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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 356 C O LO R A D O & W YO M I N G Rails reported on the very early date of 22 Mar (almost a month before they are expected) near Pinedale, Sublette (EB) may have overwintered. SHOREBIRDS THROUGH WOODPECKERS At least three Black-necked Stilts reported on 4 Apr from Saratoga, Carbon (FBq, JBq) were record early for Wyoming by two days. A care - fully estimated 250 American Avocets at Path- finder Reservoir, Natrona 23 Apr (GH) may have provided Wyoming with a record spring eBird count. Adding to about 24 seasonal re - ports (and about 44 for the state) and within the time window when they are most expected was a single Snowy Plover at the CR 57 Pond, Goshen 14 May and two birds at the Table Mt. WHMA, Goshen 30 May (both SB). Rare in Wyoming but expected annually in spring, Whimbrels were reported from two locations, both in Fremont and both on 14 May: a flock of seven near Arapahoe (BH) and a single at Carmody Lake (JMc). A Spotted Sandpiper re - ported from near Cheyenne, Laramie 21 Mar (MG) was potentially a record early bird for Wyoming. Two Willets reported from a private location in Uinta on 3/31 (JW) set a record early date for Wyoming by five days. At the time, what was Wyoming's twelfth Thayer's Gull (second for spring) was found at Ocean Lake, Fremont on 12 May (BH). Wyo - ming has a single record of Iceland Gull (also from spring) from prior to the lumping of the two species, so now Wyoming technically has 13 records of Iceland Gull, three of which oc - curred in spring, one in winter, and the rest from fall. Adding to about 40 reports for Wyo - ming, 10 of those from spring, were three re- ports involving four Lesser Black-backed Gulls: two at Blake's Pond 3/26 (SB, LM) and a single at Meeboer Lake 19 Apr (LM, MC) both in Al - bany, the county most frequented by the spe- cies, and a possible county record single at a late date of 23 May at Curt Gowdy Reservoir, Laramie (MG). Wyoming's Black Tern spring passage was dismally represented by just one single bird at Antelope Springs, Fremont 26 May (EC). Rarely reported in spring in Wyoming, single Common Terns were found in Evansville, Natrona 10 May (CM) and at WHR, Laramie 15 May (SB). Distressingly, only the second Yellow- billed Cuckoo report in at least the last five years for Wyoming was in NE Crook on 28 May (ZH). Widely distributed but ghost-like in their lack of records in the state, this spring added another six Barn Owl reports to only six previous sea - sonal reports for Wyoming: up to four during repeated drives between La Prele Creek to Douglas, Natrona from early Mar-mid-Apr (ZH), an injured bird extracted from an outdoor chandelier near the Jackson Hole Airport, Teton 4 May (fide SP), and a twit - tering single at Rawhide WHMA, Goshen 5/18 (DJ). Record early for Wyoming by one day was a Common Nighthawk in Reshaw Park, Natrona on 11 May (RW). Wyoming only had two Black-chinned Hummingbird reports for the season, both possibly returning birds to private residences: a single in Fremont for the third out of the last four years on the record early by six days date of 6 May (JA) and anoth - er individual in Ten Sleep, Hot Springs 31 May for the third year in a row (CJG). A William - son's Sapsucker in far north YNP, Park 10 Apr (JC) was almost record early for Wyoming. A Red-naped Sapsucker noted at WHR, Laramie 16 Mar (MG) provided a very rare mid-March report for Wyoming. PASSERINES A Western Wood-Pewee noted 22 Apr at WHR, Laramie (DT) was record early for Wyoming by a day. Rare in spring in Wyoming, Eastern Phoebes made two appearances: one in Doug - las, Converse 1 May (TJ), a possible latilong re- cord for the state and a very western record for the state at Ten Sleep, Washakie 26 May (CJG). Of about 14 Ash-throated Flycatcher eBird observations over the last five years in Wyoming, all but one of them took place in the eastern to southeastern quar - ter of the state, further lending credence to the likelihood that they are a breeder in the Hartsville Uplift region (Platte and Niobrara) and, like Gray Flycatcher, may actually be regular through this part of the state (m.obs.). Two different Cassin's Kingbirds, unusual away from their strict eastern haunts, were reported from the Laramie area, Albany on 9 May (SB)(CP). A Warbling Vireo seen on the Munger Mt. Trail, Teton (TG) 27 Apr was record early for Wyoming by 13 days. A tally of 30 Pygmy Nuthatches in the Vedauwoo region, Laramie 6 Mar (CP) set a record high eBird count for Wyoming. Eastern Bluebirds had a strong spring show - ing in Wyoming with eight reports of up to 17 birds, all from the expected regions of the very NE and SE, with the exception of a single out - lier near Saratoga, Carbon 2 May (PJ) providing a second county record. Wyoming's 16th Gray- cheeked Thrush, 14th for spring, was docu - mented at WHR, Laramie on 18 May (TF). A Swanson's Thrush visiting a yard in Laramie, Albany 17 Apr (GJ) tied Wyoming's record ear - ly date. A Varied Thrush in Laramie, Albany 20 Apr (SB, DE) provide Wyoming with its 11th spring report. Wyoming's 11th Worm-eating Warbler (all records from spring) was discovered 19 May at Rawhide WHMA, Goshen (DJ ph., ZH) for a first county record. A Northern Waterthrush at WHR, Laramie 7 May (LM, SB) tied the record early date for Wyoming. Rare but annual in Wyoming in spring, Black-and-white Warbler singles were noted in Cheyenne, Laramie 10 May (JA-R), rural Cheyenne, Laramie 14 May (MG, BG), and at Rawhide WHMA, Goshen 14-21 May (SB, ZH). Adding to about 40 pre - vious spring reports for Wyoming were single Tennessee Warblers at Laramie, Albany 14 May (DJ, WMc), Rawhide WHMA, Goshen 14 May (SB), and at WHR, Laramie 27 May (DJ, SB). Adding to about 45 previous spring reports for Wyoming was a single Chestnut-sided Warbler in Alcova, Natrona 27 May (ZH). Wyoming's Blackpoll Warbler spring passage was solid with at least nine birds found in four coun - ties from 10-23 May (m.obs.). More common in fall and adding to only about 13 spring re - ports for Wyoming was a Black-throated Blue Warbler at WHR, Laramie 13-18 May (JA-R, DJ). Adding to 40 total reports for Wyoming, 24 from spring, were a remarkable three Palm Warblers at WHR, Laramie 5 May (ZH ph.) and a single in Cheyenne, Laramie 15-18 May (SB, JB). Much rarer in spring than in fall, Wyoming A first state record, this Couch's Kingbird was seen north of Lamar, Prowers, CO 19 Apr. Photograph by Dave Leatherman This Bay-breasted Warbler was seen and photographed at the CSU Environmental Learning Center in Fort Collins, Larimer, CO 9 May. Photo by © Fawn Simonds

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