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VOLUME 70 NO3-NO4 2019

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 288 M I D D L E AT L A N T I C Ck., Montgomery, VA 20 Jun (LS). A Swainson's Thrush was found in High- land, VA 2 Jun (GH). Also in Highland, VA 4 Hermit Thrushes were observed on Sapling Ridge 3 Jun ( JS), 3 at Straight Fork 25 Jun (m. obs.). and 3 on Reddish Knob, Augusta, VA 10 Jun (WL). A Single Hermit Thrush was near Pembroke, Giles, VA 3 Jun ( JL). There were 5 Purple Finches in Highland, VA 6 Jun (DB). An unseasonal Pine Siskin made a visit to a James City, VA feeder 31 Jul (ph. JN). Red Crossbill reports came from Sap - ling Ridge, Highland VA with 16 on 3 Jun ( JS) and 7 seen on Shenandoah Mt., Highland, VA 20 Jun (BKi). At Bother Knob, Rockingham, VA 4 were observed 12 Jun ( JT). A Yellow-rumped Warbler was at Alhambra Rd., Amherst, VA on 18 Jun (BL, JL). A single Painted Bunting in Lancaster, VA 4 Jul ( JH) provided an intriguing summer record. Contributors: Janet Anderson ( JA), Matt Anthony (MA), Fred Atwood (FA), Andrew Baldelli (AB), Jeff Blalock ( JB), David Boltz (DB), Bill Boyd (BB), Edward S. Brinkley (ESB), Charlie Bruggerman (CB), Joelle Buffa ( JB), Larry Cartwright (LC), Sandee Bailey (SB), Nancy Barnhart (NB), Rob Bielawski (RBi), Mark Brown (MB), Ruth Boettcher (RBt), Will Burgoyne (WB), Maeve Charlesworth (MC), David Clark (DC), Harry Colestock (HC), Rochelle Colestock (RC), Todd Day (TD), Art Drauglis (AD), Edward Eder (EE), James Fox ( JF), Jeff Gerbracht ( JG), Harry Glasgow (HG), Carly Gray (CG), Thomas Gray (TG), Stephen Grimes (SG), Kim Harrell (KH), Bert Harris (BH), George Harris (GH), Andy Hawkins (AH), Gerry Hawkins (GH), Bill Hohenstein (BHo), Diane Holsinger (DH), Jonathan Horst ( JH), Cheryl Jacobson (CJ), Becky Keller (BKe), Barry Kinzie (BKi), Victor Klein (VK), Kyle Klotz (KK), Bill Knight (BK), Julie Knight ( JK), Kim Kozella (KKo), Glenn Koppel (GK), Mary Alice Koeneke (MK), Joanne Laskowski ( JL), William Leigh (WL), BJ Little (BL), John Little ( JL), Alex Minarik (AM), Pam Monahan (PM), Clyde Morris (CM), Jeanette Navia ( JN), Nick Newberry (NN), Carlton Noll (CN), El - lison Orcutt (EO), Richard Peters (RP), Zak Poulton (ZP), Andrew Rapp (AR), Marc Ribau - do (MR), Lois Schultz (LSc), Lee Schuster (LS), Stephanie Smith (SS), Jason Strickland ( JS), John Spahr ( JS), Mike Stinson (CMS), Brian Taber (BT), Tracy Tate (TT), John Todd ( JT), Bill Williams (BW), Robert Wood (RW), Dave Youker (DY) Matthew Young (MY). n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Arun Bose, P. O. Box 8807, Richmond, Virginia 23225 • Ellison Orcutt, 1712 W. Laburnum Avenue, Richmond, Virginia 23227 • let was at Jamestown 13-14 Jul (NN, ph. BW). Another observation, possibly the same indi - vidual, was at the same location 18 Jul (ph. BW). Black-necked Stilts are rare in the North - ern Neck, but a flooded field near Robins Neck, Gloucester, VA held one 6 Jun (HC, RC). In the more traditional areas 2 Black-necked Stilts were at Chinc. 3 Jun ( JB, CM). On the Chincoteague causeway, Accomack, VA. the peak count was 16 on 29 Jun (CR). At least 17 Black-necked Stilt pairs bred at Craney, with the first brood detected 23 Jun (AM, LS, ph. BW). A Long-billed Curlew was on Wreck Is., Northampton, VA 11 (ph. MC) & 19 Jul (MC, ZP), possibly one of the 2 that lingered into April at Gull Marsh, Northampton, VA. The Virginia Department of Game & In- land Fisheries Virginia Plover Survey esti- mated there were 40 Wilson's Plover and 291 Piping Plover (the highest total since the survey began in 1986) breeding pairs on the barrier islands of Northampton and Accomack, VA (RBt et al.) There were 3 Wilson's Phalaropes at Craney 21 Jul (BW, AM, BT) and 8 there on 28 Jul (DY et al.). There were 4 Red-necked Phalaropes offshore Northampton, VA 1 Jun (ESB et al.). Other reports of Red-necked Phalarope includ - ed 2 at Chinc. 