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VOLUME 70 NO3-NO4 2019

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 354 T E X A S late while one at Clapp Park in Lubbock, Lub- bock 27 Jul (JBo) was early for a southbound migrant. A Clay-colored Sparrow near Wind Farm, Floyd 6 Jun (JBo) was a late migrant. An encouraging count of 15 adult and 6 recently fledged Field Sparrows at White River Lake, Crosby 24 Jul (DH, AH) was indicative of a suc - cessful post-drought rebound of this species at the only known breeding location around the South Plains. A pair of Lark Sparrows near South China, Jefferson 11 Jun implied local breeding (RL). Quite early to be so far south, a breeding plumaged male Lark Bunting at Andy Bowie Park, South Padre Island, Cameron 28 Jul (ph. TR, DRo, DR) was a surprise. Flame-colored Tanagers continue to be seen periodically in the high Chisos Mountains. One was present along the Pinnacles Trail, Brewster 25 Jul (ph. JMc). A Rose-breasted/ Black-headed Grosbeak along the L.R.G.V. N.W.R. Driving Route, Hidalgo 23 Jun (MBS, PJ) was perhaps a late migrant. The only Lazuli Bunting reported in n.-central Texas was one at John Bunker Sands Wetland Center, Kaufman 18 Jun (BoS). An Indigo Bunting at the El Paso Zoo, El Paso 11 Jul (JKi) was unexpected. Nine Yellow-headed Blackbirds, including 2 singing males, at McNary Reservoir, Hudspeth 1 Jun (ph. BZ) might have been potential breed - ers, though none were found on later visits. A group of 13 Yellow-headed Blackbirds at the Progresso Lakes Grain Silos, Hidalgo 13 Jun (SGr) and a single bird near Donna, Hidalgo 6 Jun (SS) were also interesting early summer sightings. A mid-summer pulse of southbound Yellow-headed Blackbirds with 2 in sw. San Antonio, Bexar 10 Jul (KM et al.), 3 at Slough Pond in Temple, Bell 14 Jul (RP), and one at Hornsby Bend, Travis 19 Jul (AM). Cited observers (subregional editors in bold - face): Dan Allen, Ray Allen, John Allendorf, Peter Assmann, Colby Ayers, Chris Bailey, Aaron Baxter (ABa), Bill Beaty, Mikael Beh - rens, Billie Bernard (BBe), John Berner (JBe), Brian Berry (BrB), Shawn Billerman (ShB), Stephanie Bilodeau (StB), Amy Bishop (ABi), Doug Booher (DBo), Justin Bosler (JBo), Jessie Brantwein (JeB), David Brotherton (DBr), Lu - anne Brotherton, John Brush (JoB), Tim Brush (TBr), Kelly Bryan, Tamie Bulow (TaB), Till Burnett (TBu), Eric Carpenter (Central Texas, Trans-Pecos: 4710 Canyonwood Dr., Austin, Texas 78735. email:, Jack Chiles, Fred Collins, Teresa Connell, Greg Cook, Dennis Cooke, Mel Cooksey, D. D. Cur - rie (DDC), Louis Debetaz, K. R. Eckert (KRE), Gil Eckrich, Mark Elliott, Jason Fisher, Susan Foster, Bert Frenz (East Texas: 221 Rainbow Dr., #12190, Livingston, TX 77399-2021. email:, Bob Friedrichs Jul (DH, AH) was the first summering bird on the South Plains in over a decade. A fam - ily group of 5 Bushtits s. of Iredell, Bosque, 26 Jun (GC, SGl) was a nice find on the ne. edge of their range. A White-breasted Nuthatch n. of Bellville, Austin 12 Jun-3 Jul (SR, BBe) was a rare find and an apparent first summering record for the county. Out of season and also out of range was a Rock Wren just n. of Lake Bridgeport, Wise, 30 Jul (GC). A singing Wood Thrush e. of Leander, Williamson 13 Jun (CoR) was out of any expected breeding range and may have just been a late/lost migrant. One of the highlights of the season was a Clay-colored Thrush at Cottonwood Campground, Brewster 12 Jul (ph. BRo et al.); it and perhaps a sec - ond bird were still there 14 Jul (CO). Though Gray Catbirds are known to nest locally on the U.T.C., 7 singing at Buffalo Run Park, Fort Bend 10 Jul was still impressive (MSc). A Long-billed Thrasher n. of