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VOLUME 70 NO3-NO4 2019

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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 9 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 269 Several Ruff were present in spring in the Region; this bird was at Baie-du-Febrve, Québec 28 Apr-8 May. All of the Ruffs encountered were single birds. Photo by © Daniel Jauvin This Mew Gull photographed at Cap-aux-Os on 9 May was an excellent find; apparently of the European subspecies, Larus canus canus, commonly referred to as Common Gull, this particular taxa not been photographed in the province before. Photo by © Jean-François Rousseau For the second time a presumed Mourning Warbler X Common Yellowthroat was found in the Region. This bird, a singing male, was found at Laval on 22 May. The only prior record was of a bird caught and examined and photographed in 1989. Photo by © Marc Boisvert Unfortunately, Loggerhead Shrike is now quite a rare species in the Region; this bird, photographed here on 22 May, was only the second in four years to be found in Québec. It was found on Magdalen Island. Photo by © Alain Richard At Port-Cartier from 21-22 May this Lark Bunting was present; this handsome western species allowed for excellent viewing during its stay. Photo by © Raymonde Lapierre Contributing the third record of the species for Québec, this Hooded Oriole was attending a hummingbird feeder on 26 May at Wentworth-Nord. Of the two prior confirmed records one was also from spring while the other was a fall record. Photo by © Agness Simard and Longue Rive 13-18 May (DT, et al.). Always unpredictable in spring, a Stilt Sandpiper turned up at Saint-Ignace-de-Loyola 20 May (L. Simard, J. May). Single Ruffs were seen at Baie-du-Febvre 28 Apr-8 May (M. Bisson, m.ob.), Rivière-Trois- Pistoles 15 May (M. Poulin, et al.), and L'Isle- Verte 19 May (JC. Pelletier). An imm. Ivory Gull was seen briefly by a very lucky observer at Pointe-au-Père 17 Mar (J. Roy-Drainville, ph.). Two Laughing Gulls were identified at Saint-Blaise 21 May (S. Ma - thieu et al.) and one at Saint-Irénée 21 May (MP. Côté, S. Pelletier). Five lone Franklin's Gulls were reported from 5 different localities. A Mew Gull of the European ssp was discov - ered at Cap-aux-Os (Gaspé) 9 Apr (JFR, ph.), a record early date and apparently the first pho - tographed in the province. A pair of Caspian Tern was found nesting on Île Duval (Contre - coeur) 18 May (Denis Tétreault). WOODPECKERS THROUGH WARBLERS Despite being an almost extirpated breeder, Red-headed Woodpecker continues to be re - ported regularly with three records this spring including an overwintering immature bird at Québec City until 23 Mar (m. ob.) and single adults at Saint-Télesphore 1 May (M. Descent, M. Fortin) and at Repentigny 28 May (S. Brouil - lette, G. Charbonneau, ph.). A Fork-tailed Fly- catcher at Batiscan 23 May (J. Leclerc) was the 21 st record of this tropical species in the Re- gion. A Loggerhead Shrike, only the second in the province in the past 4 years and the second ever for the Magdalen Is., was photographed at Pointe-aux-Loups 22 May (AR). Single White- eyed Vireos brightened Boucherville 13-16 May (J. Crépeau, m.ob.) and Saint-Armand 22 May (J. Ibarzabal). Two Northern Rough-winged Swallows at Chambly 2 Apr established a record early date (PB et al.). A well-fed Townsend's Solitaire that spent the winter in a backyard at Adstock was last seen 13 Apr (D. McCutcheon). Single Var - ied Thrushes were reported at Mille-Isles 18 Mar (L. Leblanc) and at Mont-Saint-Michel 1-2 Apr (MA. Montpetit, P. Marinier). A male Prothonotary Warbler appeared at Nicolet on 28 May and defended a territory until early Jul (C. Meloche et al., ph.). A presumed hybrid Mourning Warbler X Common Yellowthroat was photographed at Laval 27 May (M. Bois - vert) providing a second record for the Region (the previous record was of a bird captured and photographed in Sherbrooke in Jun 1989). SPARROWS THROUGH ORIOLES Rarer in spring than in fall, a Lark Sparrow made a brief appearance at Rimouski 18 May (M. Jaffre et al.). A male Lark Bunting turned up at Port-Cartier 21-22 May (R. Lapierre, ph.,). Single Grasshopper Sparrows at Hemmingford 22 May (PF et al.) and Elgin 23 May onwards (S. Labbé, PB) made for very good news after a few years of absence in Montérégie. An over - wintering Harris's Sparrow ended its long stay at Terrebonne 14 May (m. ob.). The continuing Golden-crowned Sparrow at Gatineau was last seen 18 Apr at which point it had acquired its alternate plumage (K. Guilbault). Single Sum - mer Tanagers were discovered at Mirabel 15 May (S. Boucher) and Québec City 21 May (L. Frève et al.) A male Painted Bunting at Chan - dler 30 Apr-2 May was record early (JR. Lep- age, m.ob.). Irregular in spring, a Dickcissel at Gatineau 13 May was a nice find (G. Seutin). Single Yellow-headed Blackbirds showed up at Marieville 16 Apr (H. Marand), Forest - ville 27-30 Apr (DT, S. Belleau), and Woburn 17 May (M. Turcotte, L. Turgeon). A Western Meadowlark was photographed at Port-Cartier 26 May (JP. Barry et al.); interestingly, four of the last five meadowlark sightings in the past twelve years on the North Shore were of this species, the exception being an Eastern Mead - owlark at Baie-Trinité 22 May this spring (JP. Barry). An imm. male Orchard Oriole stopped at Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue 23 May (B. McFar - lane, B. MacDuff et al.) while a pair was found building a nest at Stanstead 25 May (S. Kohl et Q U É B E C

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