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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 9 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 381 N O R T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A 24 Mar–4 May (JSy, ph. MSy). A single Sand- erling at the Tulare W.T.P. 26 Apr (DaF) was quite rare for Tulare; up to 15 in nearby Kings 28 Mar–21 Apr (ph. MSy) were more expected, although still a notable inland total. The only spring Baird's Sandpiper reported was at Alexan - dre Dairy, Del Norte 10 May (TKz, Casey Ryan). Among four spring Pectoral Sandpiper reports (of 8 birds) was a late individual at the Salinas W.T.P., Monterey 24 May (ph. KVV). Remarkable was Santa Clara's second Little Stint, provid - ing only the second spring record for the state and the first spring record for the Region, which spent 20 Apr–6 May in Alviso (ph. Will Brooks, ph. m.ob.). A Semipalmated Sandpiper at the same location 29 Apr (JMD, ph. Craig Fosdick) was Santa Clara's first for Apr; another at Alex - andre Dairy, Del Norte 6 May (LBr) was the only other one reported. ALCIDS THROUGH SKIMMERS Five pairs of Scripps's Murrelets were observed from repositioning cruises between Monterey and Humboldt 3-20 May (PEL, Vicki Sandage, Bruce Rideout) and one was off Fort Bragg, Men - docino 15 May (Ryan F. Keiffer, †RJK, m.ob.). Though not as early as last spring's late Mar birds, 9 Sabine's Gulls seen from a repositioning cruise off Monterey 1 Apr, with smaller numbers farther n. over the next two days (Jeff Gilligan, m.ob.), were still unusually early. A Laughing Gull found dead 20 Apr (ph. Point Blue) provid - ed the fifth record for F.I.; a live bird was at Hay- ward Marsh, Alameda 8 May+ (BLe). Franklin's Gulls were widespread, occurring in 12 coun - ties, with 3 coastal birds and 43 inland. Note- Santa Clara 23 Apr–19 May (v.r. Kevin Gin, m.ob.), although much less frequently than in 2015. They were again reported from the usu - al locations in Butte, with up to 2 birds along Centerville Road 13-27 Apr (KSb, MtF, m.ob.) and one at Upper Bidwell Park 27-30 Apr (JiDP, SBT, LTer). Four Black Rails were found at John F. Kennedy Memorial Park, Napa 16 Apr (An - drew Ford et al.), the farthest upstream along the Napa River that the species has been found, with 2 still present 14 May (Stephen Berly - ant). Coastal Sandhill Cranes were found at Half Moon Bay, San Mateo 16 Mar (RSTh) and over Sunnybrae, Humboldt 23 Apr (KI). A pair returned to Bridgeport Valley, Mono 15 Mar+ (JiDP, m.ob.) for a tenth year. SHOREBIRDS American Avocets, perhaps last year's pair and their offspring, returned to the Ukiah W.T.P., Mendocino 7 Apr–21 May to nest for a second year (SJS, m.ob.). Both pairs failed to fledge young, although one clutch did hatch before being predated. In contrast, avocets nested suc - cessfully at College Lake, Santa Cruz, where 5 young were found 24 May (GKt). There are few nesting confirmations for Santa Cruz, where the species breeds irregularly. Black Oystercatchers were confirmed breeding off Benicia Pier, Solano 5 May+ (EPi), with one egg in a nest by 29 May. An alternate ad. American Golden-Plover was found at Tolowa Dunes S.P., Del Norte 17 May (†Casey Ryan). Among the usual spring migration of Solitary Sandpipers was a very late bird at Oak Grove R.P., San Joaquin 22 May (DGY). A Marsh Sand - piper at the Yolo Bypass W.A., Yolo 16-23 Apr (Dan Welsh, Frank Fogarty, ph. JCS, m.ob.) drew birders from across the nation. This rare shorebird arrived two years and a week after the previous Regional occurrence, found in nearby Solano, and was deemed to be the same individ - ual; it represents the second