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VOLUME 70 NO3-NO4 2019

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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 9 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 367 N E W M E X I C O B. Ryan); the species was nesting at Zuni's Blackrock bosque 24-29 Jul (JT). Two North - ern Cardinals at Glenrio 11 Jun (R. Fischer) provided a new Quay locale; there are now records for all eastern counties from Eddy and Lea north to Colfax and Union; in the R.G.V., the continuing male at Albuquerque's BioPark was singing 7 & 19 Jun (H. Walker, J. Stew - art). Two male Rose-breasted Grosbeaks were singing west to Zuni 3 Jun (JT); in the R.G.V. and environs, single males were at Los Ala - mos 12 Jun (ph. S. Knox), Corrales bosque 26 Jun (ph. D. Lerwill), and Cedar Crest 12 Jun (D. Ligon). Noteworthy north to Grant, a male Varied Bunting was singing along the Gila R. at Nichols Canyon 26 Jun & 27 Jul (ph. JS); in Hidalgo, one near Owl Canyon south of Rodeo 27 Jul (D. Zappone) provided a new locale, as did one in Last Chance Can - yon, Guadalupe Mts., 19 Jun (SW). Addi- tional evidence of Painted Bunting spreading westward into east-central New Mexico was provided by 2 singing males plus a female at Conchas L. 2 Jul (ph. WJ-W), and 2 singing males southeast of Fort Sumner plus a fe - male at nearby Bosque Redondo 10 Jun (ph. MB). Small to moderate numbers of Dickcis - sels were widespread and conspicuous in the northeast; high count was 14 near Grenville 24 Jun (CR); in the middle R.G.V., one to two persisted in Albuquerque's South Valley 3-15 Jun (m.ob.) and 2 were at Belen 29 Jul (DH). A male Bobolink at L.V.N.W.R. 9 Jun (ph. WJ- W) provided a rare San Miguel record. West of expected, an Orchard Oriole was banded near Los Alamos 26 Jul (ph. C. Hathcock); in the Fort Sumner area, 3 including 2 sing - ing males were present 10 Jun (ph. MB). Very rare so far to the northwest, a Hooded Oriole was at Zuni 1-3 Jun (JT). Initialed observers: Thomas Bartlett, Jona - than Batkin, Matthew Baumann, Grant Beau- prez, Charles Black, Sue Briney, Roger Clark, David Cleary, Patrick Collins, Janet Cook, Ber - nard Foy, David Griffin, David Hawksworth, Charles Hayes, Nancy Hetrick, Will Jaremko- Wright, Andrew Johnson, David Krueper, Carroll Littlefield, Patricia Mehlhop, Sonja Mendoza, Bernard Morris, Robert Nieman, Jerry Oldenettel, John Parmeter, Nicholas Pederson, Bryn Roberts, Christopher Rustay, Janet Ruth, Marcy Scott, Nancy Stotz, Jarrod Swackhamer, John Trochet, Steve West, Wil - liams West, Debra Whitecotton, Mouser Wil- liams, S. O. Williams III, Laura Wilson, James Zabriskie, Barry Zimmer. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Sartor O. Williams III, 1819 Meadowview Drive NW, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87104-2511 • the Very Large Array, w. Socorro 5 Jun (DH), one in the North Plains, Cibola 26 Jun (NH), 2 near Pie Town, Catron 25 Jun (CR), and 3 at Hachita 16 Jul (JS); noteworthy were 20 at Zuni 23 Jul (JT), where the species is pres - ent only about one year in four. Grasshopper Sparrow made a strong showing in the north - east, with reports of summering birds from at least nine counties, including 5 on the Gren - ville B.B.S. 24 Jun (CR), 3 each on the Se- dan B.B.S. 24 Jun (K. Granillo) and Rosebud B.B.S. 11 Jun (CH), 4 in Harding near Solano 12 Jun (CR), 9 on the Clovis B.B.S. 28 Jun (GB), and 12 on the Pep B.B.S. 14 Jun (GB); noteworthy for Mora were up to 6 at Rio Mora N.W.R. 8 Jun-9 Jul (WJ-W). A Slate-colored Fox Sparrow singing above Serpent L., Taos 25 Jun (BR) was thought to be paired; this is an area where the species has been found summering in recent years. At least 7 Yellow- eyed Juncos representing two family groups were on Burro Peak, Burro Mts. 24 Jul (JS). A northerly male Summer Tanager was be - low Navajo Dam in Simon Canyon 22 Jul (ph. Warblers were in Zuni's Blackrock bosque 1-3 Jun (JT), while in the recently colonized Albu - querque area, at least 5 were in the South Val- ley 2 & 17 Jul (DH, m.ob.). A Hermit Warbler was on Jacks Peak, Burro Mts., 27 Jul (ph. JS), at least 2 were there 28 Jul (JO), and a small flock was there 30 Jul (B. Dolton fide JS); the site is fairly dependable for the species in fall. Noteworthy southeast to Lea, a Canyon Towhee pair was feeding a juv. at the Malja - mar Rest Area 28 Jul (ph. RN). Maintaining a Guadalupe Canyon presence, a Rufous- winged Sparrow was present 31 Jul (NP). An ad. Botteri's Sparrow carrying food at Pitchfork Ranch 16 Jul (ph. JS) provided the first strong evidence of breeding anywhere in Grant ; 3 were at San Simon Cienega 29 Jul (MB), where rarely encountered. Cas - sin's Sparrows were much in evidence in the east, with reports from all counties east of the mountains, including counts of over 100 on several B.B.S. routes. Cassin's Sparrows were also noted in several western areas, including 3 singing near Shiprock 4 Jun (DH), one at SA Surveys for nesting Cave Swallows in eastern New Mexico away from known ar- eas in Eddy, and in the R.G.V. north of Doña Ana, significantly expanded the known breeding range within the state. In the east, surveys of highway culverts 6-26 Jun (ph. SOW, ph. MB) documented 20 new breeding locales in Lea, Chaves, Roosevelt, De Baca, and Curry and pushed the range north to 34º 30' N; numbers at sites ranged from one to two pairs to impressive colonies of over 50 ads. A specimen was salvaged from the floor of a U.S. 60 culvert in n. Roosevelt 10 Jun (MB). In the R.G.V., surveys of culverts 30 Jun & 7 Jul (ph. SOW, PM) found two sites in Socorro, including a pair near San Antonio and four nests near the Camino Real Heritage Center, these pushing the range north to 33º 50' N in the valley. Noteworthy was a single Cave Swallow described at the Vaughn treatment ponds 20-21 Jul (SW), the first report of the species for Guadalupe. A "lineup" of some two dozen Cave Swallow nests in a highway culvert south of Hobbs, Lea, New Mexico 7 June. Surveys of such culverts during June-July 2016 significantly expanded the species' known breeding range within the state. Photo by © Sartor O. Williams III

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