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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 290 F LO R I D A Hummingbird provided the 3 rd Pinellas record at a ne. St. Petersburg yard (J. Clayton et al.) and one Buff-bellied Hummingbird appeared east of Brooksville 28 Mar (J. Mann). A lone Black Rail was discovered at Big Bend WMA, Hickory Mound, Taylor 23 Apr (S. Parrish). Two adult Purple Swamphens were present at Harn's Marsh with 3 chicks on 3 May providing first breeding record in Lee (T. Obrock et al.). There was also 1 at Sweetwa - ter Wetlands Park 27 Mar-9 Apr (Y. Morrell, L. Davis). A lone Whooping Crane was seen at Paynes Prairie Preserve SP 21 Apr to the end of summer (M. Manetz, F. Goodwin et al.). It was one of ~12 birds remaining in the Florida non-migratory population (fide T. Dellinger). In addition, there was 1 at Micanopy, Alachua 15 May (B. Sturm). This second bird was de - finitively identified as a different individual as it had a different color band. PLOVERS THROUGH TROPICBIRDS One of the most unexpected finds of the season was a beautiful Pacific Golden-Plover found on sod fields off on CR 880 near 6 Mile Bend, Palm Beach 9-25 Apr (C. Callaghan, m. obs.). This individual provided Florida's first state record. Single Long-billed Curlews were re - ported from both ends of the west coast with 1 at Bunche Beach Preserve, Lee 3 Mar-9 Apr (M. Rousher, m. obs.), 1 at St. Vincent NWR, Franklin 7 Mar (JMu), another at St. Vincent NWR 5 Jul (JMu), and 1 at Cayo Costa SP, Lee 31 Jul (R. Repenning). A great find was a Hud - sonian Godwit at Guana Tolomato Matanzas NERR Six Mile Landing, St. Johns 19 Jun (D. Reed, m. obs.). Ruff were reported at Big Talbot Island SP- Spoonbill Pond 3-8 May (KDa, D. Foster, G. Williams) and at Lake Jesup Conservation Area–Marl Bed Flats, Seminole 3-5 May (S. Sim - mons et al.). A large number—2,500—of Semi- palmated Sandpipers was unusual at the Oka- loosa County Water and STF 9 May (M. Swan). Two Wilson's Phalaropes appeared at St. Vin - cent NWR 4 Apr (JMu), while singles occurred at Okaloosa County Water and STF 19 Jun-9 Jul (M. Swan, B. Purdy) and at St. Marks NWR 22 Jun (D. Morrow). Up to 56 Red-necked Phalaropes were seen offshore Palm Beach 30 Apr (MBr, m. obs.) and a single bird was found at Merritt Island NWR, Brevard 29 May (DLa). Four Pomarine Jaegers were found offshore of Ponce de Leon Inlet 29 May (MBr et al.), while 1 adult and 1 immature were off Lee 12 Jun (DMc, TMc, et al.); 1 found exhausted on a Pinellas beach 3 Jul was taken to rehab and released (A. Nulph). One of the most unusu - al birds of the season was an apparent adult Laughing Gull x Ring-billed Gull hybrid on the beach at Daytona Beach Shores, Volusia 16 Mar (MBr). The seasonal high count of Laugh - ing Gull was 11,934 at Huguenot Memorial Park's breeding colony on 2 Jun (fide KDa). Single Franklin's Gulls were found at Daytona Beach Shores 24 Mar and 29 Mar and 1 Apr (all MBr); additionally, 3 were at Tomoka Land - fill, Daytona Beach, Volusia 25 Mar (MBr). A first-cycle California Gull was at Cocoa Land - fill, Brevard 4 Mar (MHa). First-cycle Iceland Gulls were found at Daytona Beach Shores 1, 4, 24 Mar and 3 Apr (MBr) and 1 first-cycle bird also occurred at Fort Matanzas peninsu - la, St. Johns 25-31 Mar (MBr, m. obs.). There were eleven reports of Glaucous Gulls, half of them from Daytona Beach