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VOLUME 70 NO3-NO4 2019

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 390 S O U T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A Cited observers (County coordinators in boldface): Douglas W. Aguillard, Bruce A. Aird, Noah Arthur, Robert C. Atwood, Larry Ballard, Joel Barrett (JBa), Alex J. Bartolo, Jim Beckman (JBe), David Bell, Thomas A. Benson, Steve Brad, Mathew P. Brinkman, Phil Brown, John Bruin (JBr), Mike Bursk, Jay C. Carroll, Jason Chapman (JCh), Nancy Christensen, Jonathan Coffin (JCo), David M. Compton (Santa Barbara), Daniel S. Cooper, Elizabeth Copper (Eco), Steven Courtney, Eric Culb - ertson (ECu), Brian E, Daniels, Jeff N. Davis, Dean DiTommaso, John Doty, Darren Dowell, Jon L. Dunn, Linda Easter, Cody Ebbert, Tom M. Edell (San Luis Obispo), Jon S. Feenstra, Sean Fitzgerald, Thomas Ford-Hutchinson, Mary Freeman, Wes T. Fritz, Kimball L. Gar - rett (Los Angeles), Peter A. Ginsburg, Mark Girardeau, Tito Gonzalez, David Goodward, Russell Greaves, Fraida Gutovich, Tom & Jo Heindel (Inyo), Kelli Heindel-Levinson (Kern), Bob Her, Mark A. Holmgren, Mike Horn (MHo), Chris & Rosie Howard (C & RH), Jim Howard, Andrew Howe, Mike Huang (MHu), Theresa Hyde, Howard B. King, Alexander E. Koonce (San Bernardino), Glenn Kincaid, Russell D. Kokx, Kenneth Z. Kurland, Spencer Langdon, Andrew K. Lee, Paul E. Lehman, Joe Lepisto, Joan E. Lentz, Michael Lester, Nick A. Lethaby, Ron Lucas, Troy Maikis, Guy McCaskie (San Diego and Imperial), Chris McCreedy, Chet McGaugh (Riverside), Robert McKernan, Jimmy McMor - ran, Kathy C. Molina, Brennan Mulrooney, Richard Norgaard, Richard J. Norton, Gary Nunn, Kelly O'Reilly, Libby Patten, Robert T. Patton, James E. Pike, David Plotkin (DPl), Dave Povey (DPo), Hugh P. Ranson, Sandy Remley, Kerry Ross, Ron M. Ruppert, Edana Salisbury, Mike Sanders (MSa), Brian Sand - strom, Dean Schaff (DSc), Larry Schmahl, Roger Schodle (RoS), Allan A. Schoenherr, Christian Schoneman (ChS), Cynthia Schotte (CyS), Adam J. Searcy (Ventura), Rick Shear - er (RiS), Gregory P. Smith, Maggie L. Smith, Susan E. Smith, Steve Sosensky, Ginger Spi - nelli, Justyn T. Stahl (San Clemente Island), John R. Stanek, Don Sterba (DSt), Mark Stratton (MSt), Brian L. Sullivan, Steven D. Summers, Peter Syka, Julie Szabo, Jennifer Tobin, Michelle Townsley, Philip Unitt, Matt Victoria, Stanley Walens, Douglas R. Willick (Orange), Jun Wu. Many additional observers who could not be individually acknowledged submitted reports - all have our thanks. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Guy McCaskie, 954 Grove Avenue, Imperial Beach, California 91932 • Kimball L. Garrett, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, 900 Exposition Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90007 • spring, a Blackpoll Warbler was in a mesquite bosque at E.A.F.B. 2 Jun (JSF). Late Yellow- rumped (Audubon's) Warblers in the low - lands were at G.H.P. 14 Jun (AH) and Hansen Dam, Los Angeles 16 Jun (KLG); others in San Diego at La Jolla 5 Jul (TG) and Encinitas 21 Jul (SES) were especially unseasonal. A Black- throated Gray Warbler in the Santa Lucia Mtns., San Luis Obispo 8 Jul (TME) was in an area where there may be a small nesting pop - ulation; a very early fall migrant was at Lake Forest, Orange 31 Jul (BAA). An exceptionally late spring Townsend's Warbler was at F.C.R. 17 Jun (C&RH). A Yellow-breasted Chat near Whale Rock Res. continued from late April to 23 Jun (TEM); this species is not known to nest in these San Luis Obispo coastal canyons. SPARROWS THROUGH FINCHES