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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 9 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 357 Rare for the county of Archuleta, this Red-necked Grebe was found at Village Lake near Pagosa Springs, Archuleta, CO 4 Jun. Photo by © Byron Greco C O LO R A D O & W YO M I N G reported near Sheridan, Sheridan 21 May (JC) were not only northeast of where expected but also one of the most NE reports for the lower 48 states during a five year timespan (2012- 2016 per eBird). Observers: Janet Anderson-Ray (JA-R), Joe Austin (JA), Janice Backstrom (JB), Francis Berquist (FBq), Janice Berquist (JBq, Shawn Billerman (SB), Elizabeth Boehm (EB), Jackie Canterbury (JC), Mark Carling (MC), John Cataldo (JC), Eva Crane (EC), Kendra David (KD), Doug Eddy (DE), Claylene Ritz (CR), Ted Floyd (TF), Barb Gorges (BG), Mark Gorg - es (MG), Tim Griffith (TG), C.J. Grimes (CJG), Jessica Hadley (JH), Sherri Hansen (SH), Bob Hargis (BH), Zach Hutchinson (10), Graham Hutchison (GH), Palma Jack (PJ), Todd Jensen (TJ), Jerry Johnson (JJ), Ron and Judy John - son (R&JJ), Don Jones (DJ), George Jones (GJ), Shari Kearney (SK), Tom Koerner (TK), Mike Lesnik (ML), Starla Mammon (SM), Jazmyn McDonald (JMc), Will McDonald (WMc), Libby Megna (LM), Chris Michelson (CM), Dan Murphy (DM), Del Nelson (DN), Jack Palma (JP), Susan Patla (SP), Cody Porter (CP), Sarah Ramirez (SR), Josh Seibel (JS), Chuck Seniawski (CS), Gina Sheridan (GS), Diane Thomas (DT), Joe Turner (JT), Rich Weaver (RW), Jason Whitmore (JW). n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Matt Fraker, 207B Landmark Drive, Normal, Illinois 61761 • –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– SUMMER 2016 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Dean Shoup S tatewide temperatures for the Region were either above average or much above average with one small area in the southwest quadrant experiencing record high temperatures. Precipitation was near average throughout the state. The season started out with only a small portion of the southwest categorized as abnormally dry, with the rest of the state being clear from drought conditions. By the end of the season, the abnormally dry status increased to cover most of the south - west quadrant and a small area far north. Notable summer records included the state's first Brown Booby, found just outside of Boulder. One of two Western Gulls reported was joined by an Iceland Gull (Thayer's) at the same location. Lesser Black-backed Gull continued to increase its presence with four being found as summer residents. This year's breeding season brought a first confirmed breeding record of Pacific Wren. Along with a singing male, a female with two begging ju - veniles were discovered. For a third consecu- tive summer, Baird's Sparrows were seen and heard in the northern part of the state, with as many as 20 individuals being documented. This heightens the anticipation of a confirmed breeding record for this species, which would also be a first for the state. Other highlights included large numbers of Dickcissels being reported, with reports coming in from 29 counties. Notable were reports further west and at higher elevations than usual. Note: Only Colorado submitted data in time to be included. WATERFOWL THROUGH IBIS Snow Geese were all but absent, with just one injured bird found near Prewitt Res., Wash - ington 25 Jun (B. Neuman). A lone Greater White-fronted Goose was found at Timnath Res., Larimer 2 Jun (NK). Common Golden - eye only had a handful of reports from six counties. A high count of five was at Sands Lake S.W.A., Chaffee 1 Jun (J. Horn). Barrow's Goldeneye totals were higher than usual with the peak being 53 during the week of 15 Jul, mostly in Clear Creek. Reports came in from the northwest corner of the state only, 1 Jun-31 Jul in six counties. (S. Somershoe, m.ob.). A Hooded Merganser became the first summer record for the San Luis Valley, San Luis Lakes S.P., Alamosa 20 Jun (J. Rawinski). Rare for the state at this time of year is Red- breasted Merganser. Two reports from one location of an odd looking, first year male at Big Johnson Res., El Paso 11-14 Jun (ph. D. Shoup) were of interest. At the same loca - tion, a Pacific Loon was also the only of its kind for the season, 26 May-5 Jul, El Paso (M. Peterson, m.ob.). Totals for Common Loon were higher than usual with eBird tallying as many as 26 in early June, with up to three at one time at Big Johnson Res., El Paso 13 Jun (m.ob.), three at Upper Queens Res., Kiowa, Jun (SGM), three at John Martin Res., Bent 13 Jun-11 Jul (SGM, m.ob.), and more singles in Rio Blanco, Mesa, El Paso. Also rare to the state in summer, was a lone Horned Grebe at Tim - hosted three Townsend's Warblers this spring: 9 May Laramie, Albany (SB, CP), 18 May WHR, Laramie (TF), and 23 May near Lander, Fre - mont 23 May (SK). Record early by 12 days and away from their usual haunts in Goshen, was a single Cassin's Sparrow photographed in the Laramie Basin Lakes region, Albany 4 May (DM) for what was possibly only a second county record. A count of 225 Chipping Sparrows at WHR, Laramie 18 May (TF) provided Wyoming with a record high eBird count. Adding to only six previous seasonal reports for Wyoming were single Field Sparrows near Mule Junction, Niobrara 13 May (CJG) and at WHR, Laramie 27 May (SB ph., DJ) and three territorial Field Sparrows located found in Crook 28 May (ZH) hinting at the possibility of a breeding population. Rarely re - ported in spring in Wyoming, the sole White- throated Sparrow report came from Cheyenne, Laramie 9 May (CS). A well-described Sage - brush Sparrow seen and heard near Shell, Big- horn 3 Mar (ML) was record early for Wyoming by six days. Wyoming's first Eastern Towhee was beautifully documented at the Rawhide WHMA, Goshen 14 May (SB ph.; ZH). Wyoming's 28th overall (all but one from spring) Summer Tanager was photographed in Casper, Natrona 15 May (SM). Wyoming's 22nd overall and 12th spring Scarlet Tana - ger was a spectacular male documented near Casper, Natrona 11-15 May (KD). It was an - other big spring for Rose-breasted Grosbeaks in Wyoming, with about 15 reports involving at least 20 birds, all from late May and mostly east where expected (m.obs.) The consistently annual Blue Grosbeak presence in the Lander- Riverton, Fremont area provides a national NW range frontier for the species. A Yellow-headed Blackbird at a feeder at Seedskadee NWR, Sweetwater 8 Mar (TK) tied the record early date for Wyoming. A Great- tailed Grackle well-photographed SW of Lara - mie, Albany 11 Mar (JJ) was record early for Wyoming by five days. Two individual Orchard Orioles reported from Rawhide WHMA, Gos - hen and near Guernsey, Platte 12 May (GS) provided a record early date for Wyoming by three days. Wyoming added three Baltimore Orioles to its 27 previous reports, 16 of which are from spring: Torrington, Goshen 16 May (CF), Riverton, Fremont 28 May (BH), and Ox Yoke Access, Crook 29 May (ZH). An estimated count of 200 House Finches in Laramie, Albany 17 Mar (CP) set a record eBird count for Wyo - ming. Wyoming's only spring White-winged Crossbill was a single reported from NW of Dubois, Fremont 8 Mar (R&JJ). Wyoming had a big Common Redpoll spring with 13 reports involving at least 171 birds in six counties (m.obs). Three outlying Lesser Goldfinches

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