greater White-fronted Geese were found in 7 counties, while Ross's Geese were found in only 3 counties: Lancaster, Lehigh, and Northampton. Though May is an expected period for Brant to pass over Pennsylvania on their way north, most seem to skip over the state undetected; therefore, a flock of 130 on 19 May at the Dela - ware Water Gap NRA in Monroe represented an excellent sighting (Cory Husic, Diane Hu - sic, Stephen Kloiber, Matt Marshall, Terry Mas- ter, Susan Schmoyer). Eurasian Wigeon were found in an impressive 6 counties: Berks, Cen - tre, Chester, Lancaster, Fayette, and Westmore- land (same bird in Fayette and Westmoreland). A male Green-winged Teal of the nominate Eurasian subspecies continued in Chester from the previous season through 11 Apr (Michael Hartshorne). An Eared Grebe at Lake Nocka - mixon, Bucks on 3 Apr represented a 3 rd county record (Devich Farbotnik). A Chuck-will's-widow struck by a car near Nescopeck SP in Luzerne in May was a very rare record for NE PA (Sue Gallagher). De - spite the proximity of eastern Pennsylvania to coastal saltmarshes in Delaware and New Jer - sey, Clapper Rail remains extremely rare in the state. A record from 10 Apr at Marsh Creek SP, Chester was accompanied by excellent docu - mentation (Rob Megraw, Holly Merker). An American Golden-Plover was in the company of a Black-bellied Plover at West Lebanon, Indiana on 22 May (Tom Betts, Steve Gosser). Multiple Piping Plovers were pres - Eastern Highlands & Upper Ohio River Valley

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