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VOLUME 70 NO3-NO4 2019

A Quarterly Journal of Ornithological Record Published by the American Birding Association. The mission of the journal is to provide a complete overview of the changing panorama of our continent’s birdlife.

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 400 H AWA I I A N I S L A N D S S.W.S. (Kahului, Maui Is.); Kawaiele (Kawaiele S.W.S., Mana, Kauai Is.); Keahole Point (Kalaoa, Hawaii Is.); Kealakehe W.T.P. (Kailua-Kona, Ha - waii Is.); Kealia Pond (Kealia Pond N.W.R., Ki- hei, Maui Is.); Kekaha B.P. (Kekaha, Kauai Is.); Keokea B.P. (Niulii, Hawaii Is.); Kilauea Point (Kilauea Point N.W.R., Kilauea, Kauai Is.); Koheo Wetland (Kaunakakai, Molokai Is.); Lanai Look - out (Hawaii Kai, Oahu Is.); Makahuena Point (Poipu, Kauai Is.); Makapuu Point (Waimanalo, Oahu Is.); Midway Atoll (Midway Atoll N.W.R., Eastern Island, Northwestern Hawaiian Islands); Nakula (Nakula N.A.R., Kahikinui, Maui Is.); Ninini Point/Nawiliwili Lighthouse (Lihue, Kau - ai Is.); Nuupia Ponds (Nuupia Ponds W.M.A., Kaneohe, Oahu Is.); Pearl Harbor N.W.R.-Hon - ouliuli Unit (Waipio, Oahu Is.); Pele's Chair-Ka Iwi S.S.S (Ka Iwi State Scenic Shoreline, Hawaii Kai, Oahu Is.); Sand Island S.R.A. (Honolulu, Oahu Is.); Turtle Bay (Turtle Bay G.C., Kahuku, Oahu Is.); Wailoa S.R.A. (Hilo, Hawaii Is.), Wailua River S.P. (Kapaa, Kauai Is.); Waipuilani B.P. (Kihei, Maui Is.); Whittington B.P. (Naalehu, Hawaii Is.) WATERFOWL THROUGH IBISES Overwintering vagrant juvenile Snow Geese continued into late March on two islands. 2 at Turtle Bay G.C., Oahu and J.C.N.W.R.-Kii, Oahu 14-26 Mar (KP, PD, DM, m.ob.) and 2 at Whit - tington B.P., Hawaii 28 Mar (CB). More Brant were reported in the spring than over the winter probably because they were missed or not re - ported. Singles were observed at Kanaha Pond S.W.S., Maui (CW, ph. MG, m.ob.) 2 Mar—19 May; at two locations, Spencer B.P., Kawaihae, Hawaii Is. (JB) and Waikoloa Beach, Waikoloa, Hawaii Is. on 18 Mar (JT); at Aimakapa Pond (SW) and Kohanaiki B.P., Kalaoa, Hawaii (LT, MS, BA, CB, m.ob.) from 20-23 Apr; and in - terestingly, on 5 May at Kaena Point, Oahu (EV, RK), a protected dryland coastal area and the only non-wetland location of the spring. The Wailoa S.R.A., Hawaii. Pied-billed Grebe was last seen on 29 Mar (KW). A Pied-billed Grebe was last seen at Kahawainui Stream, Laie, Oahu on 31 Mar (PM), originally observed at the same location from 13 Feb—29 Feb (KP, ph. EV, PD, DM, m.ob.). A Tufted Duck was seen at J.C.N.W.R.-Kii Unit on 14 Mar (DM, PD). The Kermadec Petrel(s) have returned to Kilauea Point, Kauai from 24 Mar—14 May+ (AW, ph.. DL, ph. EV, ph., m.ob.). As in the past few years, frequent aggressive kleptoparasitic behaviors primarily with Red-footed Boobies were observed in the late afternoon hours with no evidence of nesting. A Mottled Petrel was spotted during a pelagic trip off the deep wa - ters of the Kona coast, Hawaii on 26 Mar (LT, m.ob.). Dedicated seawatchers counted good numbers of Hawaiian Petrels ('Ua'u) from vari - ous coastal areas on Kauai: 18 at Wailua River S.P. on 29 Apr (LT); 40 at Makahuena Point on 24 May (MB); 111 at Ninini Point/Nawili - wili Lighthouse on 31 May (JD, DH). 