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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 268 Pierre Bannon Olivier Barden Normand David Samuel Denault –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– SPRING 2016 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– A fter one of our mildest winter, the trend towards mild temperatures continued into March in the southern part of the province, but the rest of the province experi - enced rather cool temperatures. All the prov- ince was cool in April and continued as such in the first half of May. The second half of May saw the return of above average temperatures. To - tal precipitation (rain and water equivalent of snow) was close to normal in March, but con - ditions were dry for April and May. The most remarkable rarities included a Mew Gull from Europe, a Lark Bunting, and a Hooded Oriole. WATERFOWL THROUGH RAPTORS Single Pink-footed Geese stopped at Baie-du- Febvre 2-3 Apr (S. Blackburn, S. Lemieux) and at Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague 8-13 Apr (P. Laniel, m. ob.). What was mostly likely 3 dif - ferent Barnacle Geese spent some times along the Richelieu River between Saint-Mathias and Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu between 18 Mar and 14 Apr (RB, m. ob.); singles were also encoun - tered at Cap-Rouge 22-23 Mar (C. Nadeau) and at Pointe-au-Père 21 Apr-16 May (L. Saint- Laurent, m. ob.). A group of 5 Mute Swans on Lake Aylmer at Beaulac-Garthby 23-24 May was of interest (M. Brossard et al.). Single Tun - dra Swans were reported in 6 different locali- ties of s. Québec (m. ob.). A pair of Canvasback at Saint-Gédéon 5-11 May was unusual for the Lac Saint-Jean region (S. Boivin et al.). A male Aythya hybrid involving Tufted Duck and ei - ther Lesser Scaup or Greater Scaup was seen and photographed at Rouyn-Noranda 17-24 Apr (LI, J. Gagnon). A male Somateria hybrid presumed to involve a Common Eider and a King Eider was seen and photographed at Saint-Ulric 15-18 Apr (C. Chevalier). Great Egret is a species that became estab - lished in the province in the 1980s and is do- ing very well; the colony on Herons Is. near Montréal, has now reached an estimated one hundred nests according to a study conducted in early May by the Regroupement Québec Oi - seaux for Environment Canada (JS. Guénette et al.). Herons Is. has been the home of Great Blue Herons and Black-crowned Night-Herons since the establishment of Europeans in the St. Lawrence valley at the beginning of the 17 th century. Again this spring, Glossy Ibis was well represented, as shown by a record flock of 14 birds at New Richmond 28 Apr-1 st May (J. Bourque, m.ob.), 8 at Saint-Barthélemy 2-6 May (M & M. Boulard), 5 at La Pocatière 2 May (B. Desmeules), 4 at Baie-du-Febvre 4-5 May (D & R. Roy, m.ob.), and one at Château - guay 31 May-4 Jun (ph., D. Thériault, m.ob.). Two Black Vultures were photographed among a flock of migrating Turkey Vultures at Cow - ansville 12 Mar (B. Hamel), a record early date within the province for this increasingly com - monly reported species in the Region. Five more sightings of single birds were received from Rivière-Ouelle, Sherbrooke, Bic, Orford, and Saint-François-de-Sales. A well-described Osprey at Lake Ireland (Pontiac) 12 Mar was very early (C. Detellier et al.). A record high count of 35 migrating Golden Eagles was made at the Saint-Stanislas hawkwatch 12 Mar (B. Barnhurst, M. McIntosh). SHOREBIRDS THROUGH TERNS Single American Avocets were observed at Méta- betchouan 14-16 May (Diane Lepage et al.), and at Cacouna 22-30 May (S. Laurence, m.ob., ph,) while two at Barachois 29-30 May were most noteworthy (PP, D. Mercier, m. ob., ph.). Two Willets made a stop at Cap-Gaspé 21 May (O. Barden), while one was at Chandler 23 May (M. Larrivée), and two 24 May (A. Couture et al.). Rare in spring, a Hudsonian Godwit was at Trois- Pistoles 15-16 May (PF). Single Marbled God - wits brightened Yamachiche 12 May (L. Roussel) Perhaps as many as three Barnacle Geese were present in the Region this spring; this bird was photographed at Saint-Mathias-du-Richelieu, Québec on 19 March. Photo by © Suzanne Labbé Another hybrid from the spring that drew attention was this Tufted Duck x Lesser or Greater scaup. It was found at Rouyn-Noranda, Québec and was present from 17-24 Apr. Photo by © Louis Imbeau This fascinating bird, a presumed Common Eider X King Eider, was found at Saint-Ulric, Québec from 15-18 April. A striking example of this hybrid combination, this bird was well photo - graphed during its stay. Photo by © Christian Chevalier Québec

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