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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 362 N E W M E X I C O Costa's Hummingbird has a long but irregular history in New Mexico's Gila River valley; this season, seven display- ing males were at three locales along the river in Grant, including this male at the Gila Bird Area 30 April-7 (here 4) May. Photo by © Jarrod B. Swackhamer Providing only the fifth record for New Mexico, this adult Western Gull was at Cochiti Lake, Sandoval, 7-11 (here 10) May. Photo by © Jonathan P. Batkin in New Mexico in recent years, so noteworthy were up to 3 at Bosque N.W.R. 8-30 May (CR, ph. CMB, MB, JP); surprising was one north to Zuni's Blackrock Dam 27 May (JT). SHOREBIRDS THROUGH CORMORANTS American Avocets in the news included a nest with eggs at Zuni 29 May (JT), a flock of 61 at Calley's L., Mora 22 May (CR), 3 nests at E.B.L. 31 May (ph. DJC), and a high count of 359 birds at B.L.N.W.R. 1 May (CR). Rare and irregular in New Mexico, an American Golden-Plover was at Brantley L. 12 Apr (ph. RN). Earliest Snowy Plovers at B.L.N.W.R. were 4 on 3 Mar (SB), but 45 were there by 18 Mar (JP); noteworthy for Mora were up to 4 at Wagon Mound 22 May (CR, ph. WE). Establishing the earliest spring date ever for New Mexico, 2 Whimbrels were at E.B.L. 5 Mar (ph. R. Aleshire); more timely arriv - als were singles at Morgan L. 30 Apr (CLB), Bosque N.W.R. 8-15 May (m.ob., ph. MA, ph. NH, ph. MB), and L.V.N.W.R. 18 May (ph. WJ-W). A bright Hudsonian Godwit was at Holloman L. 21-25 May (K. Driggers, LM). A late Dunlin at Brantley L. 2 May (SW) was attaining breeding plumage. One to 4 White- rumped Sandpipers were at four sites from the R.G.V. eastward 7-27 May (m.ob.); one was west to Morgan L. 23 May (CLB). The 37 Willets at Ramah L. 1 May (JT) was a notably high count for the Zuni area; the high count at E.B.L. was 157 on 26 Apr (DJC). Red-necked Phalaropes were reported from six counties from the R.G.V. eastward 15-28 May; highest counts were in San Miguel and included 27 at Crane L. 17 May (WE, RC) and 36 at McAl - lister L. 18 May (ph. WJ-W); noteworthy for Mora was one at Wagon Mound 22 May (CR, WE, ph. MW). An ad. Laughing Gull made a surprise ap - pearance at the Santa Fe Community College ponds 2 May (ph. GAF), and provided a first record for Santa Fe. The gull of the season was an ad. Western Gull at Cochiti L. 7-11 May (B. Volanek, m.ob.,; it provided New Mexico's fifth credible record but followed the fourth by only one year. Continuing from Feb, a first-cycle Lesser Black-backed Gull was at E.B.L. 10 Mar (ph. DJC); the species has been reported annually in New Mexico for the past decade. Wandering Least Terns were an early one at Bosque N.W.R. 22 Apr (CMB) and singles at Oasis S.P. 19 May (ph. DW) and Green Meadow L. in Hobbs 29 May (DH); high count at B.L.N.W.R. was a disap - pointing 5 on 21 May (SB). Single Caspian Terns were at E.B.L. 18-19 Apr (ph. DJC), Brantley L. 7-8 May (ph. D. Leifheit, SW), Cochiti L. 12 May (ph. BM), and Ute L. 13 May (JP). Single Common Terns at Clovis 16 May (DyC) and Springer L. 22 May (WE, CR, ph. DyC) provided the only reports. A Red-throated Loon was captured at a brine pit east of Loving 22 Apr, taken to re - habilitation, and released 23 Apr at L. Avalon, where present to 29 Apr (ph. SW, ph. RN). Late