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VOLUME 70 NO3-NO4 2019

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 366 N E W M E X I C O range. Considerably north of historical range, a Hutton's Vireo was singing in Zuni's Gales - tina Canyon in Jun (JT). Not reported in New Mexico since the Feb 2011 freeze, a Black- capped Gnatcatcher was in Guadalupe Can - yon 31 Jul (audio MB, NP). A Curve-billed Thrasher was north to Taos 28 Jul (T. Jack - man, R. D'Antonio). WAXWINGS THROUGH ORIOLES A female Cedar Waxwing incubating eggs at Coyote Creek S.P. 16 Jun (ph. JC) provided the first nesting record for Mora; since New Mexico's first nest was discovered in Rio Ar - riba in 1995, the species has nested in at least seven northern counties, with breed - ing evidence observed annually in the state 2006-2016. A male Olive Warbler was north to Cibola, where found singing along the Continental Divide Trail in the Cerro Lobo area south of El Morro 14 Jun (AJ). At least five pairs of House Sparrows were nesting in old Cliff Swallow nests in a highway culvert at Carrizozo 30 Jun (SOW). Surprising were 2 White-winged Cross- bills on Mt. Taylor, McKinley 8 Jun (DK, JR). Noteworthy warblers included a mid-summer Ovenbird at Rattlesnake Springs 2 Jul (RN), a Louisiana Waterthrush at the Conoco Pond near Maljamar 26 Jul (CB) and a Black-and- white Warbler there 26-28 Jul (CB, RN), an American Redstart at Watrous 24 Jun (TB), single Northern Parulas at Santa Fe 3-6 Jun (ph. BF) and E.B.L. 25 Jun (JP), a late Black - poll Warbler at Albuquerque 12 Jun (B. Vaughn), and an early Townsend's east to the Sandia Mts. 30 Jul (ph. B. O'Connor). An - other northward spreading species, 2 Lucy's n. Roosevelt in Jun 2005. A family group of 4 Northern Beardless-Tyrannulets, including an ad. feeding a fledgling, was along the Gila R. at the mouth of Nichols Canyon, Grant 26 Jun (ph. JS), and a second occupied territory was located upstream of there on subsequent visits 16 & 27 Jul (JS); this represents the first known instance of breeding anywhere in New Mexico outside of Guadalupe Canyon. Another species recently moving north, a Greater Pewee was singing in the Black Range west of Poverty Cr. 2 & 18 Jun (ph. DC, JP). First discovered north to the Burro Mts. in May, a Buff-breasted Flycatcher was sing - ing in Deadman Canyon 12 Jun (J. Black). Eastern Phoebes near the western edge of the breeding range were 2 near Golondri - nas, Mora 17 Jun (R. Plange), one singing at L.V.N.W.R. 1 Jul (WJ-W), and 3 at Villanueva 16 Jun (J. Liddell). Dusky-capped Flycatcher is now well established north to Grant, where this season there were reports from five lo - cales in the Pinos Altos Mts., the Mimbres Valley, and the Burro Mts. (JS, SOW). Note - worthy for the lower R.G.V., a Brown-crested Flycatcher was near Radium Springs 16-20 Jun (MS, JZ), where one had also been de - tected in May. A Thick-billed Kingbird was vocal along the Gila R. near Nichols Canyon 6 Jun (audio DG), where on 16 Jul a pair was nest-building (ph. JS), the first evidence for this species breeding in Grant. Maintaining their presence in the Pecos Valley north to De Baca, single Bell's Vireos were at Sumner Dam 24 Jun (RN) and Fort Sumner's Bosque Redondo L. 10 Jun (MB); in the R.G.V., Bell's were detected north to Albuquerque's Alameda bridge 11 Jun-24 Jul (ph. L. Ladwig, ph. D. Buckley). A Gray Vireo was singing in the Gallinas Mts. near Corona, Lincoln 19 Jun (DH), the second con - secutive year for the species in that eastern Night-Heron was at Oasis S.P. from 29 Jul into Aug (ph. DW). A White-tailed Kite was north in the R.G.V. to Albuquerque 14 Jun (ph. DH, ph. BM); in the southwest, one was north of Rodeo 24 Jul (ph. BZ) and 2 were near Animas 30 Jul (MB) while an ad. and a juv. were near a nest in Mason Draw west of Las Cruces 27 Jul (ph. R. Meyer). Mississippi Kites continued to popu - late the vast area from the Texas border west to the R.G.V., including 2 at Villanueva S.P. 22 Jul (JC), a nest at Santa Rosa 6 Jun (ph. MW), one at Fort Sumner 24 Jun (RN), recently fledged young at Conchas L. 2 Jul (ph. WJ- W), and one in Mosquero Canyon, Harding 4 Jul (ph. RC). A Bald Eagle nest on private land east of E.B.L. fledged one young by 11 Jun (ph. K. Stinnett), the first successful nest - ing in Sierra in many years. An ad. Common Black Hawk was along the upper Pecos R. near Villanueva 16 Jun (ph. LW). Gray Hawk continued its northward spread, with the first confirmed Grant breeding provided by an ad. and a juv. at a nest on the Gila R. near Cliff 3 Jun (ph. JS). A Zone-tailed Hawk was north - west to the Zuni Mts. in Bluewater Canyon 1 Jun (JO); in the northeast, 2 in Canyon Largo west of Sabinoso 14 Jun (WW) provided a new San Miguel locale. Continuing surveys for Elf Owls on the eastern slope of the Black Range in Sierra found 14 occupied territories (of 17 checked) during Jun (DC). Two Boreal Owls were heard in the vicinity of Apache Cr., Rio Arriba 17 Jun (R. VanBuskirk), one of the better known locales for the species. TROGONS THROUGH THRASHERS Providing a first for the Pecos Valley, an ad. male Elegant Trogon was photographed among trees, stock tanks, and outbuildings at Artesia 14 Jun (ph. K. Mauritsen); this rep - resents the second record for eastern New Mexico, following one at the migrant trap in Seeking water in an arid landscape, this male Elegant Trogon found its way to a home near Artesia, Eddy, New Mexico 14 June. Present for only one day, it provided a first record for the state's Pecos River Valley. Photo by © Kirsten Mauritsen This Northern Beardless-Tyrannulet, one of a family group of four on the Gila River near Nichols Canyon, Grant 26 June, established the first known New Mexico breeding record away from Guadalupe Canyon, some 145 km to the south. Photo by © Jarrod B. Swackhamer This Thick-billed Kingbird, one of a pair found nest-building along the Gila River near Nichols Canyon 16 July, represented a northern range expansion within New Mexico and the first breeding evidence for Grant. Photo by © Jarrod B. Swackhamer

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