Shores; one at Fort De Soto Park 17 Apr (DMa) provided the 2 nd Pinellas record. An interesting observation was an adult Great Black-backed Gull that took an adult Sandwich Tern at Huguenot Memorial Park 31 Mar (KDa). A Brown Noddy flew past John's Pass, Pinel - las 7 Jun (C. Gjervold). A rare Black Noddy appeared at Garden Key, Dry Tortugas NP 15 Apr-12 May (m. obs.). Sooty Terns were well represented with 1 at St. Petersburg Beach 22 and 29 May (B. Forys), 1 at Flagg Island, Franklin 24 May (E. Thompson, N. Kirkos), 9 offshore of Ponce de Leon Inlet 29 May (MBr et al.), 1 at Three Rooker Bar, Fort De Soto Park 4 Jun (JMc), 3 at old St. George Island cause - way, Franklin 25 Jun (E. Thompson, JMu), 1 at Sand Key Park, Pinellas 26 Jun (D. Yarbrough), and 6 about 72 km off Ponce de Leon Inlet 24 Jul (MBr et al.). Tropical Storm Colin drove 7 inland to Newnan's Lake 7 Jun (AKr, JMa et al.) and 1 to St. Petersburg Beach 7 Jun (E. Forys). Bridled Tern reports included 4 offshore of Ponce de Leon Inlet 29 May (MBr et al.) and 6 about 72 km off Ponce de Leon Inlet 24 Jul (MBr et al.). Roseate Tern sightings included 1 at Stump Pass Beach SP, Charlotte 10 Apr (JBo et al.) and 2 at Ponce de Leon Inlet 10 Jun and 1 there 30 Jun, mark the 3rd consecutive June at this location (MBr). Two adult Arctic Terns were seen off Tom Renick Park, Ormond Beach 19 Jun (H. Robinson) and a second-cycle bird appeared at Ponce de Leon Inlet 22 Jun (MBr). A seasonal high count of 14,259 Royal Terns was produced by Huguenot Memorial Park's breeding colony on 2 Jun (fide KDa). Two White-tailed Tropicbirds delighted the pelagic trip participants offshore of Ponce de Leon Inlet 29 May (MBr et al.) and single White-tailed Tropicbirds were also found ca. 90 mi. off Lee 14 Apr (T. Marvel) and at Gar - den Key, Dry Tortugas NP, Monroe 27 Apr (T. Moulton). A lone Red-billed Tropicbird was a highlight of a pelagic trip offshore Jupiter, Palm Beach 6 May (C. Callaghan). LOONS THROUGH PARAKEETS Two reports of the very rare Pacific Loon came in from the Panhandle with 1 at Fort Pickens 16–21 Mar (BDu, LDu, S. Duncan) and 1 in Gulf Breeze 14–17 Apr (BDu, LDu). Northern Fulmar is always rare in Florida, but 1 fatigued bird was collected at Guana Tolomato Matanzas NERR, St. Johns and later perished 16 Apr (D. Reed, specimen to FLMNH). One of the most exciting finds of the season was the 1 st Florida record for Fea's Petrel found offshore Elliott Key, Biscayne NP, Miami-Dade 5 Jun (R. Torres, L. Manfredi, et al). A productive pelagic trip off of Ponce de Leon Inlet, Volusia produced 25 Black-capped Petrels, 19 Cory's Shearwaters, a Great Shearwater, an Audubon's Shearwater, Florida's 1 st record for European Storm-Petrel, 36 Wilson's Storm-Petrels, and 2 Band-rumped Storm-Petrels, as well as the 2 White-tailed Tropicbirds mentioned ear - Birders came from all over the state to see this first state record Pacific Golden-Plover that was discovered on a sod field in Palm Beach County. Here on 10 April. Photo by © Reinhard Geisler This Fea's Petrel was the first one ever seen in Florida. It was found on 5 June on a pelagic trip by Roberto Torres and Larry Manfredi off Miami-Dade. Photo by © Larry Manfredi A pelagic trip out of Ponce de Leon Inlet produced Florida's first record of European Storm-Petrel on 29 May. Photo by © Joseph Mileyka

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