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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 9 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 285 H U D S O N - D E L AWA R E (William Krueger, Michael Burgess), both NY, and were reported to eBird from five other Adirondack locations. An Orchard Oriole pio - neered again well northeast of known breeding range at Galop I., Saint Lawrence, NY 24 Jun (GL). Both crossbills bred in winter and re - mained into July in the Adirondacks (JC). Correction: In summer 2014 we reported a Great Black-backed Gull nest as the second for the west side of Lake Champlain, Clinton, NY. These gulls nested regularly after 1975 on the Four Brothers Islands, in Essex, NY (J.M.C. Peterson). Observers (subregional compilers in boldface): Deborah Allen (Central Park, New York City), Matthew Bailey (MBa) (D.N.R.E.C.), Chris Ben - nett (D.N.R.E.C.), Scott Barnes (Voice of NJ Audubon), Michael Bochnik (Lower Hudson Valley:, Jeff Bolsinger (JBo) (St. Lawrence, NY:, Joseph Brin (JBr) (Syracuse, NY, RBA), T. W. Burke (NYC Rare Bird Alert), Kathy Clark (N.J.D.F.W.), Joan Collins, Willie D'Anna, Christina Davis (N.J.D.F.W.), Joe DiCostanzo (Great Gull Island), Ray Duffy, Andrew P. Ednie (Birdline Delaware), Susan Elbin (NYC Audubon), Andrew Farn - sworth, Ken & Sue Feustel, Sam Galick, Domi- nic Garcia-Hall, Doug Gochfeld, Paul Guris, Andy Guthrie, Kevin Jennings (N.Y.D.E.C.), Sandra Keller, Christopher Kundl, R. J. Kurtz, Greg Lawrence, Tim Lenz, Patricia J. Lindsay, Irene Mazzocchi (N.Y.D.E.C.), Jay McGowan (Finger Lakes, NY:, Kevin McGowan, Michael Moore, Michael Morgante (MMo) (Niagara, NY:, David Nicosia (DNi), Dan Niven (DNiv), Dave Nutter, Andrea Patterson (Braddock Bay), Matt Perry (Oneida Lake Basin, NY: mperry@roadrun -, Todd Pover (Conserve Wildlife Foun- dation of NJ), Don Riepe (Jamaica Bay), Derek Rogers (DRo), Livia Santana, Larry Scacchetti, Mike Scheibel, John Shemilt, Robert G. Spahn (Genesee, NY:, Mike Tetlow, Lance Verderame (Sullivan, NY), R. T. Water - man Bird Club (Dutchess, NY), David Wheeler (Oneida Lake Basin, NY:, Tod Winston (NYC Audubon), Tom Williams (Hud - son-Mohawk,, Angus Wilson, Robert P. Yunick, John Zarudski. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Shaibal Mitra, Department of Biology, College of Staten Island , 2800 Victory Boulevard, Staten Island, New York, 10314 • Robert O. Paxton, 460 Riverside Drive, Apt. 72, New York, New York 10027 • Tom Reed, 81 Reeds Beach Road, Cape May Court House, New Jersey 08210 • Frank Rohrbacher, 5 Neva Court, Wilmington, Delaware 19810 • and last, their previous northern limit (fide MMo). A pair was presumed nesting again on Long Island in Connetquot S. P., Suffolk, 4 Jun (fide SSM). An impressive 29 Cerulean War - blers and 6 Prothonotary Warblers were count- ed from a kayak in 4 hours at Howland Island, Cayuga, NY 19 Jun (JMcG, LS). An imm. male Summer Tanager was far out of range at Pt. Gratiot Lighthouse, Dunkirk, Chautauqua, NY 7 Jul (Stuart Mackenzie), for a first summer record in the Buffalo area. Breed - ing was confirmed at Calverton, Suffolk, 10 June (Anthony Collerton), this species' current northeastern limit. Clay-colored Sparrows, having expanded into New York in the 1990s, now breed widely in upstate lowlands, but they are numerous only in Jefferson with 29 in Fort Drum, 24 Jun (JBo). A male Lark Bunting at Liberty S.P., Hudson, NJ 13-14 Jun (Simon Lane, DG-H et al., LS) was the first regional record in a de - cade. A nearly annual vagrant in the 1960s, Lark Buntings have declined substantially in the Great Plains. Henslow's Sparrows