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VOLUME 70 NO3-NO4 2019

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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 9 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 383 N O R T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A Scott Edwards, Amber D. Edwards, Brad Elvert, Dane Fagundes, Paul Fenwick, Brian Fitch, Tim Fitzer, Matthew Forster, Rob Fowler (RbF; Humboldt and Del Norte), James H. Gain, Steve Gerow (Santa Cruz), Steve C. Hampton, John H. Harris (Stanislaus), Garth Harwood, Chris Hayward, Debbie House, Steve N. G. Howell, Lisa Hug, John E. Hunter (Trinity), Ken Irwin, Alvaro Jaramillo, Richard G. Jeffers, Logan Kah - le (Contra Costa and San Francisco), Robert J. Keiffer (Mendocino), Gary Kittleson, Tony Kurz, Alexandra Lamb, Paul E. Lehman, Robin L. C. Leong (Solano), Ron LeValley, Nick Levendosky, Bob Lewis, Jim Lomax, John S. Luther, Mark Martucci, Blake T. Matheson, Sean McAllister, Tristan McKee, Peter J. Metropulos (San Ma - teo), Dan J. Maxwell (Marin), Dominik Mo- sur (San Francisco), Dan P. Murphy, Kristie N. Nelson (Mono), Frances Oliver (San Joaquin), Ed Pandolfino (Placer), Jim & Debby Parker, Eric Pilotte, Gary W. Potter (Fresno), Jude C. Power, Robert C. Power (Alameda), Ron Pozzi, Peter Pyle, Robert Ramer, Harold M. Reeve, Robert J. Richmond, Alex M. Rinkert, Don Roberson (Monterey), Michael M. Rogers, Ruth A. Rudesill (Sonoma), Casey Ryan, Tom Ryan, Paul Saraceni, Ken Schneider, Jeff Seay (Kings), Kenneth Sobon, Mark Stacy, John C. Sterling (Modoc, Alpine, Calaveras, and Yolo), Fritz Steu - rer, Tim Steurer (El Dorado and Amador), Steve J. Stump, Brian L. Sullivan, Steven D. Sum - mers (Tulare), Linda Terrill, Scott B. Terrill, Ronald S. Thorn, Jim Tietz (F.I.), John Trochet, Steve Umland (Tuolumne), Chuck E. Vaughn, Kent Van Vuren (Merced), Dave Weber, Brian J. Weed, Jerry R. White (Lake), Gary Woods, David G. Yee, Bob & Carol Yutzy (Shasta). n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Stephen C. Rottenborn, 983 University Avenue, Bldg. D, Los Gatos, California 95032 • Michael M. Rogers, 499 Novato Avenue, Sunnyvale, California 94086 • Jeff N. Davis, 9493 N. Fort Washington Rd., Ste. 108, Fresno, California 93730 • Rob Fowler, 1386 Fernwood Drive, McKinleyville, CA 95519 • continued from the winter period at Limantour Marsh, Marin 4 Mar (m.ob.). A Red Fox Sparrow continued from the winter period in Kenwood, Sonoma to 6 Mar (RAR) and one was at Coyote Point, San Mateo 3 Mar (RSTh). A Harris's Spar - row in Soquel, Santa Cruz 6-18 Apr (Noreen Fe- uss, Beverly Douglas) was the only one reported. A White-crowned X Golden-crowned sparrow, reported in the Region less than annually, was well-documented at Mather Lake, Sacramento 12 Apr (Lily Douglas, ph.). Of 6 Summer Tanagers reported, the most noteworthy were an adult male in its third winter in Pacific Grove, Monterey continuing to 5 Apr (DR, RC, m.ob.) and a singing male at C.R.P. 22 May+ (ph. CCo, JTr). Thirteen Rose- breasted Grosbeaks in the Region were about average. Six Indigo Buntings were reported, but an adult male Painted Bunting at Ulistac Natu - ral Area, Santa Clara 8-10 May was certainly the Passerina highlight of the season and only the third for Santa Clara (ph. Raymond Liao, ph. Brooke Miller, DvWb, Kevin Gin, m.ob.) Dickcissel is always unexpected during spring, so 2 were a surprise. One captured in Seaside, Monterey 23 Mar (ph. Ashley McFarland) had probably wintered locally; the other was a sing - ing male during the 16 May migrant fallout in Paradise, Mono (DHo). One Bobolink was near Eagleville, Modoc 31 May (Bruce Mast), an an - nual location for the species. A male Tricolored Blackbird photographed at Oasis, Mono (ADeM, PJM) established the first well-documented re - cord for the county. A male and female Orchard Oriole at Cressey 18 Mar-8 Apr provided Mer - ced's first record of the species (Eric Wentzel, KVV, Dale Swanberg). Red