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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 9 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 373 B R I T I S H C O LU M B I A Apr (Chris Siddle). A Say's Phoebe on the Sun- shine Coast at Sechelt's Heritage Road, 15 Mar is noteworthy, as this species typically avoids coastal locations (Kaiden Bosch). Duck Lake in Creston hosted a Loggerhead Shrike, 5 Apr (Marc-Andre Beaucher) and an out of range Black-billed Magpie appeared southwest of Soda Creek at Jervis Inlet, 7 May (Ken Vogan). Unusual in coastal B.C., a Rock Wren was at Quadling Quarry in Abbotsford, 24 to 27 May (Len Jellicoe). Mountain Bluebird sightings are rare, but annual in coastal loca - tions in B.C, however the appearance of 15 of them at the Squamish River Estuary, 7 to 9 Apr was noteworthy (Quentin Brown, m.obs). Vic - toria's continuing Redwing remained on South Valley Drive until at least 14 Apr (Nathan Hen - tze, m.obs). Another rarity, continuing from the winter period, was a Brown Thrasher at a private residence along Cottonwood Street in Revelstoke that stuck around until 8 Apr (Patti Matsushita, m.obs). A Sage Thrasher was a nice find at the airport in Hope, 29 Apr (Gord Gadsden). In the West Kootenay, along River Road near Wasa, a Northern Mockingbird was found, 28 May (Dianne Cooper, m.obs). A Red- throated Pipit was a nice find at Panama Flats in Saanich on southern Vancouver Island. The bird remained from 4 to 8 May (Geoffrey New - ell, David Newell, m.obs). Rare in B.C. outside of the Peace River Re - gion, an Ovenbird was singing along Columbia West Forest Service Road, along the west side of Kinbasket Lake, near Golden, 31 May (Doug - las Leighton). B.C.'s first Lucy's Warbler ap- peared in Castlegar, where it was photographed and the song was recorded in an orchard near the Selkirk College, 5 May (Craig Sandvig). A singing male Magnolia Warbler was found along Black Road near Salmon Arm, where the species is quite rare, 26 May (Geoff Styles). A Palm Warbler was discovered at Grant Narrows in Pitt Meadows 25 Apr (Sandy Blair, m.obs). Continuing the warbler theme, a singing male Black-throated Green Warbler was along the Paint Pots Trail in Kootenay National Park 15 May and remained into summer period (Rob Woods, m.obs). This species is rare in the prov - ince outside of the Peace River area. On the Sunshine Coast, a Yellow-breasted Chat was at Gospel Roack in Gibsons 22 and 23 May (John Hodges, m.obs). On the west coast of Van - couver Island, a Lark Sparrow was at Stubbs Island near Tofino, 13 May (Adrian Dorst). A Lark Bunting, which is casual anywhere in Brit - ish Columbia, was at the Hope Airport 30 May (Gord Gadsden). The bird was a male. Also at the Hope Airport, which has proven in recent years to be quite a good rarity trap, a Grasshop - per Sparrow was found 18 May (Gord Gads- den). Another Grasshopper Sparrow, a species which only occurs very locally in B.C. normally in the southern interior, was at Piper Spit at Burnaby Lake 17 May (John Linn, Sheila Linn, m.obs). In Revelstoke, a Le Conte's Sparrow was found singing at Machete Island, 31 May (Devon Anderson). A rather tardy adult Har - ris's Sparrow was found near Enderby Lake in Enderby, 23 May (Linda Mackenzie). Another Harris's Sparrow remained from the winter period at a private home in Powell River on the Sunshine Coast until at least 3 Apr (Ken Pritchard, Kathie Pritchard). Sightings of Rose-breasted Grosbeaks in the southern interior were fairly numerous this spring, with a male at the Creston Wildlife Cen - ter along Pipeline Trail, 21 May (Rob Woods, m.obs). Another male was in the Blaeberry Val - ley near Golden, 24 May (Douglas Leighton). In the West Kootenays, a male Rose-breasted Grosbeak was at a private residence, 24 May (Linda Norman) and another male was sing - ing at Moberly Marsh near Golden, 30 May (Douglas Leighton). A male Common Grackle was photographed in the Blaeberry Valley near Golden, 16 May (Douglas Leighton). Lesser Goldfinch sightings continue to increase in fre - quency in British Columbia, with a female at a feeder on Chardonnay Lane in