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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 360 tenberg, Stoddard Davenport, Steve Gniadek, John Hanna, Barbara Harp, Craig Hohen - berger, Cheryl Huizinga (CHu), Mike Hunter, Nate Kohler, Brtan Laws, Carl Lundblad, Mary McKellar, James Oates, John Parker, Shawn Richmond, Jim Rogers, Mary Rumple, Nick Sly, Kit Struthers, Shirley Sturts, Charles Swift, Jason Talbot, Chuck Trost, Doug Ward, John Weber, Cliff Weisse, Cole Wolf, Poo Wright- Pulliam. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– SUMMER 2016 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– T he summer of 2016 was generally war- mer and drier than usual, but a longs- tanding El Niño weather cycle also began to weaken in July, bringing welcome rain showers and cooler temperatures to some locations. Despite overall dry conditions, it was thought to be a successful bird nesting season for most species. CORMORANTS THROUGH WOODPECKERS The bird of the season was a Neotropic Cor- morant in Fremont 21 Jul (†CW); If accepted, it will provide Idaho's second record. Interes - tingly, Idaho's first record of the species also occurred in Fremont, in May 2014. Broad- winged Hawk is usually a rare fall migrant, so singles reported in Glacier N.P., MT 1 & 4 Jun (†SG, PR) were unexpected. An Ameri - can Golden-Plover at Cottonwood Reservoir, MT 9 Jun (JP) provided a second local spring record. A Whimbrel documented in Ada 1 Jul (ph, AS) represented a second summer record and only the third report from sw. Idaho. Very interesting was a seasonally-rare Sanderling at Cottonwood Reservoir, MT 2 Jun (JP) that pro - vided a second local spring record. A Ruby-throated Hummingbird that visited a feeder in Bozeman 6 Jun (ph, PE) was an incredible find; if accepted, it would garner a first record for se. Montana. The only reported Anna's Hummingbird was in Kootenai, ID in mid-Jul (DW). Lewis's Wood - pecker is rare in n. Idaho, so one in Boundary 11 Jun (WP) was newsworthy. A Red-headed Woodpecker seen in Jefferson 7-9 Jul (ph, DC) was exciting; there are only three accepted records in Idaho. Pileated Woodpecker has a patchy distribution throughout the Region, and one found in Island Park, ID 6 Jun (DC) was only the second county record. PASSERINES A well-documented Scissor-tailed Flycatcher discovered in Cassia 15-16 Jun (ph, †JC, HW) will be Idaho's fifth record and first Jun report. Western Bluebirds are locally rare in Blaine, ID, David Trochlell –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– SPRING 2016 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– O verall, the Region experienced a warm, dry spring. Northbound birds appeared to pass through in unexceptional num - bers, likely because no storm-driven migrant fallouts were reported. The only notable feature of the season was the surprising number of re - cord-early bird arrivals. WATERFOWL THROUGH HUMMINGBIRDS The only reported Eurasian Wigeon were 3 in Flathead, MT 24 Mar (JO). A Black Scoter in Mis - soula, MT 14 May (NS) was especially remark- able; there is only one spring precedent for this vagrant in the Region. A Glossy Ibis was docu - mented in Jefferson, ID 18 May (†CL), where vir- tually all records of this rare, but annual species originate. Also interesting was a Glossy X White- faced ibis in Jefferson 25 May (†DC). Uncommon Black-bellied Plovers were iden - tified in Idaho near Boise 18-19 Apr (SD) and in Fremont 1 &12 May (CW). Both states reported Whimbrels: a pair in Fremont 7 May (ph, †CW) will garner Idaho's eighteenth record, and four at Cottonwood Reservoir, MT 7 May (NG, AG) represented a third local record. If accepted, a Hudsonian Godwit at Island Park Reservoir 1 May (†CW) will provide Idaho's fourth record. Arriving record-early by one day for Montana was a Least Sandpiper at Creston 21 Apr (CH). Two Dunlin were a good find in Canyon, ID 26 Apr (JCu), because the species is typically a fall migrant. Rare Short-billed Dowitchers visited Idaho, with 2 identified in Kuna 9 May (ph, JT) and 2 others in Fremont 10 May (CW). Usually not reported in spring, a Thayer's Gull at Warm Springs, MT 17 Apr (NK) was surpris - ing. Lesser Black-backed Gulls are increasingly reported in the Region, as evidenced by reports Idaho & Western Montana from Somers, MT 15 Mar (SR) and Boise, ID 6 Apr (ph, JCu). Idaho's fourth Least Tern was a sensational find in Canyon 17-18 May (ph, CHu). Idaho hosted two rare White-winged Doves: one was in Boise 26 Apr-2 May (LA), and another was in Owyhee 22 May (ph, †BL, MM). A Vaux's Swift in Missoula 11 Apr (CW) tied Montana's record- early date. Anna's Hummingbirds were discov - ered in Boise, ID, with one reported 1-12 Mar (LA) and 2 others there 25 Mar-20 Apr (MR). Another Anna's that overwintered in Kootenai, ID was last seen about 5 Mar (DW). Arriving very early for Montana were single Rufous and Cal - liope Hummingbirds in Somers 10 Apr (SR). FALCONS THROUGH PASSERINES If accepted, a Gyrfalcon in Nez Perce 27 Mar (JH) will represent Idaho's eighth record, but would be only the second spring report. Far away from known range was a Blue Jay in Idaho Falls, ID 3-6 Mar (ph, SD, DD). Also wandering afar were 2 White-breasted Nuthatches in Blackfoot, ID 1 Mar-26 Apr (BC). Blue-gray Gnatcatchers were documented again in several areas near Cardwell 28 May (TF); this marks the fourth year the spe - cies has extended its range into this portion of Montana. Vagrant Northern Mockingbirds vis - ited Glacier N.P., MT 15 Apr (SG), Creston, MT 19 May (JCo), and Boise, ID 22 May (ZB). A Black-and-white Warbler, not annual in the Region, was an exciting find in Lemhi, ID 26 May (CL). The only reported Tennessee Warbler was in Kootenai, ID 9 May (JW). A MacGillivray's Warbler near Polson 22 Apr (JR) was record-ear - ly for Montana by 11 days. A wayward Mourn- ing Warbler that visited Lewis and Clark Cav- erns S.P., MT 16-30 May (TF) provided a first latilong record. An American Redstart in Jefferson 18 May (CL) was interesting, because the species is not annual in e. Idaho. The only reported Lark Bunting was near Rob - erts, ID 27 May (DC). White-throated Sparrows are seldom reported in spring, so one in Glacier N.P., MT 22 Apr (SG) was interesting. Rare Har - ris's Sparrows were seen in Idaho at Boise 11 Apr (JT), in Jefferson 16 Apr (MH), and at Mackay 7 May (BH). Especially unusual in spring was a Golden-crowned Sparrow in Boise, ID 11 Mar-6 Apr (ph, †MR). Idaho's fourth Hooded Oriole came through Mountain Home, ID 12 May (ph, †D & MB). If accepted, a Baltimore Oriole near Hamer 28 May (KS) will represent Idaho's fifth record. A vagrant Purple Finch near Challis 9-11 Apr (ph, †DF) will provide Idaho's tenth record. Contributors: (subregional editors in boldface): Larry Arnold, Derek and Melinnia Bibber, Zach - ary Brown, Kathleen Cameron, Brian Carrigan, Darren Clark, Joshua Covill (JCo), Jon Curd (JCu), Stoddard Davenport, Dennis Dunn, Dave Faike, Tom Forwood, Neil Gilbert, Andrew Gut -

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