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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 9 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 291 F LO R I D A lier in this report, 29 May (MBr et al.). Other Cory's Shearwater sightings included 1 off Lee 12 Jun (DMc, TMc et al.), 5 off Tom Renick Park, Ormond Beach 19 Jun (H. Robinson), 8 Calonectris diomedea borealis about 72 km off Ponce de Leon Inlet, Volusia 24 Jul, plus 1 Scopoli's Shearwater, C. d. diomedea (MBr et al.). Great Shearwaters were seen at several locations including 1 off Tom Renick Park, Ormond Beach 19 Jun (H. Robinson), 1 at Ormond-By-The-Sea, Volusia 19 Jun (MBr), 5 moribund from Volusia beaches were brought to the Marine Science Center, Ponce Inlet, 19 and 20 Jun (MBr), 3 off Ponce de Leon Inlet 20 Jun during NE winds of 25-35 knots (MBr), and 1 off Lee 30 Jul (DMc, TMc, et al.). Nine Audubon's Shearwaters, as well as 39 Wilson's Storm-Petrels, 3 Leach's Storm-Petrels, and 3 Band-rumped Storm-Petrels were found about 72 km off Ponce de Leon Inlet 24 Jul (MBr et al). Other storm-petrels included a single Wil - son's Storm-Petrel off Lee 30 Jul (DMc, TMc) and 1 Band-rumped Storm-Petrel off Lee 12 Jun and 2 there 30 Jul (DMc, TMc). A first year Masked Booby turned up at Turner Beach, Lee 16 Mar (F. Melanson) while an adult Brown Booby appeared at Jetty Park, Port Canaveral, Cape Canaveral, Brevard 10 Mar (J. Eager). A lone immature Red-footed Booby was found standing in the road at Pass-A-Grille Beach following Tropical Storm Colin 7 Jun (fide A. Nulph); that bird provided the 3 rd Pinel- las record. The bird was taken to Suncoast Sea- bird Sanctuary for rehab, but died the next day. Neotropic Cormorants appeared at several loca - tions including 1 at Topeekeegee Yugnee Park 3 Mar-9 Apr (m. obs.) and 1 at Boca Chica Beach, Monroe 23-26 Apr (BRa, R. Diaz, m. obs.), while at their only Florida breeding location at Wako - dahatchee Wetlands, Palm Beach up to 4 birds were present including 1 adult and 2 hybrid fledglings 26 Mar and 2 adults 30 May (MBe). About 50 Brown Pelicans nested inland at Egret Island Sanctuary, Lake Butler, Windermere with 2 nests still active in Jun (C. Lee) that provided the first Orange breeding record. An exceptional bird was an unbanded Great White Pelican of unknown provenance that continued at J.N. Ding Darling NWR from 28 Feb through 1 Mar (m. obs.). The identification is not in question, but the issue of provenance is not clear, causing the conundrum of whether or not this Old World species could possibly be a natural vagrant. White-faced Ibis were found at several locations including 1 at Gainesville, Alachua 24-25 Mar (T. Anderson, A. Zions et al.), 1 at St. Marks NWR, Wakulla 26 Mar (M. Smith), and 2 at Tallahassee 12 Apr (R. Cassidy, D. Cassidy). A sighting of the Caribbean ridgwayi form of the Osprey was found on the Overseas Highway, Islamorada, Monroe 23 Apr (G. Wil - liams). A White-tailed Kite was reported from the Punta Gorda Airport Pond, Charlotte 9 Apr (JBo). Single Snail Kites were north of their nor - mal range with 1 at Sweetwater Wetlands Park 20-23 Mar (L. Davis et al.), 1 at Ichetucknee Springs SP, Columbia 20 Mar (J. Buchy) that was presumably the same bird, and 1 at Sweetwater Wetlands Park 27 May-EOS (D. Dacol, B. Price et al.) that was a different bird. Another out of range sighting was 1 on the coast at Smyrna Dunes Park, Volusia 4 Jul (S. Simmons). Reports of Short-tailed Hawks were widespread with 19 reports from 8 counties ranging from Collier in the south to Alachua and St. John's in the north. Two Nanday Parakeets apparently pushed south to Tom Renick Park, Ormond Beach from the