10 Black- winged Petrels were observed during migration from Keokea B.P., Hawaii on 22 May as well as 17 Cookilaria petrel sp. (LT, BA). A possible Py - croft/Cook's Petrel was seen during a Kona coast, Hawaii pelagic on 23 Apr (AW). Bulwer's Petrel are common breeders in the small offshore is - lands, however, few high counts are made at sea during day-long pelagic trips or from shore: A high count of 45 was made during a pelagic that covered 77 miles over nine hours off the Kona coast, Hawaii on 23 Apr (LT, CB, DB, SW, BA, MG, m.ob.) and 47 from Keahole Point, Hawaii during a 3.25-hour seawatch stint on 21 May (LT, BA). Most spring Buller's Shearwater sight - ings were made from shore and included three islands: 1 from Makapuu Point, Oahu on 1 Apr (EV); 1 from a pelagic trip off Kona coast, Ha - waii; 2 each from Keokea B.P., Hawaii (LT, BA) and Makahuena Point, Kauai (MB) on 22 May; 1 from Ninini Point/Nawiliwili Lighthouse, Kauai on 31 May (JD, DH). Observations of this spe - cies have increased dramatically in the past five years. Seawatches from Kauai in spring proved to be great opportunities to see large numbers of the endangered Newell's Shearwater: 126 and 191 from Kehaka B.P. on 29 Apr and 4 May, re - spectively (JD); 62 from Makahuena Point on 30 May (JD, MB); 145 from Ninini Point/Nawili - wili Lighthouse on 31 May (JD, DH). Leach's Storm-Petrels were spotted in migration during two pelagic trips off the Kona coast, Hawaii: 14 on 26 Mar (LT, ph. MaS, ph. SW, ph. BA, m.ob.) and 2 on 23 Apr (LT, AW, m.ob.). Tris - tram's Storm-Petrels breed in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands and are seldom seen in the Southeastern Hawaiian Islands: 1 was observed and photographed from Kaulakahi Channel on 3 Apr (ph. JD, DK, m.ob.). Masked Boobies sighted from Hawaii and Maui were unusual since the closest breeding colonies are located on offshore islands of Oahu: 1 each seen on pelagic trips off the Kona coast on 26 Mar (LT, m.ob.) and 20 Apr (LT, MiS, DW) and 2 at Ke - anae Peninsula, Maui on 8 May (CW). 80 Brown Boobies were counted each day from Kekaha B.P., Kauai on 19-20 Mar (JD) were good to - tals. At an elevation of 6,700 feet on the slopes of Mauna Kea, Hawaii, a subadult Red-footed Booby was photographed perched in a subal - pine woodland forest by a turkey hunter (BOk). Without a doubt, the strangest bird sighting of the season. Good numbers of White-faced Ibis continued to be observed in the spring season from three islands: 2 at Kealakehe W.T.P., Ha - waii from 19 Mar—21 May (BA, LT, m.ob.); 11-13 at Kealia Pond N.W.R., Maui from 17 Apr—27 May (AWi, MG, CW, RM, JG, m.ob.); 6 at P.H.N.W.R.-Honouliuli Unit, Oahu from 7-26 Apr (KP). RAPTORS THROUGH PASSERINES A 2nd-cycle male Northern Harrier was seen during a waterbird survey at J.C.N.W.R.-Kii Unit, Oahu on 21 Mar (RR, ph. JL, SP, BON). The oddest sighting of the season, this subadult Red-footed Booby would rarely be a noteworthy observation anytime of the year, but on 11 Mar, a turkey hunter photographed one soon after it landed in a Naio tree, a subalpine woodland tree spe- cies at an elevation of 6,700 feet on the southwestern slope of Mauna Kea, Hawaii. Photo by Bob Okawa On 3 Apr, this Tristram's Storm-Petrel was photographed dur - ing a pelagic trip in the Kaulakahi Channel, Kauai, for only the second time in these waters and the third record for the South- eastern Hawaiian Islands. Photographed by Jacob Drucker The third substantiated record of Hudsonian Godwit in the Hawaiian Islands and first Maui County record was this bird, present 31 May-1 Jun at Kaunakakai W.T.P., Molokai. Photo by Arleone Dibben-Young

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