McKinney Falls S.P., Travis 6 Jun (ph. CaR, EC) was north of its expected range. A Phainopepla was a rather unusual find at Palo Duro Canyon S.P., Randall 30 Jul (BP). A Pine Siskin and an American Goldfinch at San Ygnacio Bird Sanctuary, Zapata 2 Jun (TBr, JoB) were a bit late for such a southerly location. A very late Ovenbird was at Blucher Park, Corpus Christi, Nueces 4 Jun (WS). A Louisi - ana Waterthrush wandered west to Rio Grande Village, Brewster 21 Jul (ph. KRE). A late American Redstart was off-course at Sam Nail Ranch, Brewster 10 Jun (JPl et al.). A Northern Parula at Blucher Park, Corpus Christi, Nueces 4 Jun seemed late (WS) while one at the El Paso Zoo, El Paso 20 Jun (JKi) was unseasonal and well west of expected areas. A recently fledged Northern Parula in Paradise, Wise 16 Jun (ph. MSu) provided a first confirmed nesting for the county. Also late was a Magnolia Warbler at the Port Aransas Birding Center, Nueces 4 Jun (WS). A Yellow Warbler at Kickapoo Caverns S.P., Kinney 25 Jun (BRe) was unexpected for mid-summer; one near Dell City, Hudspeth 18 Jul (JPa) was a rather early migrant. A very ear - ly fall migrant Yellow-throated Warbler was at the South Padre Island Birding & Nature Cen - ter, Cameron 27 Jul (JGo). Surprising for early summer was a Red-faced Warbler on the Davis Mountains Preserve, Jeff Davis 3 Jun (RK). An impressive 58 Yellow-breasted Chats were sur - veyed at White River Lake, Crosby 24 Jul (DH, AH), a high count for the only regular breeding location in the region. SEADEATERS THROUGH BLACKBIRDS Nice counts of White-collared Seedeater con- tinued around Del Rio with 5 along the Rio Grande and 3 near San Felipe Creek, both in Val Verde 11 Jun (TBr). A Chipping Sparrow at McNary Reservoir, Hudspeth 1 Jun (BZ) seemed other seemed to summer in Llano, Llano 28 Jun – 20 Jul (ph. ByS, CW). Perhaps becoming more expected in the lower Panhandle, 2 Bell's Vireos were present at Caprock Canyon S.P., Briscoe at least through 25 Jun (DH). A mid-summer Warbling Vireo in El Paso, El Paso 14 Jul (JPa) was unexpected; another at White River Lake, Crosby 24 Jul (AH, DH) as well as past summer sightings may be indicative of breeding. A Red-eyed Vir - eo at Independence Creek, Terrell 4 Jun (MR) was on the very western edge of its range; one at the Convention Center on South Padre Is - land, Cameron 5 Jun was also late (AM). Two Yellow-green Vireos were enjoyed by many at the National Butterfly Center, Hidalgo 21-26 Jun (ph. SK, m.ob.), while a single bird was present near Mission, Hidalgo 1-18 Jul (MG). SWALLOWS THROUGH WARBLERS Early or wandering Tree Swallows in nw. Tex- as included 2 Tree Swallows at Smyer Playa, Hockley 23 Jul (AH), 3 near Anton, Hockley 23 Jul (AH), 2 nw. of White Deer, Carson, 25 Jul (JeB), and one at Roundup Playa near Round - up, Hockley 30 Jul (AH). A pair with 3 juveniles at Lake Graham, Young 10 June (ph. DBr) pro - vided a first confirmed county nesting record while as many as 10 at Cattail Marsh, Jefferson by 30 Jun implied local breeding (HS). Last summer's huge numbers of Northern Rough- winged Swallows staging at Beaumont's Cattail Marsh, Jefferson were repeated with 52 already present 7 Jun, peaking at 359 individuals 30 Jun (ph. HS). Formerly more regular, a lone Carolina Chickadee at White River Lake, Crosby 24 Yellow-green Vireo have become regular low-density breeders in far south Texas along the Rio Grande. Most years, at least one or two pairs are uncovered somewhere in the Lower Rio Grande Valley. This summer, a cooperative pair delighted bird- ers at the National Butterfly Center, Hidalgo 21-26 June (here 22 June). Photo by © Dan Jones

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