expanding breeding group in northern Fla - gler and St. John's 1 Jun (H. Robinson). A single Red-masked Parakeet provided the 2 nd Pinellas record at ne St. Petersburg 24 Jun (J.Clayton). There were two reports of Rose-ringed Para - keets with 1 adult at Babcock-Webb WMA, Punta Gorda, Charlotte 5 May (J. Eager) and 1 visiting a Clearwater backyard feeder each eve - ning 27-31 May (K. Duncan), providing the 2 nd report and 1 st confirmed record for Pinellas. FLYCATCHERS THROUGH LONGSPURS An extraordinary find was a Cuban Pewee at Crandon Park, Miami-Dade 13-14 Mar (O. Zequeira, J. Zequeira, R. Diaz et al.). Other flycatcher species were well represented with 4 Vermillion Flycatcher reports including 1 at Walnut Hill, Escambia 1 Mar (BDu, LDu), 1 at Fort Pickens 2 Mar (J. Callaway, B. Callaway), 1 at International Paper Wetlands 6 Mar (J. Cal - laway, B. Callaway), and 1 at St. Marks NWR 29 Mar (R. Cassidy, S. Cassidy). A single Ash- throated Flycatcher was found in Okeechobee, Okeechobee 21 Mar (A. Zions). Several reports of Tropical Kingbirds included up to 3 at STA-5, Hendry through 16 Apr (M. England, B. Berg - strom et al.), 1 at STA-2 13 Mar (m. obs.), 2 at Browns Farm Road, Palm Beach 14 Apr (B. Pick - holtz, S. Kaplan), 1 at Fort De Soto Park 25 May (J. Clayton, et al.), and 1 in Clewiston, Hen - dry 27 Jun (D. Simpson). A Cassin's Kingbird continued from the previous season at CR305, Flagler 4-6 Mar, (S. Killeen). A Gray Kingbird was far inland at Lake Apopka NSRA 13 Jun (H. Robinson). Two reports of single Fork-tailed Flycatchers came from Homestead Air Reserve Base, Miami-Dade 2 Apr (J. Friers, H. Bucht et al.) and Mariner's Club, North Key Largo, Mon - roe 15 Apr (D. Wilcove, B. Scheffers). A number of interesting vireos graced Flori- da this season. A Thick-billed Vireo appeared at John U. Lloyd SP, Broward 17-22 Apr (MBe, m. obs.), but the most amazing find of the spring and summer was the first ABA are re - cord of a Cuban Vireo that was found singing at Fort Zachary Taylor Historic SP, Monroe 19- 24 Apr (C. Goodrich, M. Hedden, M. Gardler, L. Dunn, T. Dunn, m. obs.). Bell's Vireo was found at Sugden Regional Park, Collier 5 Mar- 7 Apr (m. obs.), 1 at Paynes Prairie Preserve SP 6-16 Mar (S. Ewing, M. Awan et al.), and 1 at Fred W. Coyle Freedom Park, Collier 16 Mar (M. Rousher). The only reports of War - bling Vireo came from one at the University of West Florida, Escambia 3 Apr (J. Lloyd) and 1 at Fort De Soto Park 18-20 Apr (J. Gibson, m. obs.). A very rare Yellow-green Vireo appeared at Columbia Road Hammock, Port Canaveral, Brevard) 10-12 May (MHa, m. obs.). Cliff Swallows were reported from a number of places, but most interesting was up to 84 nesting far south in the Everglades Agricultural Area, Palm Beach 11 Apr-30 May (MBe); in ad - dition, there were 3 attending 2 active nests at SR 50 and St. Johns River bridge, Orange 14 May (P. Hueber, L. Mathis, G. Williams). Sev - eral reports of American Robins nesting in Florida included up to 4 at Princess Place Pre - serve, Flagler 13 May-EOS, including up to 2 fledglings 28-30 May (J. Giraulo, M. Giraulo, D. Doyle), 6 nesting in Pensacola 19 May (J. Callaway, B. Callaway), and a pair appeared at Gainesville throughout the season (G. Parks, T. Webber et al.). Two Gray Catbirds were con - A Bahama Mockingbird appeared at Hugh Taylor Birch SP. Here on 12 May. Photo by © Alan Seelye-James This handsome Roseate Tern appeared in Ponce de Leon Inlet, Volusia on 10 June. This is the third June in a row to have a Roseate Tern at this location far north of their breed - ing area in the Keys. Photo by © Michael Brothers

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