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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 352 T E X A S Galveston's East Beach, Galveston 30 Jun+ was notable for its faithfulness to the location (JKe, et al.). A pelagic trip out of Port Aransas yielded a Parasitic Jaeger in offshore waters, Calhoun 23 Jul (ph. m.ob.). A juvenile Laugh - ing Gull visited Hornsby Bend, Travis 13-23 Jul (ph. EC, m.ob.). Unusual for summer were a collection of 18-25 Ring-billed Gulls at Lake Meredith, Moore 10 Jun-13 Jul (ME). Lesser Black-backed Gulls summering along the coast has become a regular occurrence with one at Matagorda Bay Nature Park/Jetty, Matagorda 15 Jul (BoF) and at least one more all season at Galveston's East Beach, Galveston (JKe, m.ob.). A cooperative Sooty Tern was enjoyed by many amongst a breeding colony of gulls and terns in Rockport, Aransas 10 Jun+ (ph. PW, m.ob.); a second bird was present irregularly through much of the time while 3 were together there 23 Jun (ph. LR). Further south in Cameron, 3 birds were seen on Laguna Madre dredge spoils, Cameron 13 Jun (SK) and 2 birds were seen at Laguna Vista, Cameron 20 Jul (MSa). At least 20 Sooty Terns were encountered during a Port Aransas pelagic trip in offshore waters, Calhoun/Kenedy 23 Jul (m.ob.); one Bridled Tern was also noted on that trip (ph. AM). A Least Tern was a rare find for far w. Texas at McNary Reservoir, Hudspeth 17 Jul (JGr, JKi). Unusual inland were 6 Caspian Terns along the Rio Grande in Salineno, Starr 10 Jun (RSh); one at Southside Water Treatment Plant, Dallas 11 Jun (BoS, ph., EW) was a late migrant. A Royal Tern at Lake Grapevine, Tarrant 3-4 Jun (ph. GC) was a totally unexpected so far inland since there were no storm-related events at that time that might have brought it from the coast. LOONS THROUGH HAWKS Common Loons occasionally summer along the coast with one at Ingleside On the Bay, brief appearance at the Davis Mountains Re - sort, Jeff Davis 3 Jun (ph. KB), at the same loca- tion where it had been banded 2 years prior. The only Purple Gallinule report in n.-cen - tral Texas was one at Lake Lewisville Environ- mental Learning Center, Denton 28 May-16 Jul (GR). Three Whooping Cranes that spent most of the summer near Nome, Jefferson were con - firmed to be part of the re-introduced Louisi- ana flock (fide ES, m.ob.); one of the birds was a male that had wintered nearby in the South China, Jefferson area. SHOREBIRDS THROUGH TERNS A pair of American Avocets interacting at Bishop Wetlands, Presidio 8 Jun (CS, RM) hinted at po - tential breeding; over 300 American Avocets at Galveston's East Beach, Galveston 16 Jun (JKe) was a rather high count for early summer. Late American Golden-Plovers included one sw. of Blessing, Matagorda 2 Jun (BO) and another at Lake Viridian, Tarrant 12 Jun (MW). Unusual as either a lost migrant or a very early returning bird was a Semipalmated Plover that appeared at Hornsby Bend, Travis 26 Jun (ph. DA). A lingering Piping Plover was along the Kennedy Causeway Wetlands, Nueces 6 Jun (ph. RSt). Always a treat as a migrant inland, single Pip - ing Plovers were at Hagerman N.W.R., Grayson 13-19 Jul (PP, JF, ph.) and at Lake Grapevine, Tarrant 15 Jul (CA), while 6 stopped over at Hornsby Bend, Travis 19-20 Jul (CaR, m.ob.). Notable counts for Whimbrels in late summer at Bolivar Flats, Galveston included 5 on 22 Jul and 4 on 31 Jul (JKe). A bit early for migrants were 8 Long-billed Curlews at Muleshoe N.W.R., Bai - ley 25 Jun (AR) while 3 at Hagerman N.W.R., Grayson 3 Jul (fide JC) were on the eastern edge of where they can be expected. A count of 38 Long-billed Curlews near Dell City, Hudspeth 18 Jul (JPa) was a solid number for mid-summer in w. Texas. An unseasonal Hudsonian Godwit was an outstanding find nw. of Matagorda, Matago - rda 8 Jul (ph. BoF). Two Marbled Godwits were early at Roundup Playa near Roundup, Hockley 10 Jul (ph. AH), as was a Ruddy Turnstone at Hagerman N.W.R., Grayson 19 Jul (JC). Two Red Knots at Sea Rim S.P., Jefferson 5 Jun (RL) were perhaps over-summering birds. A Baird's Sand - piper at Brunswick Lake, Harris 10 Jul was the earliest ever fall migrant for the U.T.C. (DSa). An early/mid-summer Long-billed Dowitcher in Temple, Bell 16-26 Jun (ph. RP) was presum - ably too early for a returning bird. A bit early was a Willet near Lockney, Floyd 20 Jul (JBo); one sw. of Leakey, Real 23 Jul (ph. CG) was a nice find on the shorebird-starved Edwards Pla - teau. Three Red-necked Phalaropes at McNary Reservoir, Hudspeth 1 Jun (BZ) were late and a June first for the county. An ad. Pomarine Jaeger in heavy molt at visiting Lake Meredith, Hutchinson 22-26 Jul (ME) was unusual for late summer but not as unexpected as up to 7 Clark's Grebes also at Lake Meredith, Moore 10 Jun+ (ME, TBu). DOVES THROUGH CRANES A highlight of the season was a singing Man- grove Cuckoo at the Arroyo Colorado Unit of the Las Palomas W.M.A., Cameron 18 Jun (ph. JLe, StB). Rarely detected but perhaps a stealth summering bird in central Texas, 3 Lesser Nighthawks were regularly seen with a group of Commons in n. Austin, Travis 29 Jun+ (ph. DBo, ABi, m.ob.). Much like last fall, a Mexican Violetear showed up in the Davis Mountains Resort, Jeff Davis 27 Jul+ (ph. KB, m.ob.). The Mexican Violetear at Utopia, Uvalde from the spring remained until at least 10 Jun (ph. MH); another was faithful to feeders in Rio Medina, Medina 5-27 Jul (ph. JM). An unusual early- summer Rufous Hummingbird was at Flour Bluff, Corpus Christi, Nueces 4 Jun (ABa) while one in El Paso, El Paso 26 Jun (ph., JKi) was an early southbound migrant. A male Allen's Hummingbird was noted in upper Limpia Canyon in the Davis Mountains, Jeff Davis 14 Jul (KB et al.) while another showed up in a Lamar Peninsula yard, Aransas 31 Jul (LL). An early adult female Calliope Hummingbird frequented a Lubbock yard, Lubbock 26-27 Jul (AH). A White-eared Hummingbird put in a Nighthawks don't always get a lot of interest or attention from birders, especially in areas where perhaps only one species is expected. After a lone Lesser Nighthawk was discovered with Commons at a strip mall in north Austin, Travis, Texas on 29 June, follow up visits would end up revealing the presence of at least 3 Lessers. Lessers are rarely found in central Texas, but with 3 present all season (here 31 July) and seemingly breed- ing at this location, it is quite likely that others are out there undetected. Photo by © Lee Wallace Hudsonian Godwits are common spring migrants in the eastern half of Texas, though they are quite rare (less than annual) anywhere in the state in the fall. One found 8 July northwest of Matagorda, Matagorda during the middle of the summer is perplexing, as it could be a non-breeder that never continued north or an early returning or failed breeder heading south. Photo by © Bob Friedrichs

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