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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 9 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 385 S O U T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A grated northward through the area of Borrego Springs this spring, with a peak of 1673 on 15 Mar (HC); in addition, up to 182 near Big Pine 9-10 Apr (T & JH) was the largest flock ever in Inyo. Four Zone-tailed Hawks were reported in the coastal lowlands of Orange and San Di - ego, with the latest being one at Torrey Pines, San Diego 15 Apr (MLi); one at Shoshone, Inyo 16 May (LSW) and another around Borrego Springs 1 Mar-15 May (WH, PA) were inland where much scarcer. A Yellow Rail found in La Verne, Los An - geles 20 Apr died at a rehabilitation facility the same day (DAG; *LACM); the only other well-documented records for the Region since 1917 were similarly salvaged specimens in No - vember 1996 (Santa Barbara) and October (Los Angeles) and December (San Diego) 1998. A Sandhill Crane at Bishop, Inyo 8 May (R & NO) was unexpectedly late and in an area where extremely rare. An apparent "pure" American Oystercatcher was at the San Gabriel R. mouth, Los Angeles/Orange 13-29 Mar (DB). Known wintering Pacific Golden-Plovers remained in Del Mar, San Diego to 6 Mar (SB), Impe - rial Beach to 24 Mar (MSa) and on San Cle- mente I. to 1 May (JTS). A Solitary Sandpiper in Lakeside, San Diego 3-26 Mar (SR) probably wintered locally, but 6 along the coast and 4 more inland between 1 Apr and 1 May were spring migrants. 14 Whimbrel at Harper Dry Lake 3 Apr (JY) were in an area where consid - ered rare. A Black Turnstone, rare inland, was on the Salton Sea at the mouth of Salt Creek, Riverside 27 Apr (RMcK). Red Knots migrating northward through the Salton Sink between 3 Mar and 14 May peaked at 1800 on 27 Apr (RMcK) at the mouth of Salt Creek, and 800 at the Niland Marina, Imperial 26 Apr (RMcK). About 400 Sanderlings at the Niland Marina 26 Apr (RMcK) is the largest flock ever recorded on the Salton Sea, but one at Kramer Junc - tion, San Bernardino 1-5 May (TABe) was the only one reported inland away from the Salton Sea. A Purple Sandpiper at the mouth of Salt Creek 25 Mar-17 Apr (BED, CAM) establishes the first record for California (singles at Point Barrow, Alaska 29 Sep 1990, in Calgary, Al - berta 9-10 May 2013, near Great Falls, Mon- tana 12 Nov 2015, near St George, Utah 28 Nov-4 Dec 2010, and at San Blas, Nayarit Jan- Feb 2015 establish the previous westernmost records). Single Semipalmated Sandpipers, much scarcer in spring than in fall, were along the coast in Goleta 26-30 Apr (NAL), and in - land at N.E.S.S. (Ave 84) 3 May (CMcG), Salt Creek 9 May (RMcK), Kramer Junction 25-28 May (Jon L. Dunn) and P.P. 3-4 Jun (JSF), along with two together at S.E.S.S. (Unit 1) 18 May (GMcC). A Red Phalarope, rare inland, was at Harper Dry Lake 8-9 Apr (JY) Single South Polar Skuas were about 50 km off San Luis Obispo 30 Apr (DF), 18 km sw off Pt. Loma 30 Apr (PEL), 35 km sw off San Miguel I. 8 May (MF), and 25 km w of Pt. Loma 21 May (DP). Pigeon Guillemots at La Jolla 30 May (GN) and 5 Jun (PEL) were at the south - ern extreme of the species' summer range. Two Ancient Murrelets 6 km off Encinitas, San Diego 20 Mar (CAM) were the only ones reported in this Region. A Tufted Puffin 3 km off La Jolla 20 May (Cody Ebbert) was at the southern extreme of this species' pelagic range. GULLS THROUGH WOODPECKERS A Sabine's Gull at Owens Lake 28 May (KH-L) was only the second found in Inyo in spring. A first-winter Little Gull at Bataquitos Lagoon 7 Apr (BMu) provides the third record for San Diego, and two (adult & first-winter) were together at the mouth of Salt Creek 12 Apr (CMcG), with the first-winter bird still present 16 Apr (KR) and the adult on 23 Apr (JSz). Sin - gle Laughing Gulls were along the coast, where rare, at the entrance to Morro Bay 7 Mar (KLP), in Goleta 16 May-15 