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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 9 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 363 N E W M E X I C O May (WM), and at Belen 27 Mar (audio DH); at Bosque N.W.R., where resident since 2011, individuals were singing in at least five locales Apr-May (m.ob., Increasing their presence north to Santa Fe, at least 6 Cactus Wrens were conspicuous in the Caja del Rio area 20 Mar (JB, BF). A small colony of Eastern Bluebirds was at Conchas L. 14 May (ph. WJ-W) where at least 2 fledglings were seen 27 May (RA). With only about 10 credible records, Gray- cheeked Thrush is one of New Mexico's rar - est species; this season, one near Amisted, Union 21 May (CR, ph. DyC) was the first reported in the state since 2012. A singing Wood Thrush was at Rattlesnake Springs 14- 15 May (GB, SW, JO). Another rare thrush, with but 15 previous records, a Rufous- backed Robin at Leasburg S.P. 8 May (ph. at Ramon, Lincoln 31 Mar (SW), and another in Lincoln at Picacho 17 Apr (CR). New north - erly locales for Dusky-capped Flycatcher were two pairs in Deadman Canyon, Burro Mts. 7-31 May (ph. JS), m.ob.), one in the Gila Middle Box downstream from G.B.A. 4 May (JS), and one along the Mimbres R. at East Canyon 17 May (JS). Very rare in spring, sin - gle Great Crested Flycatchers were vocal near Radium Springs 14 May (MS) and at Ute L. 21 May (CR). Noteworthy for the lower R.G.V., a Brown-crested Flycatcher was vocal near Ra - dium Springs from 17 May into Jun (MS, ph. JZ). A remarkable 2 Couch's Kingbirds were at Boones Draw on successive days 21 & 22 May (audio MB, ph. AJ); both were collected and proved to be molting ad. females, suggesting post-breeding dispersal from farther south; Couch's Kingbird records now outnumber Tropical Kingbird records in New Mexico by about 10 to one. Noteworthy in spring for the middle R.G.V., an Eastern Kingbird was south to Belen 23 Apr (ph. W. Medley). Single White-eyed Vireos were singing in Albuquerque's South Valley 7-27 May (ph. MA, ph. WM, AJ) and along the Gallinas R. in Las Vegas 25 May (ph. WJ-W). Bell's Vireos were again north in the RGV to the Corrales- Albuquerque area, with singles singing in the Corrales bosque 14 & 25 Apr (WM, ph. JO, ph. M. Shoop) and at the Alameda bridge 7 & 29 May (ph. D. Nichols, D. Buckley). Rare but regular, single Yellow-throated Vireos were at N.R.T. 30 Apr (JP, ph. JO), Milnesand 29 Apr (ph. JO) & 12 May (ph. JO), and Bosque N.W.R. 19 May (J. King). Likely wintering was a Cassin's Vireo along the Gila R. north of Cliff 5 Mar (MB, AJ). A Warbling Vireo singing in Bluewater Gorge 30 May (JT) was believed to be the eastern subspecies, V. g. gilvus. SWALLOWS THROUGH FINCHES Purple Martins on the far eastern plains, likely spreading west from Texas, were 4 at Clovis 27 May (JP) and 2 at Hobbs 29 May (DH). Cave Swallows are now spreading rap - idly northward across eastern New Mexico, with reports this season of small-to-moder - ate-sized colonies, almost entirely in culverts under highways, in De Baca, Roosevelt, e. Chaves, e. Eddy, and Lea. Sedge Wren is rare and irregular in New Mexico, with only about 20 records (involving about 25 birds) since the first in 1970; this season, one was sing - ing at Bosque N.W.R. 22-27 Apr (CMB, ph. NP, audio MB, ph. MA, ph. JO, JP, GKF). The Carolina Wren colonization of New Mexico continued, with singing singles near Clayton 10 Apr (DH), at Nara Visa, Quay 21 May (CR, audio DyC), at two sites in Santa Rosa 14 & 21 May (JP), at Albuquerque's R.G.N.C. 29 Springs 14-15 May (GB, JO). Lewis's Woodpeckers beyond normal range included one in the Alamosa Valley near Dusty, Socorro 30 May (ph. JJ), 3 on the east slope of the Sandia Mts. 20 Apr & 4 May (KH, ph. L. Ladwig, WM), and one southeast to Lincoln near Loma Grande 5 May (ph. L. & S. Ingram). For the third consecutive year, a pair of Red-headed Woodpeckers returned west to the R.G.V. at Algodones, where seen 9-15 May (DH, K. Andregg, ph. MA); also west of usual, one was along the upper Pe - cos R. at Ribera, San Miguel 24 May (C. Roper). The female Golden-fronted Wood - pecker present at Eunice last Oct-Nov was rediscovered there 4 Mar (ph. RN), where it continued until 14 May (ph. P. McCasland). The overwintering male Red-bellied Wood - pecker at Rattlesnake Springs remained to 3-4 May (m.ob., ph. RN); another male was found south of Mosquero along Trigg Road, e. San Miguel 12 Apr (MM). A Monk Parakeet was in Albuquerque's North Valley 12-22 Apr (ph. R. Maurer, CR), an area where there have been persistent reports since 2010. FLYCATCHERS THROUGH VIREOS Northern Beardless-Tyrannulets responded to favorable (i.e., wetter) conditions in Guada - lupe Canyon, where there were singing birds at five well-spaced sites 14 May (SOW, PM); surprising was one north to the Gila R. at Nichols Canyon 30 May (JS), only the second ever reported for Grant. Greater Pewee is an - other "Mexican" species spreading north; this season, one was singing in the Black Range north of Kingston 7 May (DJC). Probably overwintering, single Hammond's and Dusky flycatchers were seen and heard along the Gila R. near Turkey Cr. 6 Mar (MB). Last recorded summering in the Burro Mts., Grant in 1876, a Buff-breasted Flycatcher was singing in Deadman Canyon 7-29 May (ph. JS, ph. NH, ph. WE, ph. MW, JO); farther south, up to 9 were in the Animas Mts. and one nest was lo - cated 13-15 May (ph. NH, ph. KS), where the species is now regular in the breeding season, and one was singing in Clanton Canyon, Pel - oncillo Mts. 14 May (ph. NM-C, ph. RAR, au- dio RW), where occurrence is irregular. Black Phoebes had returned north to Farmington by 13 Mar (J. King) and others were reported across the north in Rio Arriba, Taos, and Col - fax during the season. Vermilion Flycatcher continued to push north across a broad front, including single males in Los Alamos 22 Apr (ph. Ma. Brown), Santa Fe 2-3 Apr (ph. JB, ph. RC), Fort Union 15 Apr (ph. M. Urban), and south of Bueyeros, Harding 9 May (CR); noteworthy were up to 2 at Conchas L. 14-27 May (ph. WJ-W, RA), one on the high plains Buff-breasted Flycatcher once had an extensive distribution in New Mexico, but it vanished from the state by the 1920s. Evidence that the species may be reclaiming former range was provided by this one singing in the Burro Mountains, Grant, 7-29 (here 27) May. Photo by © Mouser Williams Carolina Wrens have been in residence at Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, Socorro, New Mexico, since 2011; this was one of five singing there April-May (here 22 April). Photo by © Gary K. Froehlich

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