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VOLUME 70 NO3-NO4 2019

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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 9 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 355 T E X A S (MSc), Willie Sekula (South Texas: 7063 Co. Rd. 228, Falls City, TX 78113-2627. email:, Cliff Shackelford, Roger Shaw (RSh), Scott Shaw, James Sipiora (JSi), Nicholas Sly, John Sproul (JSp), David Stekoll (DSt), Harlan Stewart, Bob Stone (BoS), By - ron Stone (ByS), Ron Storey (RSt), Mary Beth Stowe (MBS), Michelle Summers (MSu), Eva Szyszkoski, Mike Wease, Ron Weeks (Upper Coast: 110 Indian Warrior, Lake Jackson, TX 77566. email:, An - gie Westmoreland, Ed Wetzel, Catherine Wi- nans, Pat Wright, Barry Zimmer. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Eric Carpenter, 4710 Canyonwood Drive, Austin, Texas 78735 • Derek Muschalek, John O'Brien, Carolyn Ohl, Andrew Orgill, Brent Ortego, Jim Paton (JPa) (El Paso area: 4325 Boy Scout Lane, El Paso, TX 79922. email:, Maria Pauken, Dwight Peake, Barrett Pierce, Randy Pinkston, Joseph Plappert (JPl), Charlie Plimp - ton, Pamela Porter, Nina Rach, Ross Rasmus- sen (North-central Texas: 1325 S. Goliad St. Apt. 1302, Rockwall, TX 75087. email: ross., George Reddien, Martin Reid, Bill Reiner (BRe), Helen Rejzek, Lora Render, Colton Robbins (CoR), Anona Roberts, Carlos Ross (CaR), Dan Rottino (DRo), Danny Rottino, Trudy Rottino, Bill Rowe (BRo), Sue Ruotsala, Bill Sain (BSa), Madeleine Sandefur (MSa), David Sarkozi (DSa), Mark Scheuerman (BoF), Caleb Frome, Charmaine Ganson, Steve Glover (SGl), Javi Gonzalez (JGo), R. Green, Sue Griffin (SGr), John Groves (JGr), Mary Gustafson, Terry Hallcom, Drew Harvey, Judy Heffner, Mitch Heindel, Anthony Hewetson (Northwest Texas: 4407 36th St., Lubbock, TX 79414. email:, Petra Hockey, Per Jansen, Claire Johnson, Joe Ken - nedy (JKe), Simon Kiacz, John Kiseda (JKi), Rich Kostecke, Janet Landry (JLa), Bill Lapp (BLa), Kevin Lapp, Justin LeClaire (JLe), Ran - dy Lewis, Brad Lirette (BLi), Dell Little, Lor- rie Lowrie, Bill Lupardus (BLu), Melody Lytle, Mike Manson (MMa), Russell Martin, Janice McClintock, Mark McDermott (MMc), Jay Mc - Gowan (JMc), Arman Moreno, Karen Moulder, Colorado & Wyoming date of 12 Apr (TK ph.) and singles at WHR, Laramie 6 May (JB ph.) and near Casper, Natro - na 9-22 May (RW). The Wyoming Snowy Egret spring passage was a bit more widespread than typical with seven birds reported from six coun - ties outside of their stronghold in Uinta which had six reports involving nine birds (m.obs.). A Little Blue Heron photographed two days in a row at Burlington Lake, Natrona 26-27 May (KA ph., ZH ph.) provided Wyoming with its 14th record overall and sixth for spring. Wyo - ming had a big spring for Cattle Egrets with sin- gles at Skyline Pond, Teton 22 May (JS ph., SR) and at Table Mt WHMA, Goshen 30 May; three additional birds were found near Lingle, Goshen on the same day by the same observer (SB) all adding to about 60 total reports for the state, most of which occur from mid-April through late May. Wyoming's 32nd Green Heron, 14th for spring, was found 27 May near Riverton, Fremont (JT ph.). Spring numbers for Wyoming Black-crowned Night-Herons were even more depressed than last year, both years being sig - nificantly lower than the six-year average (2015 having 165 total birds and 2016 having a total of 122 birds) (eBird data). The Wyoming spring Broad-winged Hawk migration was described by one observer as "exceptional" and the numbers backed that sentiment up: at least 30 plus reports involving at least 35 individual birds being found in sev - en different counties (predominantly as usual in the SE) during a very typical window of 23 Apr-27 May with one outlier photographed on 14 May at the Lake Butte Overlook in YNP for a fifth Park record (JH) and a dark morph being photographed 4 May at the Cheyenne Country Club, Laramie (CS). Three Virginia were noticeably below the five-year average in Wyoming this spring while Canvasback and Ring-necked-Duck were low-normal (eBird data). Infrequently reported in spring in Wyo - ming and usually as singles or pairs, a report of 15 Hooded Mergansers from Bridger Pass Pond, Carbon 13 Apr (JP) provided a record high spring eBird tally for Wyoming. With flocks generally smaller in spring than in fall, a tally of 127 Common Mergansers at Ocean lake, Fremont 15 Mar (DN) also set a record high spring eBird count for Wyoming. A well-described Sharp-tailed Grouse at the Kelly Hot Springs, Teton (SR, JS) provided a rare report for the Jackson Hole Valley where they are almost regarded as "historical". Wyo - ming's spring Common Loon migration was right in line with past years with an impres - sive seasonal maxima of 101 ,as usual coming from Alcova Reservoir, Natrona 21 Apr (ZH). An estimated 250 Western Grebes at Boysen Reservoir, Fremont on 3 May (SH) tied the re - cord spring eBird tally for Wyoming. For the third year out of the last four, Clark's Grebes surpassed their record state tally with an es - timate of 30 mixed-in with the large raft of Western Grebes previously mentioned at Boy - sen Reservoir, Fremont 21 Apr (SH). Since the publication of Faulkner's Birds of Wyoming in 2010, listing an early arrival date of 30 Mar, American White Pelicans continue to provide evidence that they may be arriving earlier in Wyoming with five reports of about 64 birds this spring all from late March (m.obs). Adding to about 37 spring reports out of around 60 for the state were three reports of four Great Egrets from Wyoming: a rare double at Seedskadee NWR, Sweetwater on the early –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– SPRING 2016 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Matt Fraker S pring temperatures in Wyoming were much above normal in March, above nor - mal in April, and near normal in May. All 10 major Wyoming drainages enjoyed a zero drought classification with many drainages at a much above to above normal levels. Abbreviations: WHR (Wyoming Hereford Ranch); YNP (Yellowstone National Park) Note: Except for photos, Colorado data were not received in time to be included. WATERFOWL THROUGH RAILS Overall counts of Redheads and Lesser Scaup

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