Common Loons were singles at Quemado L. 3-4 May (A. Salas), Conchas L. 14 May (WJ- W), and E.B.L. 27-30 May (ph. DJC). Neotropic Cormorants were again north to Albuquerque, including up to 25 at the Tingley ponds Mar- May (DH) and 4 at R.G.N.C. 9 Mar (ph. JL); others away from historic middle R.G.V. locales included 3 west to Deming 3 Mar-22 Apr (LM, ph. WE), one north to Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo 13 Mar-25 May (BF, GAF), one northeast to Clovis 11 May (JP), and 2 east to Brantley L. 12 Apr-27 May (ph. RN, GB). PELICANS THROUGH PARAKEETS Brown Pelican had another strong season, which may indicate that coastal populations are stressed or dispersing; one was found dead on I-10 east of Separ, Grant 29 Mar (ph. C. Hagenlocher), another was found dead at Brantley L. 24 Apr (SW), up to 2 were at E.B.L. 16 Mar-19 Apr (LM, A. Mickelson, ph. DJC), at least one was present at Bosque N.W.R. 30 Mar (ph. K. Topping), and another single far north to Eagle Nest L. from 19 May into Jun (ph. M. Greenwood, M. Kelly). Early north to the Albuquerque area was a Snowy Egret at R.G.N.C. 11 Mar (ph. MW). Scarce in New Mexico, single Tricolored Her - ons were at Bosque N.W.R. 10-11 Apr (m.ob., ph. CS, ph, DyC), B.L.N.W.R. 1 May (CR), and E.B.L. 24 May (DJC). Two ad. Yellow-crowned Night-Herons were at Bosque N.W.R. 13 May (ph. RK), where at least one continued to 25 May (m.ob., ph. E. MacKerrow). Although rare, Glossy Ibis is now regular in spring; this season, single ads. were at Bosque N.W.R. 15 Apr (JP, GKF) & 21 May (ph. GKF) and Ute L. 13 May (JP). A White-tailed Kite was north in the R.G.V. to Albuquerque 16 Apr (ph. KH, JL, AJ); con - tinuing from Feb, one was at E.B.L. to 19 Apr (ph. DJC) and unusual for the Rattlesnake Springs area was one there 14 May (ph. D. Tipton, SW). A Mississippi Kite was carrying nest material at Conchas L. 14 May (ph. WJ- W); noteworthy for Torrance was one near Moriarty 5 May (CR). An active Bald Eagle nest was on private land east of E.B.L. 3 Apr (K. Stinnett), the first for Sierra in over 15 years. Common Black Hawks where seldom reported were singles north to the Gallinas R. near Montezuma, San Miguel 24 Apr (WJ-W), south of Mosquero along Atarque Cr., e. San Miguel 12 Apr & 7 May (MM), and at Ned Houk Park north of Clovis 27 May (ph. JO); farther south, an ad. in upper Alamosa Can - yon 26 Apr (ph. MKR) was noteworthy for the San Mateo Mts., as were 2 ads. along the lower Pecos R. near the Texas line 14 May (SW). Gray Hawk continued to spread across s. New Mexico, with an ad. along the Gila R. at Redrock 17-21 Apr (ph. JS) and another ad. at Mesilla Bosque S.P. 2-10 Apr (ph. B. Ro - driguez, ph. CG, ph. WE); the species again occupied Hidalgo and Eddy, including three sites in Guadalupe Canyon 14 May (SOW, PM) and at least one site in the Rattlesnake Springs area 17 May (RN). A good passage of Broad-winged Hawks produced one to 2 at 15 sites in eight counties from the R.G.V. eastward 18 Apr-21 May (m.ob., The extensive distribution of Elf Owl in the east - ern foothills of the Black Range has only re- cently been brought to light; this season, sur- veys in Sierra documented the species at 14 sites in four general locales 20-30 Apr (DJC); noteworthy for Eddy was one at Rattlesnake

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