continue to trend downwards. Their final stronghold is the Saint Lawrence valley, but a landowner incentive program to maintain habitat there is ending. The best counts were 2-4 pairs each in Fort Drum and Perch River W.M.A., Jefferson, NY (JBo). We have only one report elsewhere, at West King Road, Ithaca twp., Tompkins (Mar - shall Iliff). A Nelson's Sparrow photographed at Montezuma 10 June (Warren Rofe, fide JMcG), was well southeast of known breeding areas. Blue Grosbeaks apparently bred successfully at the Grumman site on Long Island, and a pair tended young 4+ Aug in the Black Dirt Region of Orange, NY, their northern limit, where they have probably bred since 2010 (John Haas, Kar - en Miller, Scott Baldinger, Kathleen Ashman). Dickcissels keep trying. In New York, males sang at the Lott Farm, Seneca, 5 Jun (TL, AG, ph JMcG), and in Essex Twp., Essex 29 Jun – 3 Jul (Stacy Robinson, ph Larry Master, m. obs.). There are only five previous Adirondack records. In New Jersey, 3 singing males were in Delran Twp., Burlington, 10-14 Jun (Ken Mitchell, Tom Bailey, et al.). A traditional Delaware site, Charles E. Price Park, Middletown, New Castle, was oc - cupied through June (Rod Murray), but is slated for athletic fields. Otherwise in Delaware Dick - cissels were glimpsed near Rehoboth Beach, 30 May (John Long) and on Fowler's Beach Road, Prime Hook 26 Jul (Rich Clifton), both in Sussex and at Allee Pond House, Bombay Hook, 27 Jul (Kelley Nunn) in Kent. A male Yellow-headed Blackbird was un- seasonal 12 Jun at Greece, Monroe, NY (ph Suzanne Albright). Declining Rusty Blackbirds fed young at Canada Lakes, Hamilton (Chris Wood), and Ausuble Marsh W.M.A., Clinton WARBLERS THROUGH FINCHES A few Golden-winged Warblers, listed as endan- gered in New Jersey in 2012, hang on in pow- erline cuts in the Pequannock Watershed, West Milford twp., Passaic, NJ (Louis Bizzarro) and in nearby Sterling Forest S.P., Orange, NY (Carole Hughes et al.). Elsewhere the only solid Golden- winged Warbler population without strong Blue- winged Warbler admixture is in the Indian River Lakes area in n.e. Jefferson and w. Saint Lawrence, NY where more than 50 Golden-wingeds and only two Blue-winged and three hybrids were counted (JBo). Brewster's Warblers were report - ed in Sterling Forest (Carole Hughes, Ben King, Peter Reisfeld, TWB) and also in Garnsey Park, Saratoga (Ronald Harrower), Putnam Station, Washington (Tristan Lowery), and Scriba Twp., Oswego (fide MP, DW), all NY. A male Law - rence's Warbler inhabited Kakiat County Park, Orange, NY for the third or fourth year (Mike Kravatz) and other New York reports were at Northhampton Park, Monroe (AG), Horseheads, Chemung (Mike Powers), Great Bear Recreation Area, Fulton (Wayne Fidler), and Freehold, Greene (fide TW). Once again a very early southbound Ten- nessee Warbler was banded at Braddock Bay 24 Jul (AP), beginning molt (they begin migra - tion before molt starts). Braddock Bay banded 141 Yellow Warblers 21-24 Jul (AP). Norway Spruce stands planted by the CCC in the 1930s in n.c. New York have benefitted Magnolia and Blackburnian Warblers and, to a lesser extent, Yellow-rumped Warblers (Matt Young). In New Michigan State Forest, n.w. Chenango, NY 69 Blackburnian Warblers were encountered in a nine-mile drive (DNi). Yellow-throated War - blers were absent from Allegany S. P. this year Dickcissels now breed east to New York only spasmodically. This singing male, in Essex Twp., Essex Co., 29 June – 3 July, was about the sixth Adirondack Mountain record. Photo by © Larry Master

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