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VOLUME 70 NO3-NO4 2019

A Quarterly Journal of Ornithological Record Published by the American Birding Association. The mission of the journal is to provide a complete overview of the changing panorama of our continent’s birdlife.

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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 9 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 293 F LO R I D A Tom Malone, Mike Manetz, Larry Manfredi, Jane Mann, Steve Mann, Don Margeson, Tom Marvel, Tom Mast, Lori Mathis, Jonathan Mays, Jim McGinity, Jim McKay, David McQuade, Tammy McQuade, Wendy Meehan, Felix Melanson, John Middleton, David Mier, Guiller Mina, Don Morrow, Yve Morrell, Alan Moss, Tresa Moulton, John Murphy, David Muth, Kris Nelson, Roy Netherton, Amy Nulph, Tom Obrock, Sig Olsen, Matt O'Sullivan, Jose Padil - la-Lopez, Bruce Parkhurst, Geoff Parks, Steve Parrish, Lindsay Partymiller, France Paulsen, Breanna Perry, Joseph Pescatore, Mitch Petrosky, Brian Pickholtz, Eric Plage, Pete Plage, Donald Pridgen, Denise Ploger, Troy Plo - ger, Peter Polshek, Valerie Ponzo, Bill Pranty, Bill Price, Jerry Pruitt, Bruce Purdy, Steve Ra - duns, Mariamar Ramirez, Brian Rapoza, Evan Rasmussen, Diane Reed, Robert Repenning, Sarah Reynierson, Ari Rice, Bob Richter, Dotty Robbins, Bryant Roberts, Harry Robinson, Ron Robinson, Stacey Robinson, Elaine Roche, Tom Rodriguez, Michael Rogner, Danny Rohan, Brad Rohman, Jon Rosenfeld, Jeffrey Roth, Kirk Roth, Meg Rousher, Rex Rowan, Lesley Royce, Danny Sauvageau, Brent Scheffers, Allison Dan Forster, Beth Forys, David Foster, Josh Friers, Bruce Furlow, Murray Gardler, Jerry Gibson, Jason Giraulo, Mary Giraulo, Colin Gjervold, Louise Gomez, Frank Goodwin, Carl Goodrich, Frank Goodwin, Jeffrey Graham, Tina Greenberg, Debbie Grimes, Mark Gurley, John Haire, Teresa Halback, Karen Hamblett, Al Hansen, Bev Hansen, Alex Harper, Mitchell Harris, Peter Hawrylyshan, Mark Hedden, Syl - via Heijman, Dale Henderson, Monica Higgins, John Hintermister, Jon Hoch, Peggy Hombert, Carol Horning, Alice Horst, Pete Hosner, Philip Huebeck, Paul Hueber, Ken Janes, Laura Jo - hannsen, Steve Jones, Deb Kainauskas, Tim Kalbach, Steven Kaplan, Richard Kaskan, Les Kelly, Adam Kent, Gina Kent, Sue Killeen, Joyce King, Nicole Kirkos, Tammy Knuth, Cyn - thia Krakowski, Jim Krakowski, Andy Kratter, Jerry Krummrich, Keith Laakkonen, David LaGrange, Lucille Lane, Robert Lane, Connor Langan, Caroline Lanker, Gary Leavens, Janet Leavens, Jean-Dominique Lebreton, Thomas Ledford, Charles Lee, Tom Lee, Charlene Leon - ard, Tony Leukering, Jim Lewis, Joyce Lewis, Jan Lloyd, Julie Long, Darcy Love, Jack Lynch, Mary Lynch, Douglas Mader, Ken Magnuson, Scheflow, Greg Schleicher, Alan Seelye-James, Debbie Segal, Danny Shehee, James Shetzler, Scott Simmons, David Simpson, Marvin Smith, Ron Smith, Bridget Spencer, Ken Spilios, Dan - iel Stangeland, Karen Stanmore, Renee Stewart, Eugene Stoccardo, Eileen Strimban, Bob Sturm, Malcolm Swan, Elaine Swank, Sue Tavaglione, Carol Tebay, Ryan Terrill, Ezra Thompson, Ju - lie Torkomian, Roberto Torres, Tim Towles, David True, Melissa Vergenz, Newton Wallen, Eary Warren, Trevor Watts, Tom Webber, Bruce Wedderburn, Casey Weissburg, Jim Wells, Nico Wienders, David Wilcove, Graham Wil - liams, Marge Williams, Martin Wilson, Meret Wilson, Michelle Wilson, Kristin Wood, Andy Wraithmell, Keenan Yakola, Doug Yarbrough, Cuneyt Yilmaz, John Yuhaz, Terry Zambon, Jose Zequeira, Otto Zequeira, Adam Zions. Correction to Fall 2015 report: A report of 3-4 Brown Booby at Paynes Prairie Preserve SP 15 Oct (B. Enneis, L. Holt) should have been listed under Brown Pelican. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Michael Brothers, 61 Coquina Ridge Way, Ormond Beach, FL 32174 • Ontario Thunder Bay 22 Jun (Beverly K. Soloway). A m. Cinnamon Teal was at Rainy River S.T.P., Rainy River 11 Jun and again 14 Jun (Mark K. Peck, Emily Rondell, m.ob.). The only Eurasian Wigeon reported during the pe - riod was a splendid male at South Porcupine, Cochrane 12-17 Jun (Roxane D. Filion et al.); this sighting made for the third year this spe - cies was found at that location. Always rare for the province, the discovery of a Common Eider at Oakville, Halton 31 May and 13-14 Jun (Mark W. Jennings, m.ob.) made for an exciting find. A White-winged Scoter was a late spring migrant at Long Point, Norfolk 10 Jun (John Brett, Denby Sadler); the impressive raft of 42 at Presqu'ile P.P., Northumberland 15 Jun (RDM) was also assumed to consist of late migrants. Other out-of-season White-winged Scoters included the individual at Prince Ed - ward Point, Prince Edward 4 Jul (Eric D. Caley) and 4 at Presqu'ile P.P. 12 Jul (RDM, Bruce M. Di Labio). The Long-tailed Duck at Long Point Tip 18 Jun furnished a locally late record (Mark A. Conboy). Hooded Mergansers were found nesting at Amherstburg, Essex 11 Jun (Dean J. Ware); 7 juv were noted. This species is rarely found nesting in the county. Notable for the south was a Red-necked Grebe that spent the better part of the summer habitats parched. Most subregional editors re - ferred to a drought in their respective regions. However, water levels in lakes, rivers and creeks remained higher than previous years due to the wet spring. With the lack of rain in late June through July, shorebird habitat at sewage treatment ponds during peak migration was excellent in several locations. In many cases, some spots eventually dried up! Aerial insectivores contin - ued a notable decline in most locations, while many other species seemed to be increasing. Such was the case with multiple sightings of American White Pelicans on Lake Erie. Notable rarities during the period in - cluded Black-bellied Whistling- Duck, Cin- namon Teal, Ruff, Least Tern, Lewis's Wood- pecker, Prairie Falcon, Vermilion Flycatcher, Townsend's Warbler, and Painted Bunting. WATERFOWL THROUGH GREBES Five Black-bellied Whistling-Ducks were a crowd favourite at Hamilton's Van Wag - ners Beach, Hamilton 13 Jul (Eric W. Holden, m.ob.). Unusual for mid-summer was the Snow Goose was at Ottawa 30-31 Jul (m.ob.). A late Ross's Goose was at Ottawa 7 Jun (Rob - ert J. Cermak, V. Bernard Ladouceur). Rare for the north was the Mute Swan at Poplar Point, Blake A. Mann –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– SUMMER 2016 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– T he summer of 2016 was notably hot and dry. After a rather wet spring, there was considerable lack of precipitation, espe - cially in July. Temperatures were consistently above average in most regions leaving many

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