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VOLUME 70 NO3-NO4 2019

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 292 F LO R I D A firmed breeding at Lake Apopka NSRA 12 Jun- 4 Aug (P. Hueber, L. Folts, m. obs.); addition - ally, 1 was found in s. Miami, Miami-Dade 13 Jun (A. Kent), another appeared at Plantation Preserve, Broward 22-30 Jun (S. Kaplan), and 2 occurred at Gainesville 24 Jun-3 Jul (D. She - hee, A. Kent et al.). Bahama Mockingbirds were reported at No Name Key, Monroe 5 May (T. Watts) and at Hugh Taylor Birch SP, Broward 5-27 May (B. Roberts, MBe, m. obs.). A Common Myna was found at Fort De Soto Park 19 Apr (S. Robinson et al.). The introduced Scaly-breasted Munia is continuing to flourish in the far western Pan - handle with 14 reports; the largest numbers reached 22 in Pace 9 Mar (D. Stangeland) and breeding was confirmed in a few places includ - ing at a Home Depot, Pensacola 25 Jun (J. Cal- laway, B. Callaway); nesting was also noted in Gonzalez, Escambia 2 Jul (B. Callaway). A few Pine Siskins lingered late, including 1 at a Jack - sonville feeder, Duval 2-11 Mar (M. Vergenz), 2 at Alligator Point, Franklin 6 Mar (JMu), and 1 in n. Jacksonville 9 Apr (L. Johannsen). A real surprise was a Lapland Longspur at Fort Jef - ferson, Dry Tortugas, Monroe 28 May (J. Roth). TOWHEES THROUGH GRASSQUITS A Green-tailed Towhee was a great find at Lit- tle Talbot Island SP 3-4 Mar (S. Ewing) that pro- vided the first Duval record. An adult Chipping Sparrow was very unexpected so far south dur - ing the summer at Long Pine Key Campground, Everglades NP, Miami-Dade 22 Jun (L. Manfre - di, m. obs.). A Clay-colored Sparrow appeared Fort Clinch SP feeders 2-25 Mar (A. Wraithmell et al.). Lark Sparrows included 1 at Gainesville 9 Mar (AKr, M. Manetz, R. Rowan), 1 at Fort De Soto Park 15 Mar which was most likely one of two wintering birds (E. Plage, J. Clayton), 1 at Fort Pickens 17–27 Mar (J. Yuhaz, D. Stange - land, D. Muth), and 1 at Eastport Wastelands, Duval 26 Mar (KDa). Single Henslow's Sparrows were detected at St. Marks NWR 26 Mar (M. Smith) and at Loxahatchee NWR 11-12 Apr (KDa, M. Dailey, G. Williams), while 2 turned up at Avon Park AFR, Highlands 4 Apr (A. Rice). LeConte's Sparrows are always rare, or at least hard to find, in Florida, but there were 4 birds reported comprising 1 at Hague, Alachua to 8 Mar (L. Davis, J. Hintermister et al.), 2 at Sweet - water Wetlands Park 10 Mar (A. Kent, G. Kent, A. Harper), and 1 at Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive 19 and 20 Mar (P. Hueber, m. obs.). There were two reports of lone Lincoln's Sparrows with 1 at Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive 20 Mar (P. Hueber, Mi. Wilson) and 1 at St. George Island SP 11-17 Apr (R. Cassidy et al). A Dark-eyed Junco in St. Johns continued from previous season through 7 Mar (D. Mier). A male Western Spindalis graced Hugh Taylor Birch SP 12 May (A. Seelye-James). Un - common in the Peninsula were at least 7 pairs of Yellow-breasted Chats at Lake Apopka NSRA throughout the summer season (H. Robinson). A single bird was reported at Tate's Hell SF 26 Jun (JMu). Yellow-headed Blackbirds appeared at several locations including up to 2 at Hague 14-18 Mar (C. Horning, T. Anderson et al.), 1 at Pace, Santa Rosa 15–27 Mar (D. Stangeland), 1 at Clintwood Acres, Charlotte 29 Mar (K. Blackshaw), and 4 males at Sem Chi Rice Plant, CR 880, Belle Glade, Palm Beach 11 Apr (J. Ea - ger). Orchard Orioles made a strong showing at Lake Apopka NSRA with at least 35 pairs this summer (H. Robinson). Shiny Cowbirds were found from one end of the state to the other, with 1 at Cedar Key 17 Mar (JMa) and 28 Apr-5 May (D. Henderson, M. O'Sullivan), 1 male at Fort Pickens 15–16 Apr (A. Etienne, J. Callaway, B. Callaway, BDu, LDu, D. Stangeland), 1 male at Flamingo, Ev - erglades NP, Monroe 1 May (J. Eager), 1 male at Fort De Soto Park 2 May (K. Nelson, S. Aversa, T. Aversa), 1 in Lee 14 May (E. Swank), at least 3 (1 male, 2 females) at Lake Apopka NSRA 5 Jun-11 Jul (P. Hueber, H. Robinson, m. obs.), 2 at Alligator Point 19 Jun (JMu), and 1 male at Destin, Okaloosa 23–25 Jul (B. Combs). Bronzed Cowbirds appeared north of their South Florida stronghold with up to 3 (2 male, 1 female) at Newton Park, Winter Garden, Or - ange 16 Mar-11 Apr (T. Leukering, P. Hueber, M. Rogner, m. obs.), up to 3 at Cedar Key 17 Mar-4 May (JMa, M. O'Sullivan et al.), and 1 at Crystal River, Citrus 6 May (A. Kent). Unusual spring warblers included four Nash- ville Warblers with 1 at Masaryktown, Hernando through 10 Mar (D. Love), 1 at Eastman/Tamin - co Sanctuary 22 Mar (L. Kelly, B. Furlow), 1 at Gainesville 27 Mar (A. Casella), and 1 at Gaines - ville 10 Apr (AKr). As many as eleven Connecti- cut Warblers were reported in the state with 1 at Fort Pickens 28 Apr (J. Callaway, B. Callaway), up to 2 at Sebastian Inlet SP, Indian River 7 (G. Mina) and 14 May (T. Towles), 1 at Theodore Roosevelt Area, Duval 9 May (G. Williams, D. Foster), up to 2 at Columbia Road Hammock, Port Canaveral 10-16 May (J. Eager, m.obs.), 1 at Pelican Island NWR, Indian River 10 May (T. Ledford), up to 3 at Lake Lotus Park, Altamonte Springs, Seminole 8-15 May (m. obs.), and 1 fe - male banded at Tomoka SP, Volusia 12 May (Me. Wilson). A spring highlight was one Kirtland's Warbler that was photographed in coastal Volu - sia 27 Apr (T. Lee). Reports of 5 western tanagers were scattered from south Florida to the Panhandle with 1 at High Springs, Alachua 2 Mar-20 Apr (J. Lynch, M. Lynch et al.), 1 at Gainesville mid-Mar-17 Apr (S. Reynierson), 1 in Lee 1 Apr (J. Padilla- Lopez), 1 adult male in Gulf Breeze 11–15 Apr (BDu, LDu), 1 at St. George Island SP 14 May (J. Cavanagh). Even one Lazuli Bunting is rare in Florida, so two reports were exceptional with 1 at a private residence in Martin 8 Mar (L. Gomez) and 1 at St. George Island SP 6-10 Apr (K. Chiasson, JMu). A female Black-faced Grassquit lingered for nearly a month at Long Key SP 1-29 Mar (m. obs.). Contributors: Howard Adams, Jim Alli - son, Bruce Anderson, Trina Anderson, Steve Aversa, Tom Aversa, Musa Awan, Roxy Bar - ber, Becky Bartley, Mark Berney, Cathy Bester, Clay Black, Kenneth Blackshaw, Roberta Blair, Madeleine Bohrer, Rick Borchelt, Jeff Bouton, Patrick Brady, Peter Brannon, Michael Broth - ers, Cecil Brown, Matt Bruce, Dana Bryan, Tore Buchanan, Hans Bucht, Jessica Buchy, Mark Burns, Corey Callaghan, Brenda Callaway, Jerry Callaway, Sally Carlock, Anne Casella, Deborah Cassidy, Rodney Cassidy, Samantha Cassidy, Jim Cavanaugh, Bill Chambers, Jocelyn Chan, Mike Charest, Mark Chavez, Karen Chiasson, JoAnna Clayton, Bruce Cochrane, Barbara Combs, Ed Combs, Jeremy Conrad, Andre Coquerel, Roger Cornelius, Timothy Crane, Debbie Cusick, Dalcio Dacol, Kevin Dailey, Marie Dailey, Candice Davis, Lloyd Davis, Greg Delisle, Tim Dellinger, Chip Deutsch, Robin Diaz, James Dinsmore, Perry Doggerell, Jenni - fer Donsky, Diana Doyle, Michael Drummond, Bob Duncan, Kathy Duncan, Lucy Duncan, Scot Duncan, William Duncan, Lee Dunn, Tha - ron Dunn, Jim Eager, Kavan Eldredge, Robert Emond, Audrey Etienne, Christin Evans, Char - lie Ewell, Ben Ewing, Samuel Ewing, Charles Fisher, Lynn Folts, Tony Ford, Ann Forster, Lazuli Buntings are very rare in Florida, so this was a great season when two were recorded at opposite ends of the state. This one was found on 9 April at St. George Island SP, Franklin. Photo by © John Murphy This beautiful male Western Spindalis was found in Hugh Taylor Birch SP on the same day that the park also hosted a Bahama Mockingbird. Here on 12 May. Photo by © Alan Seelye-James

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