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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 364 N E W M E X I C O May (D. & M. Weidemann); there are only about 12 credible state records. Overshooting Painted Redstarts were singles in the R.G.V. at Percha S.P. 31 Mar (ph. CMB) and Albuquer - que's South Valley 16-17 Apr (M. Hilchey, RK); continuing from winter, one was along the Gila R. north of Cliff 5 Mar (MB). Rare northwest to the Zuni area, a Rufous- crowned Sparrow was in Bluewater Gorge 30 May (JT). At least one Rufous-winged Spar - row was in Guadalupe Canyon 14 May (SOW, PM), where the species has been present since 2011. A Botteri's Sparrow singing north to the Gila R. floodplain at Nichols Canyon 30 May (ph. JS) provided a new locale and only the second for Grant . Cassin's Sparrow had another banner year on the eastern plains (m.ob.); unusual was one singing at the Santa Fe Canyon Preserve 1 May (BF). Noteworthy were 2 Field Sparrows west to Conchas L. 20 Mar (WJ-W). Lingering Harris's Sparrows were singles at Taos 8 Apr (ph. J. Lay), Clay - ton 10 Apr (DH), near Cannon A.F.B. 3 May (DW), and near Fort Union 9 May (ph. CR). A late Golden-crowned Sparrow was south to Double Adobe, Animas Mts. 14 May (AC). Maintaining a Grant presence, a Yellow-eyed Junco was in the Burro Mts. 6 Apr (LM). Continuing from Jan, a singing male Northern Cardinal was at Albuquerque's BioPark through May and into Jun (J. Stew - art); noteworthy for Otero, another male was near Oliver Lee S.P. 18 Mar-6 May (ph. D. & B. Findley). Small numbers of Varied Buntings were found across the south in Hi - dalgo, Doña Ana, and Eddy, including 2 in Guadalupe Canyon 14 May (SOW, PM), a female banded at San Andres Spring 17 May (MEW), and up to 4 in Slaughter Canyon 30 Apr-15 May (m.ob.). A Bobolink was a surprise flying over the highway at Moriarty 23 May (WM). Orchard Orioles west to the R.G.V. were singles at Albuquerque 4 May (CR), Luis Lopez 1-8 May (ph. S. Fullingim), and Mesilla Bosque S.P. 13-14 Apr (CG, WE). Rare in New Mexico, single Baltimore Orioles were a female at N.R.T. 1 May (JP) and single ad. males at Fort Sumner's Bosque Redondo L. 4 May (ph. BM), Los Alamos 13 May (ph. J. Magelssen), and near Radium Springs 16 May (MS, ph. JZ). Very early was a Scott's Oriole at Deming 11 Mar (LM); far east was one sing - ing at N.R.T. 30 Apr (JP). Initialed observers: Michael Andersen, Richard Aracil, Jonathan Batkin, Matthew Baumann, Grant Beauprez, Charles L. Black, Sue Briney, Celestyn M. Brozek, Roger Clark, David J. Cleary, Alan Craig, Dylan Cuel - lar, Wyatt Egelhoff, Stephen Fettig, Bernard Foy, Gerald A. Friedman, Gary K. Froehlich, to the Magdalena Mts., singles were seen in Water Canyon 10 Apr (JJ, AW) & 7 May (AJ). The last of the Sandia Crest Rosy-Finches were a Brown-capped 17 Mar (N. Trity), 7 Blacks 20 Mar (R. VanBuskirk), and a Gray- crowned 29 Mar (ph. B. Engdahl); 9 Brown- cappeds were grounded by snow at Tres Pei - dras 18 Apr (S. Benton). WARBLERS THROUGH ORIOLES Among 32 warbler species reported this spring were a Worm-eating Warbler at Las Vegas 17 Apr (WJ-W) and single Blue-winged War - blers at Los Alamos 7-10 May (ph. Mi. Smith, ph. MW, ph. JB, m.ob.), Galisteo 12 May (ph. JB, RC), and Clanton Cienega 14 May (ph. RAR, ph. J. Shiflett, NM-C, RW). Rare in New Mexico, single