4 Jun (SS) and 1 at Craney 14 Jul (BW, AM, LS, BT). A Wilson's Snipe at Oc - coquan Bay, Woodbridge, VA 17 Jul (BHo) was early. A single Bridled Tern was over Norfolk Canyon, Northampton 1 Jun ( JF, MS et al.). PASSERINES Rare in summer a Yellow-bellied Flycatcher was reported at Huntley Meadows, Alexan - dria 13 Jun (HG). Also rare in summer on the Coastal Plain, a Willow Flycatcher was ob - served vocalizing at Dyke Marsh 22 Jun (EE). A Least Flycatcher, a rare but regular in sum - mer was reported 19 Jun at Shenandoah NP, Madison, VA (GK, MK). Perhaps the highlight of the season for land birds was a Western Kingbird at College Cr., James City, VA 11 Jun (ph. BT) was the first June record for Virginia since 1984. The Log - gerhead Shrike in Isle of Wight, VA rare on the Coastal Plain, continued through the summer reporting period, with the last sighting report - ed 4 Jul (DC). High altitude breeders were well represent- ed with 2 Red-breasted Nuthatches at Red- dish Knob, Augusta, VA 10 Jun (DH) and 2 were at a possible nest cavity at Poverty Ck., Montgomery, VA 20 Jun (LSc). A family group of 5 was at Massanutten, Rockingham, VA 16 Jul ( JG), and 3 (2 ads. and a hatch-year) were on Poor Mt., Roanoke, VA 16 Jul (CG, TG). There were 3 Brown Creepers at Glen Alton, Giles, VA 6 Jun (BKe) and 3 were at Poverty RAPTORS THROUGH TERNS Lucky observers saw 1 Swallow-tailed Kite from Hwy. 360 near Callao, Northumberland, VA (BK, JK). Mississippi Kites continued to show throughout Virginia. An ad. was over Munden Pt. Pk., Virginia Beach 4 Jun (DC). A pair bred, producing at least one young ob - served 22 and 28 Jul (ph. PM) in the Thor- oughgood section of Virginia Beach. Two imms. (m. ob.) were also observed throughout the season in this neighborhood. A sub-ad. was near Eastville, Northampton, VA 5 Jun (ph. NN, JS). In Fairfax, VA multiple sightings were reported throughout the period. A single Mis - sissippi Kite was observed over Bayfield Ln., Fauquier, VA 8 Jun (BH), with 2 seen at this location 9 Jun (AD). Another individual was Arlington, VA 20-21 Jul ( JA). There was an ex - ceptional count of 10 observed at the Prince William Landfill, Prince William, VA 24 Jul ( JS). Elsewhere Mississippi Kites were along Wolf Trap Rd., Halifax, VA throughout the re - porting period ( JB). A individual seen north of Hampden-Sydney, Prince Edward, VA 3 Jun (CMS), was the third county record. There were, 2 ad. Mississippi Kites were near Na - runa, Campbell, VA 16 Jun (TD). Two Sandhill Cranes were reported throughout the report - ing period in Fishersville, Augusta (m. ob.). An American Avocet at Jamestown 6 Jul (ph. NB, ph. CJ) represented only the 4th re - cord for James City. American Avocets were at Craney, reaching a peak count of 207 on 28 Jul (LS et al.). A single bird was at Chinc. 13 Jul (AH). A first for James City, a Marbled Godwit was at Jamestown 18 Jul (ph. BW, BT). Also of note were 10 Marbled Godwit at Chinc. 4 Jul ( JL).The third local record of Western Wil - More frequent in the fall this Western Kingbird was found by Brian Taber at the College Creek hawk watch site, James City County, Virginia, 11 June. Photo by © Brian Taber

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