Black-throated Sparrows wander coastward annually in early fall; the first noted this year was at Spring Valley, San Diego 30 Jul (RN). A Lincoln's Sparrow, a rare breeder in Inyo, was at 11,000' at the Tyee Lakes 19 Jun (C&RH). Mid-summer gambelii White-crowned Spar - rows were in Santa Barbara 17 Jul (SC), the Anaheim Hills, Orange 21 Jul (MHu), and Pasadena, Los Angeles 30 Jul+ (DD). A He - patic Tanager at Cactus Flat in the e. San Ber- nardino Mtns., San Bernardino 11 Jun (MSa) was near one of the few known nesting areas of this species in Californa. A Scarlet Tanager, less than annual in spring in the Region, was at Huntington Beach, Orange 18 Jun (RG). A rare breeding species in San Luis Obispo, a Western Tanager was along the west Cuesta Ridge 27 Jun (JCC); one at Niland 10 Jul (HBK) was unusually early for the se. deserts. Rose-breasted Grosbeaks were widely re - ported through the summer, with 11 in the coastal counties 8 Jun-18 Aug and others at California City, Kern 11 Jun (DSC), G.H.P. 13 Jun (K&BK), Bishop Creek, Inyo 14-15 Jun (AAS) and P.V.E.R. 9 Jul (JT). The only Indigo Buntings reported were at Montana de Oro S. P., San Luis Obispo 25 Jul (JCC), Malibu Creek S.P., Los Angeles 4 Jun-18 Jul (RL, DPl), near El Monte, Los Angeles 31 Jul (DD), Cuyamaca Rancho S.P., San Diego 11 Jun (JBe), and near Big Pine, Inyo 30 Jun (JLD). An Orchard Ori - ole was at F.C.R. 12 Jun (RCA). Two to 3 juv. Red Crossbills ("Type 2" by calls) at Apollo Park near Lancaster, Los An - geles 19 Jul (DD) were at a site with previous documented nestings. A Common Redpoll photographed at Wilson Cove on San Clem - ente I. 27 Jun (JTS) was a shock, though there is a previous record for the island 3-4 May 2012. A Pine Siskin at Los Osos in coastal San Luis Obispo 19 Jul (GPS) was unexpected in mid-summer. Jun (GMcC). Up to 5 Bank Swallows at P.P. 13 Jun+ (JSF) were unseasonal, with current nesting unknown south of Inyo Co. Up to 2 Red-breasted Nuthatches were in Coulter pines at 4300' elev. in the Santa Ana Mtns., where not known to breed, 10 Jul (ML, TH). A Blue-gray Gnatcatcher near See - ley, Imperial 31 Jul (JTS) established the earli- est fall record for the Salton Sink. A House Wren near Brawley, Imperial 10 Jul (HBK) was possibly summering. Cedar Waxwings can be abundant through May, but numbers drop rapidly thereafter; one at Altadena, Los Ange - les 26 Jun (DD) was exceptionally late. As always, the occurrence of spring wood- warblers and other passerine vagrants neatly bridged the late "spring" and early "summer" reporting periods, so we detail here records (generally from mid-June and later) not cov - ered in the Spring report. An Ovenbird was at G.H.P. 23 June (ES). A surprising sight at sea was a Northern Waterthrush some 4-5 mi. west of Pt. Loma 8 Jun (DWA). Black- and-white Warblers were at B.S. 5 Jun (BAA, SS) and 15 Jun (DSC), and near S.F.K.R.P. 22 Jun (RJN). Casual in spring in the lowlands, a Virginia's Warbler was at P.V.E.R. 7 Jun (JT). In a poor spring for Northern Parulas and other "southeastern" passerines, late individ - uals were at Goleta 8 Jun (MV), G.H.P. 14 Jun (AH), Bishop 16 Jun (CMcC), and Fountain Valley, Orange 29 Jun-2 Jul (RiS). American Redstarts in Ventura, Ventura 1 Jun (NA) and Mission Bay, San Diego 4-5 Jun (PAG) were not included in the spring totals, nor was a later vagrant at G.H.P. 11-14 Jun (TEW). Casual in This obviously lost Common Redpoll was at Wilson Cove on San Clemente Island on the unprecedented date of 27 June 2016. Photograph by Justyn T. Stahl

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