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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 386 S O U T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A FLYCATCHERS THROUGH PIPITS An exceptionally early Western Wood-Pewee was at San Luis Obispo 3 Apr (HDE), and Pacific-slope Flycatchers there 1 Mar (EW) and in Paso Robles the same day (BiH) estab - lished early arrival records for San Luis Obispo. A Western Flycatcher at G.H.P. 1 Jun gave the two-noted male position note of a Cordilleran Flycatcher, a species heretofore undetected as a migrant in the Region (CAM). The passerine highlight of the spring was a briefly seen but well-documented Buff-breasted Flycatcher at G.H.P. 15 May (MF, NF), the first to be record - ed in California. A Dusky-capped Flycatcher at La Mirada, Los Angeles 6 Apr-2 May (JRo) had returned for its ninth winter, but was not detected earlier in the season. Vagrant East - ern Kingbirds were at C.L. 15-16 May (SLS), G.H.P. 31 May-1 Jun (JB), and Deep Springs, Inyo 31 May (JLD), and coastally on San Cle - mente I. 30 May San Clemente I. (STM). The only Scissor-tailed Flycatcher was at Harper Dry Lake 16-27 May (KB). Gray Vireos are essentially unknown as spring migrants in the Region, so the appearance of three well-documented migrants in a two-day span in mid-May was a surprise: at Pt. Loma, San Diego 17 May (AAA), on both sides of Los Angeles/Kern line near Red Barn Marsh, E.A.F.B. 17 May (JSF), and at Bear Divide in w. San Ga - briel Mtns., Los Angeles 18 May (DaM). The sta- tus of migrant Plumbeous Vireos on the deserts is confused by recurring identification issues, but individuals were well-documented in Lan - caster, Los Angeles 9-12 May (DDo) and at P.P. 18 May (JB). An out-of-range Steller's Jay was at Black Rock C.G. in Joshua Tree N. P., San Ber - nardino 3 May (BK). Two Clark's Nutcrackers at Crystal Spring, Inyo 4 Jun (AEK) were likewise away from expected habitat. Pygmy Nuthatches appeared well away from areas where resi - dent, with singles at Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles 20 Apr (JWu, BC), in the Santa Ana Mtns., Orange 14-15 May (BD, CS); and at B. S. 14 May (TME). A very late Ruby-crowned Kinglet was at G.H.P. 31 May (K&BK). A Townsend's Solitaire on San Clemente I. 16 May (JTS) was well away from expected habi - tat. A Swainson's Thrush photo- graphed near El Centro 22 May (KZK) was an "Olive-backed" bird, a casual migrant in the re - gion. Gray Catbirds appeared at Inyokern, Kern 6-8 May (SLS), G.H.P. 17 May (K&BK), and at San Clemente I. 18-24 May (NJD, JTS). A Brown Thrasher was at San Di - eguito Lagoon, San Diego 7 May (PEL). Two motacillid species made news this spring: a White Wagtail at Pismo Creek La - goon, San Luis Obispo 22 Apr was a male of the Black-backed subspecies lugens and only the second to be found in spring in the Region; the Region's first spring Red-throated Pipits were found on San Clemente I. 1 May (JTS) and at Big Bear Lake, San Bernardino 1 May (2; ET, MW). WOOD-WARBLERS THROUGH FINCHES An Ovenbird was at Pt. Loma 15-16 May (AAA) and five more were on the deserts at Tamarisk Grove C. G., Anza-Borrego S.P. 22 May (RT), G.H.P. 22-26 May (SLS) with two there on 26 May (GW), Zzyzx, San Bernardino 23 May (JEP), and Palo Verde E. R., Riverside 11 May (JT). Northern Waterthrushes in the Tijuana R. Valley 24 Mar-3 Apr (LS) and 15 Apr (NC) were likely wintering locally; six more were on the north - ern deserts 17-31 May. The rarest wood-warbler of the season was a Golden-winged Warbler at Bishop, Inyo 22 May (CBG). Eleven Black-and- white Warblers thought to be spring transients were found in coastal areas 21 Mar-30 May, one was at Jacumba, San Diego 10 May (EGK), and 6 were on the northern deserts 4-30 May. A Prothonotary Warbler was killed at a glass- sided building in Irvine, Orange 19 May (CB). Tennessee Warblers were on San Clemente I. 13-30 May (JTS) and at G. H. P. 22 May (DB) and 31 May-1 Jun (SBT). A Lucy's Warbler at E.A.F.B. 22 May-6 Jun (JSF) was well away from known desert breeding areas but in margin - ally suitable habitat. Kentucky Warblers were at G.H.P. 14 May (DSC) and 30-31 May (TEW); another was at Twentynine Palms SBE 21-22 May (TAB). Coastal Hooded Warblers were at Manhattan Beach 11-14 May (JWu) and Los Penasquitos Lagoon, San Diego 21 May-5 Jun (PGN); six more were on the northern deserts 14-31 May, with another very early bird at B.S. 18 Apr (JEB, SMcL) and late stragglers at G.H.P. 9 Jun (K&BK) and near Lancaster 12 Jun (LT, DB). Five American Redstarts were on the coast and San Clemente I. 6 Apr-7 Jun, with another 7 on the northern deserts 14 May-1 Jun. It was a poor spring for Northern Parulas, with only five found on the coast and islands 21 Apr-4 Jun and another three on the northern deserts 15- 31 May. A Magnolia Warbler was at B.S. 25 May (TME), and the only Bay-breasted Warbler was at Zzyzx 23 May (JEP). A Blackburnian Warbler at Laguna Niguel, Orange 9-11 Apr (MiS) was likely wintering there, as one was reported there 25 Feb in eBird by anonymous observer. The spring's lone Chestnut-sided Warbler was at B.S. 30 May (JSe). A Palm Warbler at Santa Maria, Santa Barbara 19 Mar (JMC) may have wintered locally, but spring migrants were at Dominguez Hills, Los Angeles 11-14 Apr (RB) and Big Pine Creek, Inyo 12 May (R&NO). An exceptionally rare spring Canada Warbler was at G.H.P. 29- 31 May (AMS). A Yellow-breasted Chat in Los Osos, San Luis Obispo 4 Mar (JSR) certainly win - tered locally (as in recent winters as well), but had not been found earlier in the season. Clay-colored Sparrows not known to have wintered were at Camp Pendleton 20 Apr (MLe) and San Bernardino 3 Apr (TAB). A Black-throated Sparrow at Border Field S. P., San Diego 19 Apr (MSa) was a rare coastal wanderer. Lark Buntings appeared at Califor - nia Valley, San Luis Obispo 12 Mar (alternate male; JSR), Otay Mesa, San Diego 13 Apr (JM) and Mountain Springs, Imperial 1 May (BJS). A Swamp Sparrow at Lake Hodges, San Diego 18 Mar (CJ) has not been reported earlier. The only spring Harris's Sparrow was at Los Osos 16 Apr (JSR). An adult male Scarlet Tanager was on Santa Barbara I. 19 May (AB). Eighteen Rose-breast - ed Grosbeaks were on the coast and islands 6 May-10 Jun, and 17 more were on the deserts or well inland on the coastal slope 9 May-4 This male White Wagtail, clearly of the black-backed subspecies lugens, was present 22 April at Pismo Beach Lagoon in Pismo Beach, San Luis Obispo, California, and provided this Region's second spring record. Photo by © Brad K. Schram This Buff-breasted Flycatcher, the first to be found in California, was present only in the late afternoon of 15 May at Galileo Hill Park in extreme eastern Kern, California. Photo by © Nick Freeman

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