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VOLUME 70 NO3-NO4 2019

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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 9 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 295 O N TA R I O (Charmaine Anderson). A Snowy Egret spent some time at Hamilton 26 Jul–10 Aug (Kevin A. McLaughlin, m.ob.). A Cattle Egret was at Dinorwic, Kenora 14 Jul (Peter Brunner, m.ob.). A Green Heron was notable for the north at Latchford, Timiskamig 5 Jul (David E. Szmyr). The Osprey observed at Burntpoint, Co- chrane was well-north of its usual range 13 Jun and 25 Jun (RDM et al.). The Mississippi Kite at Fort Erie, Niagara 27 Jun was a delight to many (Daniel Andrews, m.ob.). A Krider's Red- tailed Hawk was at Gameland, Rainy River 5 Jul (Garth V. Riley et al.). A lingering Snowy Owl was in Burlington 6 Jun (Robert Porter). Another attracted some attention near Kerwood, Middlesex 19-27 Jun (Rose Braxton, m.ob.). Rare for the province was the Lewis's Woodpecker at Mountain Bay, Thunder Bay 9 Jun (Malcolm T. Boon, Shirley Boon). A Prairie Falcon was found at Longridge Point, Cochrane 26 Jul–6 Aug (Dan - iel Froehlich, m.ob.) and again at Little Pisk- wamish Point, Cochrane 10-11 Aug. It was the second record for James Bay and only the third for the province. PASSERINES A Vermilion Flycatcher was a one-day won- der at New Carlow, Hastings 11 Jul (Eduard Hovinga, Judy I. Robinson). A singing Blue- headed Vireo in suitable habitat at Strathroy's Clark Wright C.A., Middlesex 11-12 Jun raised suspicion of a rare southerly nesting attempt (Deryl D. Nethercott, BAM). A huge decline in Barn Swallow nestings within Algonquin P.P. has been noted over the years; only 12 pairs were found in the current year (fide RGT). The Bohemian Waxwing at Picton, Prince Edward 12 Jul was out of season (R. Terry Sprague). A Red Crossbill at the York Regional Forest, York 11-16 Jun was notable (Rolland Leader). Rare for the south, 3 Clay-colored Spar- rows were singing on territory at Sarnia, Lambton 21-30 Jun (LFC, m.ob.). A very late White-crowned Sparrow was at Algonquin P.P. (Barren Canyon) 11 Jun (Mark Patry, Mark Gawn, et al.). A Worm-eating Warbler was a rare summer find at Amherst Island, Lennox and Addington 4-7 Jul (Tom M. Wheatley, m.ob.). Approach - ing the late date was a Blackpoll Warbler at Rondeau P.P. 12 Jun (SRC). Rare for summer was the Yellow-throated Warbler at Whitby, Durham 4-10 Jun (Dennis Barry, m.ob.). A Townsend's Warbler was a one-day wonder at Rondeau P.P. 2 Jun (SRC, m.ob.). Remarkably, it was the park's fifth record but only the ninth for the province. A m. Painted Bunting was well-described at Golden City, Cochrane 11 Jun (Christa L. Rigney). As often is the case, provenance is suspect. Dickcissels were on ter - ritory at the traditional site at Wheatley where several males were observed starting 30 May (m.ob.). At least 3 m. were at Napier, Middle - sex starting 4 Jun (Ian M. Platt, Peter A. Read, m.ob.). A pair was at Oro, Simcoe 11-24 June (Garth V. Riley, Nancy McPherson, mob.), 3 pairs at Sarnia 21 Jun (LFC et al.), 2 pairs at Blenheim 3 Jul (Keith J. Burk, James T. Burk), while two were briefly noted at Kerwood 11 July (Ernest Gribble). Observers and contributors (subregional editors contributing to this report in bold - face) : Christopher T. Bell, Kimberly Ben- nett, Bruce Brydon, Michael V. A. Burrell, Stephen R. Charbonneau, Larry F. Cornelis, David H. Elder, Roger Frost, Daniel Green - ham, Frederick M. Helleiner, Marcie L. Jack- lin, William G. Lamond, Renee Levesque, Stuart A. Mackenzie, Blake A. Mann, R. Douglas McRae, Brandon McWalters, Martha L. Miller, Brian L. Morin, Brian D. Ratcliff, Mark D. Read, Peter A. Read, Maureen Riggs, Roy B. H. Smith, R. Terry Sprague, Ronald G. Tozer, Alan Worming - ton, Gregory Zbitnew. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Blake A. Mann, 171 Margaret Avenue, Wallaceburg, Ontario N8A 2A3 • An adult Franklin's Gull was unusual for Point Pelee June 4. Photo by © Blake A. Mann This Townsend's Warbler at Rondeau Provincial Park, Chatham-Kent was a late spring overshoot on June 4. Photo by © Michael P. J. Bouman This male Dickcissel was one of several at Wheatley, Chatham- Kent, pictured here 6 Jun. Photo by © Garry T. Sadler Three American White Pelicans at Point Pelee on June 4 were one of many Essex Lake Erie records in June. Photo by © Blake A. Mann SA The trend continued for an increase in sightings of American White Pelicans in the south. There were 12 reports this season. Most notably, breeding evidence was con - firmed for the first time ever on the small islands in w. Lake Erie. A multitude of sightings along the shores of Lake Erie in Essex in early June raised suspicion that something was afoot. The group of 3 at Point Pelee 4 Jun (DG, BAM) was the first. Five nests were found on the "Chick" islands 21 Jul (Y. Robert Tymstra). An exceptional 70 summering birds were tallied in the area 23 Jul (Paul D. Pratt, Robert Wickett). However, several abandoned nests with cold eggs were found suggesting that none were successful. The "Chick" islands (Chick Island, Little Chicken Island, Big Chicken Island) are small rocky outcroppings west of Pelee Island.

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