Crossbills continued their fall/winter in - vasion throughout much of the Region, with the highest counts being 180 at Monte Bello O.S.P., Santa Clara 22 May and 116 at Skyline Ridge O.S.P., San Mateo/Santa Clara 13 May (both GHr). All Red Crossbills recorded to type were Type 3 or the Western Hemlock Crossbill. The only unexpected Lawrence's Goldfinch was in Korbel, Humboldt 22 May (RbF). Cited observers (county sub-regional edi - tors in boldface): Many more observers are not specifically cited; all are appreciated. Ken Able (Lassen), Roger Adamson, Ralph Baker, Alan D. Barron, Murray Berner (Napa), Jack W. Booth, William G. Bousman (Santa Clara), Lucas Brug, Ryan D. Burnett, Rita Carratello, George E. Chaniot, George Chrisman, Da - ryl Coldren (Humboldt and Del Norte), Chris Conard (Sacramento), Hugh Cotter, J. Michael Danzenbaker, Rudy C. Darling (Nevada), Jeff N. Davis (Madera), Malia DeFelice, Al DeMar - tini, Bruce E. Deuel (n. C.V. counties), Colin P. Dillingham (Plumas and Sierra), Pete Dunten, (ADeM, PJM) were a nice find. Single Tennes - see Warblers were on F.I. 13 May (Point Blue; 458 th island record!), in Burlingame, San Mateo 8 May (GCh), and slightly inland at Ulistac Nat - ural Area, Santa Clara 8-11 May (Brooke Miller, DvWb, Chris Johnson). Hooded Warblers made a slightly above-average appearance with one at P.R.N.S. 2 May (Mark Forney, Jeff Miller) and singles on F.I. on 7 and 22 May (Point Blue). Three American Redstarts were inland (coastal reports not included here): single second-year males at Cottonwood Creek, Mono 26 and 28 May (ADeM, PJM) and one adult female at Bidwell Park, Butte 19 May (Robert Doster, MtF, Liam Huber). A record early (previous early re - cord 27 April 1992) singing Northern Parula was on the n. spit of Humboldt Bay, Humboldt 18 Apr (TKz, John Oliver, Casey Ryan, m.ob.). The other 6 Northern Parulas were recorded on more typical dates of 11-25 May; 4 were along the coast from Marin to Monterey, and inland birds were at the San Joaquin Experimental Range 20-22 May (Kathryn Purcell, ph. GaW, JND), providing the second record for Madera, and at C.R.P 17 May (JTr). One Chestnut-sided Warbler was at Cottonwood Creek Mono 28 May (ADeM, PJM) and another was in the Bald Hills area of Redwood N.P., Humboldt 29 May (Mark Colwell). Eleven Palm Warblers were tal - lied, mostly in coastal counties, slightly down from last spring's impressive 16 sightings. Two or 3 Hermit X Townsend's warblers were found in Santa Clara during the period. One Black- throated Green Warbler was in Paradise, Mono 16 May during a migrant fallout (DHo). SPARROWS THROUGH FINCHES Out-of-range Green-tailed Towhees were at An- cil Hoffman Park, Sacramento 4 May (MkM) and Moss Beach, San Mateo 4-5 May (AJ, m.ob.). A wintering American Tree Sparrow at Fish Slough, Mono continued until 3 Mar (m.ob.). Only one Clay-colored Sparrow was tallied, showing up on F.I. 11 May (Point Blue). Black- chinned Sparrows, which are local breeders in the Region, were only reported from three loca - tions this season: 1-3 were present 3 Apr+ along Summit Ridge, Santa Cruz (AMR, m.ob.), 7 were along Bear Mountain Rd. in Henry Coe S.P., San - ta Clara 15 May (MMR), and 2 were at Garrapata S.P., Monterey 24 May+ (PFen, m.ob.). The only out-of-range Vesper Sparrow was a continuing bird from winter at Tolay R.P., Sonoma 26 Mar (Jim Chiropolos). A Lark Bunting in Lee Vin - ing, Mono, 24 May (KNN, Nora Livingston) was the only one reported. Interesting breed - ing reports of Grasshopper Sparrows came from Nader Rd., Placer 14-26 May (RPz, m.ob.; the only known Placer breeding location) and from C.R.P. 18 Apr–20 May, with a juvenile being fed by an adult on 20 May (JTr). A Nelson's Sparrow This stunning male Painted Bunting was the Passerina bunting highlight of the season, and only Santa Clara's third, present at Ulistac Natural Area 8-10 May (here 8 May). Photo by © Raymond Liao

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