Jun (GK), Goleta 29- 30 May (BrH), at the San Diego R. mouth 24 Apr (TR) and about 5 km off Del Mar 16 May (CE). Large numbers of Franklin's Gulls moved northward through the Salton Sink in April, with a count of 275 at a grain handling facil - ity in Calipatria, Imperial 16 Apr (GMcC) being the largest flock recorded in California; away from the Salton Sink up to 12 were at P.P. 18 Apr-4 Jun (DDo); in additional about 40 were reported elsewhere inland, along with only 5 along the coast between 1 Apr and 4 May. The only Heermann's Gull well inland, and away from the Salton Sea, was one on the San Ber - nardino part of L. Havasu 10 Apr (DVanP). Im- mature Lesser Black-backed Gulls at Salt Creek 9-14 May (RMcK, CMcG) and North Shore 18 May (RMcK, CMcG), along with an adult at S.E.S.S. (Obsidian Butte) 7 May (GMcC) were the latest of at least 16 wintering at the Salton Sink; in addition, an immature was on the coast, where still rare, at Los Penasquitos Lagoon 19-25 Apr (Jim Pawlicki). An adult Yel - low-footed Gull along the San Gabriel River in Pico Rivera 2-6 Mar (DB) was only the second to be found in Los Angeles. Reports of Glaucous Gulls included one on south San Diego Bay 3 Apr (GMcC), and another inland on the Salton Sea at Salt Creek 7-10 Apr (MSm, CAM) then at nearby North Shore 12-23 Apr (CMcG). Two Least Terns at Huntington Beach, Orange 7 Apr (RG) were the earliest this year; single birds at P.P. 12-14 May (DDo), 7 Jun (JSF) and Yucca Valley, San Bernardino 17 May (DN) were both well inland where rare. Three Elegant Terns were inland at Fig Lagoon near Seeley, Impe - rial 7 Apr (GMcC). The only Gull-billed Terns reported away from San Diego and the Salton Sink were one at Bolsa Chica, Orange 24 Apr (EB) with a pair there 29 Apr (PK). Only 4 White-winged Doves were found along the coast. A Yellow-billed Cuckoo near S.F.K.R.P. 31 May (MJW) provides one of the earliest dates for a spring migrant in California. A vocal Flammulated Owl in the San Gabriel Mts. Los Angeles on 18 Apr (MF) was earlier than expected. A Common Nighthawk in Bish - op 23 May (CBH) was earlier than expected as was a Lesser Nighthawk at P.P. 12 Mar (JSF). A calling Mexican Whip-poor-will at Green Can - yon in the San Bernardino Mts. San Bernardino after 22 May (TABe) was at a presumed breed - ing site, however nesting has yet to be docu- mented in California. Migrant Black Swifts were somewhat scarce and reported during two well separated time-periods, with 8 in Riverside (1 L. Elsinore 6 May - CH), interior Los Angeles (2 P.P. 7 May - BMo) and coastal Santa Barbara (5 Carpinteria 7 May - LRB) 6 and 7 May, then 21 in interior San Diego (4 McCain Valley 20 May - DG), Riverside (2 S.J.W.A. 21 May - BD), interior Los Angeles (5 P.P. 21 May – M & JS) and coastal Santa Barbara (7 V.A.F.B. 26 May - DT and 3 Santa Barbara 30 May - MH) 20- 30 May. A Chimney Swift, now a rare to casual visitor to California, was over the Tijuana River Valley 30 May (GMcC). A male Broad-tailed Hummingbird visiting a feeder in Nipton 23 Mar (BZ) was not only unusually early, but also one of a very few found away from the limited breeding areas in California. Migrant Calliope Hummingbirds appeared scarcer than expect - ed along the coast, with only 4 reported be- tween 24 Mar and 15 Apr, but at least 10 near El Centro, Imperial between 2 Apr and 11 May (KZK) suggest greater than expected numbers moved north through the interior. An Acorn Woodpecker at G.H.P. 24 Apr-9 May (KH-L) and another there 29 May (TEW) were well away from any area of expected oc - currence. A White-headed Woodpecker in Big Pine 27 May (T & JH) was in an area where considered casual. This obvious Swallow-tailed Kite, only the second to be re- corded in California, was photographed 22 April over Imperial Beach, San Diego as it moved northward along the coast to at least Camp Pendleton. Photo by © Dick Garnick

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