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VOLUME 70 NO3-NO4 2019

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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 9 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 389 This Red-necked Stint in alternate-plumage at Estero Bluff State Park, San Luis Obispo on 30 June was an early fall migrant. Photo by © Tom M. Edell A female Scissor-tailed Flycatcher at Twin Trails Park in Rancho Penas - quitos, San Diego is shown here with two of its three recently fledged hybrid young on 30 July. Photo by © Thomas Ford-Hutchinson S O U T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A in the Riverside portion of the Prado Basin 24 May-15 Jun (JEP) was well away from expect - ed habitat in the mountains. A Williamson's Sapsucker along Bishop Creek above Bishop, Inyo 19 Jun (C&RH) was believed to be nest - ing locally. FLYCATCHERS THROUGH WOOD-WARBLERS A Dusky Flycatcher identified by call and ap- pearance was in the Santa Ana Mtns. 9 Jul (MHu), establishing the first mid-summer record for Orange, in a mountain range where the species is not known to breed. Though patchily distributed, Vermilion Flycatchers have established some sizable populations on the coastal slope, with up to 18, includ - ing many fledged young, at Prado R.P., San Bernardino 23 Jul (HBK); at the northern edge of their range, an ad. male and 2 juvs. were at Lone Pine, Inyo 12 Jul-5 Aug (RDK). East - ern Kingbirds were at Saticoy, Ventura 11 Jun (MT, JBa) and Ballona Freshwater Marsh, Los Angeles 24 Jul (DSc). A female Scissor-tailed Flycatcher that mated with male Western Kingbird and fledged three hybrid young 26 Jun-31 Jul at Rancho Penasquitos, San Diego (PS) was probably present since at least early June given the fledging date. Steller's Jays continue to increase in the coastal canyons of s. Santa Barbara, e.g. one near Goleta 18-22 Jun (JD), one in Cold Springs Canyon in Montecito 20 Jul (JEL), and 10+ in nearby Romero Canyon 27 Jul (HPR). Purple Martins continued to nest at Lost Lake near Cajon Pass, San Bernardino, with a male and two females there 11 Jul (DG); six were nearby at Glen Helen R.P. 16 Jul (DG); one at P.P. 1 Jul (JL) was far from any breeding areas. Five early migrant Tree Swallows were at Ramer Lake, S.E.S.S. 24 Single Least Terns at P.P. 7 Jun (JSF) and Harper Dry Lake, San Bernardino 12 Jun (BS), and two together at L. El - sinore 10 Jul (ML), were well inland and away from any known nesting ar - eas, but a hatch-year bird at S.E.S.S. (Davis & Pound) 13 Jul (GMcC) was the only one found at the Salton Sink this summer. Gull-billed Terns failed to nest at the Salton Sea, leaving the 35 pairs on south San Diego Bay as the only breeding population in California (RTP). In fact, none of the four larid species that have nested regularly at the Salton Sea in recent years (besides Gull-billed Tern, these are Caspian Tern, Black Skimmer and California Gull) made any serious nesting at - tempts there this summer (KCM). Up to two Arctic Terns were inland at P.P. 3-6 Jun (JSF). Elegant Terns evidently failed to nest at the Isla Rasa colonies in Mexico due to food shortages, and the population moved north into California, with 30,000 pairs at south San Diego Bay (RTP), at least 30,000 pairs at Bolsa Chica (KO'R and MHo) and another 100 pairs at the Los Angeles Harbor (SL) all successful. Two Elegant Terns at L. Cachuma, Santa Barbara 29 Jul (MAH) were well inland where unexpected. A Black Skim - mer at Prado Regional Basin, Riverside and San Bernardino 28 Jun-22 Jul (HBK, JEP) was well inland and away from the Salton Sink. Single Yellow-billed Cuckoos, rare any - where away from known breeding locations, were in Goleta 14-18 Jul (LP) and near Wilm - ington, Los Angeles 22 Jun (BED), and another on San Clemente I. 13 Jun (AJB) was only the fourth recorded there. A Band-tailed Pigeon at G.H.P. 1-9 Jun (JRS) and another on San Clemente I. 26 Jun (JTS) were both well away from areas of expected occurrence. A White- winged Dove in San Diego 16 Jun (MSt) was the only one found along the coast. Most un - usual was a pair of Northern Saw-whet Owls nesting at a low elevation in a residential area of Camarillo, Ventura in April (AJS). At least three Common Nighthawks were in the area of Big Bear Lake in the San Bernardino Mountains 11 Jun-8 Jul (DRW, SR, NC), this being the only location away from the north - east corner of this Region where this species occurs. A territorial Mexican Whip-poor- will at Green Canyon in the San Bernardino Mountains continued calling through 11 Jul (MF). A Chimney Swift photographed over the Palos Verdes Peninsula, Los Angeles 8 Jul (JW) was the only one identified this sum - mer. An Allen's Hummingbird near El Cen- tro, Imperial 13-16 Jul (KZK) was in an area where few are recorded. A Hairy Woodpecker A South Polar Skua between Santa Cruz and Santa Rosa Islands 11 Jul (JBa) was the only one reported. Single Common Murres in La Jolla 7 and 9 Jul (GN, PEL) were unusually early for this far south. Two Craveri's Murre - lets 13 km southwest of Point Loma 12 Jun (DPo) were the first of small numbers reach - ing California waters, with 17 off San Diego 27 Jun (PEL) being the highest single-day count, and 4 off Newport Beach 30 Jun (TF- H) being the northernmost. GULLS THROUGH WOODPECKERS The immature Laughing Gull found in Go- leta, Santa Barbara 16 May was still present at the end of the period (GK) and another was on the coast in south San Diego Bay 20 Jun (DPo). A Franklin's Gull at C.L. 1 Jun (AEK), another at Klondike Lake, Inyo 14-15 Jun (T & JH) and up to two at P.P. 2-17 Jun (KLG) were probably late spring migrants, but one at N.E.S.S. (Palm Island) 11 Jun-2 Jul (CMcG, HBK) was evidently summering locally. Single Heermann's Gulls, well inland on Lake Cuyamaca, San Diego 13 and 31 Jul (DG) had probable originated in the Gulf of California. The lack of hatch-year Heer - mann's Gulls amongst the thousands dispers- ing northward along the coast was a clear result of nesting failures in Mexico. An im - mature Lesser Black-backed Gull at N.E.S.S. 2 Jul (HBK) provides yet another record for this gull in summer. A Western Gull well in - land at L. Elsinore, Riverside 5 Jun (JS) was unexpected.

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