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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 378 O R E G O N & WA S H I N G TO N in Klickitat. Two Williamson's Sapsuckers in- habited White Pass, Lewis 5 Jun + (M. Bartels); there are very few records of this species in w. Washington, though it might actually be regu - lar near the crest in the s. Cascades. Rare at any season away from the Cascade crest, but more so in summer, a Red-naped Sapsucker was at Big Four Ice Caves, Snohomish 3-9 Jul (A.M. Wood). A Red-breasted Sapsucker was at Tacoma Creek, Pend Oreille 26 Jun (M.F. Mathis); this taxon has become increasingly regular away from the Cascades in e. Wash - ington during winter, but summer records are still very rare especially this far east. PASSERINES A Least Flycatcher, near annual in w. Wash- ington, visited Battle Ground, Clark 26 Jul (J. Danzenbaker). Singing Least Flycatchers were reported at four Oregon locations, in - cluding first county records at Fernhill Wet- lands, Washington 4 Jun (S. Nord) and Finley NWR, Benton 27-30 Jun (W. Wright). Five Black Phoebes noted at 5 locations away from the 2 known nesting locales in Washington was an exceptional tally for summer. An Ash- throated Flycatcher near Connell, Franklin 15 Jun (J. Fidorra) and another near Spokane 20 Jul (D. McNeely) were well e. of this species breeding range. Two Ash-throated Flycatch - ers in the Willamette Valley during June was half the typical number for the valley. Migrant Eastern Kingbirds for w. Washington includ - ed rare coastal singles at Kalaloch, Jefferson 10 Jun (ph. D. Bryant) and Tatoosh I., Clallam 20 Jun (T. Wooton); this species is a scarce mi - grant and very local breeder on the westside. Aside from an expected pair at the Sandy River Delta, Multnomah breeding site, a single (BL) provided the first Summer record for the Region. A Glaucous Gull at Neah Bay, 12 Jun (ph. RM, BW) was only the sixth summer re - cord for Washington. Astonishingly, two El- egant Terns were at Potholes Res., Grant 26 Jun (ph. C. Borre) providing the first eastside record for the Region. A Brown Booby off Westport 23 Jul (BL,SM) was Washington's seventeenth; all but four have occurred since 2010. Two Manx Shear - waters flew off Bainbridge I.,13 Jul (BW) pro- viding a first for Kitsap; there are only a hand- ful of records for the P.T. American White Pelicans showed in unprecedented numbers in the P.T. this summer highlighted by 118 at March Point, Skagit 26 Jun (BW) and 198 at Deer Lagoon, Island 27 Jul (G. Heleker); in recent years this species has been considered an erratic summer wanderer in w. Washington beyond Pacific, Wahkiakum, and Clark, but now seem to be establishing a foothold fur - ther north. No Brown Pelicans were detected in the P.T. this summer. A Snowy Egret at Fife, 30 Jul (B. Labar) provided a first for Pierce; this species looks to have regained a status as rare, but near annual, in Washington after not being detected 2007-2010. Green Her - ons, rare for e. Washington, included one at Hood Park, Walla Walla 12-17 Jun (S. Joyce) and one near Touchet, Walla Walla 27 Jul (C. Jensen). This year's stray White-faced Ibis was at Blount Swale, Clackamas on 8-11 Jun (J. Blowers); about one per summer is expected away from their se. Oregon haunts. Single Swainson's Hawks were at Edmonds, Snohomish 1 Jun (D. Duffy), White Pass, Lewis 5 Jun (M. Bartels), and Bellingham, What - com 17 Jul (D. Brown); summer records are less than annual in w. Washington, with most Swainson's pass - ing through late Apr-mid May. A Short-eared Owl graced Del Rey Beach, Clatsop on 18 Jun (L. Nor - gren); westside summer sightings in Oregon occur every few years at best. A Red-headed Wood - pecker w. of Adel, Lake 20 Jun (J. Brooks) provid - ed Oregon's third record; the previous two records were also from June, with both occurring at Mal - heur N.W.R. An Acorn Woodpecker at Satus Creek, Yakima 6 Jun (E. Heisey, A. Willette) pro - vided a rare e. Washing- ton record away from this species small population Lake, Deschutes 5 Jul (D. Sutherland) was Oregon's eighth eastside record. One of the most surprising finds of the summer was a Siberian Whimbrel (ssp. variegatus) at New River, Coos 24-27 Jun (K. Castelein, D. Laut - en); this is just the 3rd record for the Region. Rare away from the coast in w. Washington at any season, a Long-billed Curlew was at Riffe L., Lewis 30 Jul (M. Bartels) and another was at March Point, Skagit 30 Jul (W. We - ber). A Bar-tailed Godwit, detected annually in small numbers from mid-Jul through Oc - tober amongst the coastal Marbled Godwits, was at Bottle Beach, Grays Harbor 19 Jul (ph. S. Mills, BT). A Ruddy Turnstone at Bottle Beach, Grays Harbor 4 Jun (S. Blauman) provided a rare June record for Washington. A rare ad. Stilt Sandpiper inhabited Skagit W.M.A., Skagit 11-16 Jul (ph. C. Corin); ads. are not quite annual in the Region. JAEGERS THROUGH FALCONS A Long-tailed Jaeger, rare for the P.T., was near Smith I., San Juan 29-30 Jul (ph. J. Dial). Scripps's Murrelets were found in good num - bers with 3 off Westport 20 Jul (C. Borre) and 6 there 23 Jul (BL). A Laughing Gull, most certainly the same individual as noted in May, inhabited Bottle Beach, Grays Harbor 20 Jul + (ph. G. Malosh); Washington's 7 previous records are all May–Sep and all but two are from the outer coast. Six Franklin's Gulls in e. Washington 1 Jun–4 Jul was a subpar summer tally while one at Pt. Wilson, Jefferson 17 Jul (ph. G. van Vliet) and another at Hoquiam, Grays Harbor 24 Jul + (K. Brown, E. Pullen) were on the westside where not annual dur - ing summer. A Franklin's Gull was at Bar- view Jetty, Tillamook, 26 Jul (L. Keene); they are barely annual in summer in w. Oregon. A Thayer's Gull was at Neah Bay, Clallam 11 Jun (ph. RM, BW); there are only a handful of summer records for the Region. The con - tinuing Slaty-backed Gull at Tacoma 21 Jul While regular in westernmost Alaska, Siberian Whimbrels are exceeding rare elsewhere in North America. Through 1999 there was only one Washington, one Oregon, and three California records. This individual was photographed on the final day of its stay at New River, Curry, Oregon 24-27 July. Photo by © Owen Schmidt Of the nineteen Yellow-billed Cuckoo records for Oregon since 1980, seven come from Fields, Harney, between 28 May and 26 Jun. This silent individual was at Fields 2 Jun, fitting into that pattern nicely. Photo by © Tim Blount

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