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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 370 A L A S K A beginning with on 7-8 Jun (IB, KOB, AB) and two 9-13 Jun (SCH, LEB, LF). At least one was heard 20 Jun (ph. RBB), 8-11 Jul (ph. JDL) and 19-23 Jul (TJD). Two were there 1 Aug (AWP, ph. SCH). There are now at least 15 Willow Flycatcher reports from the se. mainland between mid-June and early July. Birders combing the habitats at Utqiagvik located a quiet "Western" Flycatcher, likely a Pacific Slope Flycatcher, 20-29 Jul (ph. † WTE, BL), a first for Alaska's North Slope. The Region's first Eastern Phoebe in western Alaska, and one of few overall, surprised bird - ers along Hastings Ck. near Nome, where two first located 5 Jun (AB, SH, m. obs.) remained thru 25+ Jul (m. obs.). The pair built a nest and laid eggs, which were variously checked on thru the period (NRH, LHD et al.). These birds are suspected to have paired during migration. An extralimital Eastern Kingbird wandered offshore into the Bering Sea to St. Paul I. 19 Jul (St. Paul Tour) for the Pribilofs fifth record. Three were also found around Hyder, singles each on 9 Jun (IB, KOB, AB), 21 Jun (ph. RBB), and 18 Jul (TJD), where the species is occasional in June. At least two Cassin's Vireos in the Hyder area, one 11 Jun and 8 Jul (SCH, LEB, LF, ph. JDL) and another upriver there 11-12 Jun (SCH, LEB, LF) and 20 Jul (TJD), were the only ones this season. Red-eyed Vireos were reported from the Juneau area for the fourth consecutive summer, where two were pres - ent 14-15 Jun (MWS, PAR, GBV, LEB); one remained thru 28 Jul (m. obs.). Another Red- The 5 Jun Northern Harrier out in the Bering Sea from St. Paul I. (St. Paul Tour) constituted the Pribilofs eighth record and first in spring/summer. Also rare for summer in se. when the species is very rare, was a fe - male-type Northern Harrier near Juneau 31 Jul (PAR, BAA). Hyder birders documented a first local record and one of few for se. of Swainson's Hawk with one there 12 Jun (ph. SCH, LEB, LF). This open country Buteo oc - curs locally in central British Columbia in the Bulkley Basin about 125 miles southeast of Hyder. Seabird biologists found a Long- eared Owl lurking near their basecamp at re - mote Buldir I. 8-16 Jun (ph. MM, KP). The photos clearly documented the color tones and face pattern of the nominate subspecies, Asio otus otus. A roving female Black-backed Woodpecker in alder thickets at the edge of the Hyder tide - flats 13 Jun (ph. SCH, LEB, LF) provided a local first record and one of few for se.. Sum - mer was one of the Region's most exciting for unusual flycatcher reports, with significant reports from all points. Five singing Yellow- bellied Flycatchers were on territories at a re - cent colony site at MP 25 Steese Hwy above Fairbanks 24+ Jun (AJL, m. obs.), while ex - tralimitals included one each from Hyder 10 Jun (ph. SCH, LEB, LF) and Juneau 12 Jun (MWS). A wandering Alder overflew the taiga and Brooks Range to Utqiagvik 4 Jul (WTE), where there are occasional overshoots. Mul - tiple singing Willow Flycatchers were present at Hyder for the second consecutive summer, Paul I. 26-30 Jul (St. Paul Tour). Gambell's shorebird highlight was that site's third ever Green Sandpiper 13 Jun († PEL et al.). It was also one of the Region's very few summer re - cords. On the heels of several reports from the same area in recent past summers, was more breeding evidence for Wilson's Phala - ropes from Goose Bay State Game Refuge. A pair was located 14 Jun (JS), followed by a juvenal sighting 4 Jul (LEB). ALCIDS THROUGH SWALLOWS Significant out-of-range Dovekies included singles at St. George I. 9 and 12 Jun (NKD) and two from farther north during an Utq - iagvik seawatch 18 Jul (†WTE). A Red-legged Kittiwake at Kodiak's Kalsin Bay 25 Jun (ph. RAM) made for a rare summer record for the North Gulf. Caspian Tern reports again focused on numbers and breeding action from the eastern North Gulf in the Glacier Bay-Gustavus environs, where the season's high count was 60+ from the end of May (fide NKD). A lone Caspian Tern from Hyder 20 Jul (TJD) was noteworthy and away from the species' normal range in Southeast. Follow - ing reports from 2014, another Brown Booby entered the Region, documented from near Dutch Harbor 20 Jul (ph. TF). There are now five Alaska records. Along Hastings Ck near Nome, Alaska a pair of Eastern Phoebe's set up show and proceeded to build a nest and incubate eggs. These birds constituted western Alaska's first record of this species—a fairly spectacular circumstance for such record! Here they are pictured on 12 Jun. Photo by © James D. Levison Gambell produced a Red-flanked Bluetail 12 Jun. This marked the first spring record for this location and one of the latest for this season in Alaska. Photo by © Paul E. Lehman After an absence of over two decades, several Veery were found in Alaska this season. This photo from Hyder on 12 Jun repre - sented the first photo-documented bird for Alaska. Before this season, there were only two other reports for the state of this species—both from Hyder from the early 1990s. Photo by © Steven C. Heinl

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