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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 358 C O LO R A D O & W YO M I N G nath Res., Larimer 31 May-2 Jun (SGM, DW, NK). At this time of year, Red-necked Grebe is always a nice sight, as they are usually in or nearly in breeding plumage. This was the case with one photographed at Village Lake near Pagosa Springs, Archuleta 4 Jun (ph. B. Greco, m.ob.); one at Big Johnson Res., El Paso 9-10 Jun (GW, m.ob.) was too far out for photos. Perhaps the story of the year, was the dis - covery of a Brown Booby, just outside of Boulder, up Left Hand Canyon, Boulder 22 Jun (ph. P. Bandurian) and a few days later near Nederland, Boulder, thus providing the first state record! The bird later died and is preserved as a specimen at the Denver Muse - um of Nature and Science. Brown Booby does travel inland from time to time, with a hand - ful showing up elsewhere in the country this year, mostly in the southeast. Very rare for the Mountain West, with only one other eBird re - cord from Nebraska from 2017, is Neotropic Cormorant. This species is similarly rare to Colorado, with just one record for the season and only two for the year; one was initially observed at Chipeta Lake S.W.A. Montrose 17-19 Mar (CD, BW, ph. KMD, m.ob.) and lingered through to late August in and around the area. Wandering a bit northwest from its typical summer range, a Little Blue Heron was reported at Rogers Grove Park in Longmont, Boulder 15-24 Jul (M. Brown, m.ob.). Sum - mer reports of Glossy Ibis are consistently few in numbers, with one at Neenoshe Res., Kiowa 4 Jul (SGM) and another in Weld 24 Jul (SGM, DD) maintaining this trend. HAWKS THROUGH SHOREBIRDS With only 20 accepted records for the state, a Red-shouldered Hawk was a great find in the southeast at Two Buttes S.W.A., Baca 31 Jul (T. Funk, T. Mahan, ph. D. Kassebaum). Broad-winged Hawk was detected only twice, with one in Fort Collins, Larimer (NK, BN) and one in Boulder, Boulder 8 Jun (R. and J. Bushong). Black-bellied Plover was also found in just two locations. With one reported at J.M.R. Res., Bent 10 Jul (JWT) and one near Agate, Elbert 25 Jul (D. Suddjian). Piping Plover, perhaps the rarest breeder in Colorado, had a good year, with a high count of 16 at J.M.R., Bent 1 Jul (I.Sanders). Upland Sandpiper was reported throughout the northeast, as well as from some spots in the southeast of the state. A confirmed breeder in the northeast, a docu - mented record near Crook, Logan 26 Jun (L. and L. Farrell) of eight adults and two chicks confirmed this once again. Rare in the sum - mer for Colorado is Whimbrel, making three different reports notable: one at Beebe Draw, Weld 9 Jun (A. Fontenot), one near Lower Latham Res., Weld 11 Jun (ph. CG), and an - other at Blanca Wetlands. N.W.R., Alamosa 20 Jul (S. Fason). Also very rare for the summer, was Colorado's third summer record for Dun - lin, photographed in flight at John Martin Res., Bent 7 Jul (ph. CG). Also of interest was a Red Phalarope seen at Timnath Res., Lar - imer 30 May-1 Jun (DW, NK, m.ob.). GULLS THROUGH WRENS With only five previously accepted records of Western Gull , three reports for this season constituted an exceptional showing! Two of these reports most likely referred to the same bird, this being an adult at Smith Res., Cos - tilla 4 Jun (TF) and then continuing at Blanca Wetlands N.W.R. Alamosa 22 Jun-23 Aug (L. and J. Rawinski, m.ob.), providing Colorado with its sixth accepted record. Amazingly, an - other report of a second-year bird came from Prewitt Res., Washington 17 Jun-23 Jul (SGM, m.ob.). Also rare for the summer is Herring Gull, with fewer than 10 summer records in the last 10 years; one at Upper Queens/Nees - kah Res., Kiowa 4-13 Jun (SGM, DE) was of interest. An Iceland Gull of the Thayer's sub - species made for a rare summer sighting at Prewitt Res., Washington 17 Jun-23 Jul (SGM, m.ob.). No longer an extreme rarity in the state, even in summer, Lesser Black-backed Gull had a good showing, with birds found at four locations from 4 Jun-6 Aug in Weld, Washington, Alamosa, and Morgan (DD, SGM). Caspian Tern made its presence known in the six counties of Adams, Arapahoe, Bent, Lar - imer, Otero, and Weld 4 Jun-17 Jul (m.ob.). Greater Roadrunner were found in typical locations in the southeast, with one extralim - ital record coming in from Beecher Island, Yuma 10 Jun (SGM); this is one of just two records this far north. A record from Adams 3 Jul, 2013 (I. Sanders) is the only other from near or at this latitude in the state; one more from Denver is pending review. Other reports came in from Baca, Bent, El Paso, Huerfano, Las Animas, Otero, and Prowers 1 Jun -31 Jul. With only a handful of reports in the last 10 years, a Black-billed Cuckoo found and re - corded at Lake Dorothy, Las Animas 9 Jul (vr. K. Blankenship) was a great find. Burrowing Owl continues to expand its breeding range, despite habitat fragmentation which is reducing populations in many parts of Colorado (Wickersham, 2016). Lesser Nighthawks continue to return to the site of Nucla Sewage Lagoons, Montrose 17 Jun (ph. BW); the species was present from 22 May Providing Colorado's first state record, this Brown Booby was discovered up Left Hand Canyon, just outside of Boulder, Boulder 22 Jun. Photo by © Peter Bandurian Rare to Colorado, this Neotropic Cormorant provided the only record for the season. Originally discovdered at Chipeta Lake S.W.A. Montrose, Montrose 17 Mar, it lingered through to late August. Is it shown here at Riverfront Park, Montrose, Montrose 2 Aug. Photo by © Kathy Mihm Dunning Wandering a bit northwest from its typical range, this Little Blue Heron was observed from 15-24 (here 16) Jul at Rogers Grove Park in Longmont, Boulder, CO. Photo by © Kathy Mihm Dunning Rare to the state is Scissor-tailed Flycatcher, seen here south of Rush, Lincoln 10 Jul on a nest. Colorado's Breeding Bird Atlas has just a few scattered records for the species. Photo by © Mark Chavez

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