male Tennessee Warblers were at Los Alamos 7-8 May (m.ob.,, and Cienega Canyon, Sandia Mts. 4-10 May (ph. WM). Far north was a Lucy's Warbler sing - ing at Farmington 14 Apr (ph. R. Estes), the second consecutive year for the species there; in the R.G.V., Lucy's seemed well established north to the Albuquerque area, arriving in the South Valley by 31 Mar (M. Shoop) and with a dozen or more at various locales from the Alameda bridge southward from Apr into May (m.ob., Far west, a Mourning Warbler was in Bluewater Gorge 30 May (JT). An impressive season for Kentucky Warbler found singles at Ned Houk Park near Clovis 30 Apr (JP, ph. JO), N.R.T. 11-14 May (JP), Rattlesnake Springs 30 Apr (ph. RN), and San Andres Spring in the San Andres Mts. 17 May (ph. MEW, banded). In the rare but regular category, one to 2 Hooded Warblers were at five locales from the R.G.V. eastward 16 Apr- 9 May (m.ob.), single Northern Parulas were at eight sites in five R.G.V. counties from Los Alamos and Santa Fe south to Doña Ana 13 Apr-24 May (m.ob.), and single male Chest - nut-sideds were at Ned Houk Park 27 May (JP, JO), Galisteo 18 May (J. Bulger), and Wa - ter Canyon 19 May (J. King). Always a treat, single male Blackpoll Warblers were south of Cannon A.F.B. 13 May (ph. DW) and Alam - eda's Shady Lakes 14 May (BM) while single Palm Warblers were at Percha S.P. 26 Mar-7 Apr (JP, ph. CMB, ph. MKR) and Milnesand 17 Apr (Mi. Smith, ph. MW). Rare and ir - regular in the state, single Yellow-throated Warblers were photographed at N.R.T. 17 Apr (ph. JO, ph. MW) and Albuquerque 10 May (ph. C. Witt). An early Grace's Warbler was in Chloride Canyon, Black Range 30 Mar (ph. DJC). A Hermit Warbler strayed east to Bosque N.W.R. 30 Apr (ph. MB, ph. NP). A male Black-throated Green Warbler at N.R.T. 11 May (JP) provided the lone report. Under review is a Canada Warbler at N.R.T. 22 WE, ph. D. Meliopoulos) was relocated 5 km to the south 15 May (MS, JZ). The Gray Cat - bird that wintered in Cienega Canyon, Sandia Mts. was still present 4 Mar (K. Haller); scarce in Lincoln, one was in riparian habitat near Lincoln 30 Apr & 6 May (CR). Relentlessly pushing north, single Curve-billed Thrashers were at Morgan L. 24 Apr (MW) and Arroyo Hondo, Taos 10 May (R. Consolloy). Brown Thrashers were reported from seven counties from the R.G.V. eastward; high counts were 3 at Bosque Redondo L. 20 Mar (DH) and 5 at Rattlesnake Springs 1 Mar-24 Apr (RN). A Bendire's Thrasher was along the west base of Dowa Yalanne, southeast of Zuni, 30 Apr (JT). North of historical range, Crissal Thrasher is increasing in Santa Fe, where one was singing in the Caja del Rio area 26 Mar (BF). North of expected locations, single male Phainopeplas were in Bonita Canyon, Zuni Mts. 30 May (JT) and Albuquerque's R.G.N.C. 25-29 May (C. Davis, m.ob., An Ol - ive Warbler was northwest to the Zuni Mts. in upper Bonito Canyon 31 May (JT); north This Rufous-backed Robin was in the vicinity of Leasburg State Park, Doña Ana, New Mexico 8-15 (here 8) May; it provided the state's 16 th record but only the second for spring. Photo by © Wyatt T. Egelhoff One of an impressive four Kentucky Warblers found in New Mexico this season, this one was at Ned Houk Park near Clovis, Curry, 30 April. Photo by © Jerry R. Oldenettel

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