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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 9 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 271 Q U É B E C Magdalen Is. 8-9 Jun (DG. Gaudet) were expect- ed vagrants at unexpected locations and dates. Very surprising was the occurrence of a Western Meadowlark in a small parking lot at the Parc des Grands Jardins in the middle of the boreal forest 12 Jul (PB, SL, ph.). The pair of Orchard Oriole reported at Stanstead in late May produced four chicks in late Jun (S. Kohl), providing a fifth con - firmed breeding record for the province. Contributors (subregional editors in bold- face): Yves Aubry, Pierre Bannon (Montréal), Michel Bourassa, Hugues Brunoni, Denis Col - lins, Pierre Fradette, Andrée Gagnon, Jacques Gélinas, Louis Imbeau (Abitibi-Témis - camingue), Suzanne Labbé, Michelle Lafleur, Christian Marcotte, Jean-Pierre Ouellet, Pierre Poulin (Gaspésie), A. Richard (Magdalen Is.), Michel Robert, Jean-François Rousseau (Qué - bec City), Germain Savard (Saguenay–Lac- Saint-Jean), Daniel Toussaint (Outaouais) . n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Pierre Bannon, 1517 Leprohon, Montréal, Québec H4E 1P1 • Olivier Barden, 2942 rue de l'Aubier, Québec, Québec G1M 3V1 • Normand David, 53 Hasting, apt. 202, Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Québec H9G 3C4 • Samuel Denault , 1991 rue Saint-Zotique Est, Montréal, Québec H2G 1J2 • m.ob.). The Blue-gray Gnatcatcher has become unpredictable, so nesting reports at Godma - nchester in Jun (DC) and at Laval in Jul (M. Bouchard, A. Robert) were noteworthy. A group of 15 Bohemian Waxwing at Bécancour 3 Jun was unusual so far south at this season (R. Barbeau). Besides Godmanchester, where Blue-winged Warbler have been nesting for a few years, sin - gles of this species were also found at Bromont 4 Jun (C. Dufresne et al.) and at Laval 10 Jun (M. Boisvert). The continuing male Prothono - tary Warbler at Nicolet was last reported 4 Jul (V. Létourneau). A single Yellow-breasted Chat at Rimouski 1 Jun was a late vagrant (G. Gen - dron, D. Ruest) but, much more surprising, was a singing male defending territory at Anse- au-Griffon 2-13 Jul (D. Jalbert, AG). A singing Spotted Towhee at Wemindji, east of James Bay 28 Jun was a nice surprise consid - ering the lack of summer sightings of this spe- cies in the east (M. Carbonneau, HB, ph.). A singing male Eastern Towhee at Chisasibi, east of James Bay 16 Jun (HB) made for a second unlikely towhee found by the same observer in the northern part of the Region. A singing male Le Conte's Sparrow at Les Bergeronnes was east of that species' established breeding range, 23 Jun-16 Jul (D. Turgeon, C. Émond). The nine male Nelson's Sparrows found in the course of a survey made for Nature Conservancy Canada on Ile aux Cerfeuils, Repentigny 15 Jun (PF et al) as well as the three birds found at Yamaska 19 Jun (PF, D, Jauvin) were good news for this species, at the southern limit of its provincial range in this area. A male Yellow- headed Blackbird at Anticosti 7 Jun (H. Tanguay) and a female in the were also discovered in two squares in Nunavik 19 & 20 Jun, including a pair (MR et al.). A few Wilson's Phalaropes were observed at the begin - ning of Jun but breeding remained unconfirmed. Red Phalaropes were found in 13 atlas squares in Nunavik, including several pairs and a first nest for the Region 11-22 Jun (MR et al.). The number of Lesser Black-backed Gulls was estimated to be over 100 individuals at Saint-Irénée 11 Jul (PB, SL). This appears to represent a record high count for Canada. Among the more surprisingly finds, an ad. Long-tailed Jaeger spent 9 days (10-18 Jun) feeding on ground insects in a cornfield at Baie-du-Febvre (JPO, ML, m. ob.). A Eurasian Collared-Dove spent the summer at Saint-Éd - ouard-de-Lotbinière 19 Jun-22 Jul (ML, JPO, m.ob.). A White-winged Dove visited Port- Cartier 1 st July (R. Lapierre). An Amethyst- throated Hummingbird, a bird that very few observers would have predicted to occur north of the USA, was found and nicely pho - tographed at Saint-Félix d'Otis (Lac Saint-Jean) 30-31 Jul (Annie Lavoie, M. Bélanger et al.). A detailed account of this exceptional find was published in a previously published issue of North American Birds (Vol. 70 No. 1). WOODPECKERS THROUGH ORIOLES An adult Red-headed Woodpecker at Howick 20 Jul-6 Aug was a nice find, considering that the species does not breed regularly in the Region anymore. (L. Prin - gle et al.). A juvenile Red- bellied Woodpecker was found in the Saint-Laurent Techno-Park (Montréal) 25 Jul, providing evidence of a new breeding location for this species (J. Coutu). Amazingly, a singing Aca - dian Flycatcher was back at Notre-Dame-du-Nord (Témiscamingue) 3 June- 20 Jul for a sixth consecu - tive summer (J. Fréchette, An excellent find from the Canadian Wildlife Service surveys in the Ungava Peninsula, Nunavik was that of several Purple Sandpipers, including a pair. These reports came from two Atlas squares from 19-20 Jun. Photo by © Michel Robert The middle of the boreal forest at the Parc des Grands Jardins was not the expected location for a sighting of Western Meadowlark, nonetheless that is precisely where this bird was photographed on 12 Jul. Photo by © Suzanne Labbé From 10-18 Jun a Long-tailed Jaeger was found visiting a corn - field at Baie-du-Febvre. The length of stay was remarkable, but evidently the abundance of insects in the field were a powerful draw and kept the bird around. Photo by © Samuel Denault Red Phalarope had never been recorded as nesting within Québec before; this made the discovery of a nest in Nunavik an exciting discovery. This discovery was made even more remarkable however, as the species was located in no fewer than thirteen Atlas blocks over several days from 11-22 Jun. Photo by © Michel Robert The most remarkable find of the season was that of an Amethyst-throated Hummingbird at a private residence at Saint-Félix d'Otis on 30-31 Jul. This species was not entirely unex - pected to occur north of Mexico, but Québec was not on anyone's radar as a likely location for a record. Photo by © Annie Lavoie

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