Abbotsford, remaining from the winter period to at least 8 Mar (Rick Toochin, Chris Buis, m.obs). A male Lesser Goldfinch was at a feeder in Bell Park Estates in Surrey, 5 May (Andrew Foxall). n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– SUMMER 2016 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– J une was basically a carbon copy of the previous month: warm and dry to start but then becoming cooler and unsettled. A couple of rainfall events plagued areas east of the Rockies mid-month, likely negatively impacting nesting birds. July saw a parade of upper low pressure systems crossing from the northwest, each triggering significant convec - tive thunderstorms over the interior and local- ized heavy rainfalls. WATERFOWL THROUGH RAPTORS Summering Yellow-billed Loons are always a nice find anywhere in British Columbia, so two reports from Vancouver Island were of interest. The first, an adult, was at Saanichton Spit in near Victoria, 7 to 20 Jun (Jody Wells, m.obs) and the other was in Brabant Channel, west of Vargas Is - land, near Tofino, 19 Jun (B. Schroeder). Also on Vancouver Island's West Coast, a stray White- winged Dove was found at a feeder along Helen Road in Ucluelet, 17 Jun and is one of several White-winged Doves to occur in British Colum - bia in recent years (Ian Cruickshank). Rare in the Okanagan Valley, a Band-tailed Pigeon was pho - tographed at Trader's Cove in Kelowna, off West- side Road, 9 to 12 Jun (Kathy Nuszdorfer). In the Columbia River Valley, a male Ruby-throated Hummingbird visited a feeder at a private resi - dence in Parsons, south of Golden, 26 Jun (Mike Resch). This species is a rarity in British Colum - bia, anywhere other than parts of the Peace River in the N.E. of the province. A Snowy Plover, rare north of the 49 th parallel, was found on the beach at Florencia Bay near Ucluelet, in Pacific Rim National Park, 18 Jun (Ian Cruickshank). A rarity in southern British Columbia, especially in June, an Upland Sand - piper was at Donald, near Golden, in the Colum- bia River Valley, 18 Jun (Douglas Leighton). In Delta, one of up to 5 Bar-tailed Godwits that had been present in the spring at Brunswick Point, remained until 1 Jun (Ilya Povalyaev). A Marbled Godwit found at the Kelowna Landfill, 27 Jun, provided one of a precious few records of this species in the Okanagan Valley (Mike Resch). Red-necked Stints have become nearly an an - nual occurrence in B.C. An adult with remnants of breeding plumage was found amongst thou - sands of Western Sandpipers at Delta's Bound- ary Bay, ranging between 72 nd St and 104 th St, between 22 to 26 Jul (Kevin Louth, m.obs). An unseasonal Parasitic Jaeger was found at the west end of Eagle Lake, 215 kilometers west of Wil - liams Lake, 4 Jun (Ryan Johnston). In Central B.C., three Sabine's Gulls were a great find at Ea - glet Lake, near Prince George, 4 Jun (Cathy An- toniazzi). The first documented Laughing Gull, a 2 nd year cycle bird, was discovered on the mud- flats at Roberts Bay at the Shoal Harbour Migra- tory Bird Sanctuary in Sidney, on Vancouver Is- land. The bird remained from 7 to 15 Jul and was seen at various nearby locations during its stay (Kerry Finley, m.obs). Manx Shearwater re - ports are on the rise, as is the case up and down the Pacific Coast, where a single Manx Shearwa - ter was in Hecate Strait between Prince Rupert and Haida Gwaii, 17 Jul (Carey Bergman). In the Fraser Valley, a Great Egret was at a pond at a farm along Pemberton Meadows Road in Pemberton, 20 to 26 Jul (Martin Van Loon, m.obs). Sightings of Black-crowned Night-Her - ons in the Southern Interior of BC are few and far between, so an immature found at Haynes Point Provincial Park in Osoyoos, 13 Jul was noteworthy (Mel Thorne, m.obs). Another sighting of an immature Black-crowned Night- Heron at the north end of Osoyoos Lake at Road 22, was believed to be the same individual, 8 Jul. An adult White-faced Ibis, another species with increased sightings in B.C., turned up at the Reifel Bird Sanctuary in Ladner, 17 Jul to the end of the period (Wayne Diakow, m.obs). In

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