record for the state and the first for the Region. An ad. male Hud - sonian Godwit at Clam and Little River S.B. 20- 26 May was the eighth for Humboldt (RbF, ph. m.ob.) and may have been the same as the ad. male present at the same location a year earlier, 25-26 May 2015. An inland Ruddy Turnstone at the Llano Seco Unit of the Northern Central Valley W.M.A. 20 Apr was the first found in Butte since 1980 (†MtF); other inland birds were at Crowley Lake, Mono 21 Apr (Ken Wells, Karen Murphy), at White Slough W.T.P. in Lodi, San Joaquin 23 Apr (ph. Breck Breckridge), and at Los Banos W.T.P., Merced 3-5 May (KVV, MMR, PDu, RGJ). Ruffs were found s. of Corcoran, Kings 25-28 Mar (MSy), at the Yolo Bypass W.A., Yolo 19 Apr (Casey Ryan, TKz), and at C.R.P. 28 Apr (ph. Lily Douglas). The only Stilt Sandpip - ers reported were up to 4 near Corcoran, Kings Mateo 16 Mar-15 May (MDeF, CHy, m.ob.). In the City of Monterey, Monterey, a Double-crested Cormorant nest with young at Laguna Grande in May (Carol Greenstreet, BJW, RC) and about 15 nests at Del Monte Lake Apr+ (Todd Wills, Gail Griffon) represented first nesting records for those locations. American White Pelicans are scarce on the n. coast, so 1-3 birds around the Arcata Bottoms and Humboldt Bay, Humboldt 13 Apr–8 May (Phil Johnston, AxL, m.ob.) were noteworthy. Conversely, records of Brown Peli - cans well inland, especially involving multiple birds, are highly unusual; 4 were at Sacramento N.W.R., Glenn 20 Apr (†Linda Angerer). HERONS THROUGH CRANES A vocal Least Bittern at Harkins Slough 21 Apr (SGe, RRa) provided the first record for Santa Cruz since 1961. A Glossy Ibis reported from the Yolo Basin W.A., Yolo 2-8 Apr (John Ehren - feld, ph. William Rockey, ph. JCS) failed to gar- ner acceptance from the C.B.R.C. owing to sub- tle facial features that suggested introgression with White-faced Ibis. Among the smattering of coastal White-face Ibis reported throughout the period was one following a ship for a half-hour over 60 km off Patricks Point, Humboldt 3 May (ph. Josh Adams). Northbound Broad-winged Hawks all fell within a four-day mid-Apr window: one over Sierra Azul O.S.P., Santa Clara 16 Apr (Edward Rooks), 3 over Battery Godfrey, S.F. that same day (m.ob., ph. KnS), another there the next day (HuC, PSar), and one over Belmont, San Mateo 19 Apr (RSTh). Coastal migrant Swainson's Hawks were reported 1 Mar-17 May from Mon - terey, San Mateo, Santa Clara, and S.F. (m.ob.). One e. of Ukiah 3 Apr (CEV) and 2 over the Gar - cia River flats 17 Apr (ph. FS) were less expect- ed farther n. in Mendocino. Swainson's Hawks nested again at Jameson Canyon, Napa 23 Mar+ (MBe). Humboldt's first Zone-tailed Hawk flew over Benbow Lake S.R.A. 26 May (†Casey Ryan, TKz). Coincidentally, Mono's first flew over Cot - tonwood Canyon the same day (ph. ADeM). Black Rails were again reported from Alviso, California's only accepted Kelp Gull, first seen in coastal San Mateo and on Southeast Farallon Island in spring 2015, was seen again this spring. It was in San Gabriel, Los Angeles 4-5 Feb, then on Southeast Farallon Island 26 Apr, and finally at Half Moon Bay, San Mateo 30-31 May (where this photo was taken 31 May, with a Western Gull in the foreground). The California Bird Records Committee has accepted all records as pertaining to the same individual. Photo by © Gena Zolotar The Region's first spring record of Little Stint was photographed in Alviso, Santa Clara 20 Apr and identified later (from photos) by Marshall Iliff. The bird, transitioning to alternate plumage, stayed through 6 May (here 22 April). Photo by © Michael Park

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