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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 9 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 387 S O U T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A Jun. The usual scattering of Indigo Buntings included 4 on the coast and islands 11-22 May and 5 more in the deserts and mountains 1-30 May. The season's lone Dickcissel was at F.C.R. 29 May (DVanP). Bobolinks, regular late spring vagrants, were at C.L. 28 May (SLS) and Harper Dry Lake 11 Jun (BS). A colony of 100 Tricolored Blackbirds at the Sedgwick Reserve near Santa Ynez 16 Mar-1 Jun (GT) was significant for Santa Bar - bara away from the Cuyama Valley; up to 1200 were at Holiday Lake, Los Angeles through the period and 300+ were at Quail Lake, Los Ange - les 21 May (KLG), and a bit out of range were 3 males at N.E.S.S. 3 Mar (CMcG), with one to 11 Mar. Bronzed Cowbirds west of their normal range were in Riverside at N.E.S.S. (81 st Ave) 12 Apr (RMcK), La Quinta 22 Apr (TH), and Chiriaco Summit 18 May (RMcK). Orchard Orioles not known to have wintered were in San Diego 26 Mar (JWa), El Cajon 20 Apr (CKS), Atascadero, San Luis Obispo 22 Apr (KJZ) and Rosamond, Kern 26-27 Apr (TD). Baltimore Orioles at La Mirada 17 Mar (JRo) and Bonelli R.P. near San Dimas, Los Angeles 29 Mar-11 Apr (LJ, RH) has not been found earlier in the winter; spring vagrants were at Laguna Niguel 8-10 May (adult male; GG) and 10-12 May (imm. male; ZP), Pt. Loma 12 May (PAG) and near Big Pine 28 May (JEB, SMcL). A well-traveled Hawfinch came aboard the container ship APL China in the western Pacific on 11 May and remained, with food provided, to 82 mi. SE of Point Piedra Blancas, San Luis Obispo on 17 May, and subsequently to 31 km SE of Point Arguello (PL). Cited observers (County coordinators in bold- face): Alex A. Abela, Paulette Ache, Charles Bak- er, Larry R. Ballard, Robert A. Barnes, Richard Barth, David Bell, Thomas A. Benson (TABe), John Birsner, Kelsi Black, Thomas A. Blackman (TABl), Jan E. Bowers, Steve Brad, Eric Brooks, An Bui, Grant Canterbury, Bin Cao, Jamie M. Chavez, Nancy Christensen, Hal Cohen, David M. Compton (Santa Barbara), Brian E. Daniels, Brad Dawson, Jared Dawson (JDa), John Dea - con (JDe) Nicole J. Desnoyers, Terry Dickerson, Dean DiTommaso, Darren Dowell (DDo), Dan - iel Driscoll (DDr), Jon L. Dunn, Cody Ebbert, Tom M. Edell (San Luis Obispo), Herb D. El - liott, Devich Farbotnik, Jon S. Feenstra, Mi- chael Force, Mary Freeman, Nick Freeman, Carolyn B. Gann, Dick Garnick, Kimball L. Garrett (Los Angeles), Peter A. Ginsburg, Dave Goodward, Gary Gray, Ross Griswold, Daniel A. Guthrie, Bill Haas (BiH), Bradley Hacker (BrH), Charity Hagen, Marlin D. Harms, Tom Harri - son, Tom & Jo Heindel (Inyo), Kelli Heindel- Levinson (Kern), Wes Hetrick, Rod Higbie, Mark Holmgren, Chris B. Howard, W. Terry Hunefeld, Glen Kincaid, Lauren Harter, Chris B. Howard, Charles Jackson, Lew Johnson, Eric G. Kallen, Barbara Kelley, Christin Kelly, Peter Knapp, Alexander E. Koonce (San Bernardi - no), Kenneth Z. Kurland, Ken and Brenda Kyle (K&BK), Peter Leahy, Paul E. Lehman, Michael Lester (MLe), Nick A. Lethaby, Kurt Leuschner, Max Liebowitz (MLi), Jasen Liu, Curtis A. Ma - rantz, Debbie Martin (DeM), John Martin, Dan Maxwell (DaM), Guy McCaskie (San Diego and Imperial), Chris McCreedy, Chet McGaugh (Riverside), Robert McKernan, Steve McLaugh - lin, Jimmy McMorran, Sue T. Meiman, Bill Moramarco (BMo), Brennan Mulrooney (BMu), P. Gretchen Nell, Dick Norton, Gary Nunn, Ron & Nancy Overholtz (R&NO), Jim Pawl - icki, Kaaren L. Perry, Steve Perry, Zachary Perry, Dave Povey, Kurt Radamaker, Steve Ritt, Chris Rohrer, Jonathan Rowley (JRo), Jim S. Royer, Joe Russell (JRu), Tuck Russell, Matt Sadowski (MSa), Mike Sanders (MiS), Brian Sandstrom, Mark & Janet Scheel (M&JS), Adam J. Searcy (Ventura), Jeff Seay (JSe), Christiane Shannon, Alison M. Sheehey, Dessi Sieburth, Bruce A. Smith, Christopher K. Smith, Maggie Smith (MSm), Lea Squires, BJ Stacy, Justyn T. Stahl (San Clemente Island), Susan L. Steele, Mike Stensvold (MSt), Julie Szabo (JSz), Don Tate, Robert Theriault, Luke Tiller, Guy Tingos, Eric Tipton, Jennifer Tobin, Tom Lee Turner, David Vander Pluym (DVanP), Shelly Vogel, John Wal - ters (JWa), Len S. Warren, Mary J. Whitfield, Eric Wier, Douglas R. Willick (Orange), Mi - chael Woodruff, Gary Woods, Jun Wu (JWu), Thomas E. Wurster, John Yerger, Kevin J. Zim - mer, Ben Zyla. Many additional observers who could not be individually acknowledged sub - mitted reports - all have our thanks . n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– SUMMER 2016 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– S ummers in the region are normally warm and dry and this year was no exception, adding to the impacts of a several year drought. There was some monsoonal rain on the northeastern deserts in late June and early July and again in late July, but the Region was generally warmer and drier than normal. Sig - nificant fires burned near Lake Isabella, Kern County in June (50,000 acres) and in the western San Gabriel Mtns. near Santa Clarita, Los Angeles County in July (40,000 acres). The avian highlight was a shocker—a Jouanin's Petrel captured during nighttime mist-netting for storm-petrels on Santa Bar - bara Island on 1 June. Although warm wa- ter species, notably Brown Boobies, dropped off steeply in numbers from last year, there were a surprising nine Magnificent Frigate - bird sightings during the period. The rarest passerine was a Common Redpoll far from its normal high latitude summer haunts on San Clemente I. on 27 June. Abbreviations: B.S. (Butterbredt Spring at the southern end of the Sierra Nevada above Cantil, e. Kern); C.L. (China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station, extreme n.e. Kern); E.A.F.B. (Edwards Air Force Base, s.e. Kern); F.C.R. (Furnace Creek Ranch, Death Valley Na - tional Park, Inyo); G.H.P. (Galileo Hill Park in extreme e. Kern); N.E.S.S. (north end of the Salton Sea, Riverside); (Point Mugu Na - val Air Station, Ventura); P.P. (Piute Ponds on Edwards Air Force Base, n.e. Los Angeles); S.F.K.R.P. (South Fork Kern River Preserve near Weldon, Kern); and V.C.G.P. (Ventura County Game Preserve near Pt. Mugu Naval Air Station, Ventura). Museum collections abbreviated in the text are: LACM (Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County) and SDNHM (San Diego Natural History Mu - seum). Because most rarities in s. Califor- nia are seen by multiple observers, only the observer(s) initially finding and/or identify - ing the bird are included. Documentation for species on the California Bird Records Com - mittee (CBRC) review list (see www.califor- is forwarded to the CBRC and archived at the Western Foundation of Verte - brate Zoology in Camarillo. WATERFOWL THROUGH IBIS A Common Goldeneye on Morro Bay 10-31 Jul+ (RMR) provides the second summer record for San Luis Obispo. Single Common Loons inland on L. Woollomes near Delano, Kern 16 Jun and 6 Jul (SDS) and at Big Bear L. San Bernardino 11 Jun (PB) provide notewor - thy summer records. A Red-necked Grebe at Ormond Beach, Ventura 13 Jul-23 Sep (LE) most likely summered locally. An albatross, almost certainly a Laysan Al - batross, seen from Solana Beach, San Diego 27 Jun (BM) was exceptionally close to shore. Photographs, along with limited measure - ments, of a procellariid caught on Santa Bar- bara I. 1 Jun (JH) indicate it was a Jouanin's Petrel, a species new to North America. The presence of up to two Northern Fulmars in a day off San Diego in June and July, one off Newport Beach, Orange 16 Jul (TAB) and an - other off Rancho Palos Verdes 20 Jul (JW) in- dicate small numbers summered off Southern California. A Buller's Shearwater near Santa Catalina I. 31 Jul (BLS) provides one of only a few records in summer. Single Manx Shear - waters were 26 km west of Ocean Beach, San

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